remember when you bought a gaming console and all the things you needed to use the console was already in the console so you didnt have to go buy a bunch of other stuff and remember when you bought a game and you put the game in your console you could play the game immediately there was no downloads or subscriptions or dlc it was all right there in the game you bought do you remember tell me do you remember any of it

Weird thing I’ve noticed: Nobody I know actually talks about the current situation by name. Nobody says ‘Corona’ or ‘COVID’, or really even ‘pandemic’. In conversation it’s only referred to in vague terms like ‘the way things are’ or just ‘y’know’.

Like, “I don’t have a bedframe. I had just moved in March and then, well, y’know.” 

“I’ve been trying to figure out my school plans, but that’s getting hard because of the way things are.”

“I’d been planning on going to some conventions this summer but….yeah.”

I’d always found it hard to understand how societies in fantasy or sci-fi novels could just all agree at once to not say the name of the big scary threat, until now.