so i just got a carrel in the library stacks, which means i have an assigned spot that’s isolated in a quiet (kinda; the air vent is loud), miserable part of the library which is HOW I LIKE IT

i can’t wait to come back here after class and not interact with anyone eeee

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Hey Phanter :) You're the first person I thought of to talk to about this. So basically, I'm aro ace and I'm finding it really hard to deal with my friend's relationship drama? I'm not very patient to start with, and when she's all 'I kinda like him idk and he is v close to me and tells me stuff he doesn't tell others but he doesn't know either and I can't decide my feelings til I know his feelings' I am just kinda like, just tell him? Do the logical thing? Decide on your own? a;asdfa?1i;sjkf?a

ohhh my god. i feel the same way when my friends all start talking about dudes they like- im like gdi when will this end-

i think at times like those its reaaally important to have patience. they might sound like a blubbering love struck idiot to you cause they trust you and when you think about how they share this vulnerable side to you, it should make you feel somewhat happy that they trust you and your advice. at least for me i think of it that way :0

so i guess you can always encourage them or say I’m not the best for advice but don’t act annoyed or dismissive cause they’re definitely a confused soul and they’re counting on you! hahah gl my friend


According to Plan (With Lyrics) by I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness


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"Ugh I don't want to be here." You groan to bestfriend!calum sliding into your desk for your first class. "I don't either." He yawns stretching out his legs. He suddenly sits up straighter with a goofy smile on his face. He leans close to you so his lips brush your ear "Wanna ditch?" He whispers. You quickly nod an laugh as he shoots out of his seat, grabbing your hand and dragging you out of the class. Laughs echoing in the halls as you guys make a beeline for the door ~A (this kinda sucks 😂)

ya know what ally!!1i  would love to do this and this does not suck its great like you ayyyye

music tag

1I was tagged by x5sos-saved-my-lifex over a week ago and i’ve just been forgetting to do this ooops

Rules: hit shuffle on all your music and write down the first 20 songs that come up. Tag 20 people.

1. 5sos - Greenlight

2. All Time Low - Missing You

3. Twenty One Pilots - Hometown

4. Sleeping With Sirens - The Strays

5. 5sos - Just Saying

6. 5sos - Don’t Stop

7. Green Day - Homecoming

8. Fall Out Boy - Fourth of July

9. Taylor Swift - All Too Well

10. Vance Joy - Riptide

11. Ed Sheeran - Even My Dad Does Sometimes

12. All Time Low - Kids In The Dark

13. Twenty One Pilots - Tear In My Heart

14. Green Day - Extraordinary Girl

15. 5sos - If You Don’t Know (lol)

16. Fall Out Boy - Dance, Dance

17. 5sos - Disconnected (live version from livesos)

18. Fall Out Boy - Favourite Record

19. Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out

20. 5sos - Over and Out

I can’t be bothered to tag people individually so I tag anyone who wants to do this :)

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(Part 1I saw dan's tweets as a joke, but kind of like him using his humour as a coping mechanisim (he's said he does this). I do it too as I have an entire catalogue of mental disorders (thanks genetics) and when I do it it's kind of like a way to let people know there's stuff going on, but also that I'm dealing with it and comfortable? Even if I'm not, it kind of forces me to come to terms with stuff. To me it's alerting people to a problem, but encouraging them to joke too so it's not so scary

(Part 2) but still wanting to deal with it myself, as I’m the only one who can truly heal myself. Idk, it makes me more comfortable, and I hate it when people take me seriously because the whole point is to take the taboo away from the subject. This sounds much more calculated than it really is, I suppose because I’ve analysed it, but I always took that as what Dan was doing. He was saying he was having a crisis, but not to worry/stopping himself from worrying. Idk, lots of unnecessary drama imo

PS I’m not trying to say Dan’s going through a huge struggle, idk how to get it across properly without making it seem like he’s super calculated.


I think it just makes people more comfortable to share whats happening with themselves but to do it in a jokey way so that people don’t freak out that much. Support, but not panic. Does this make sense?