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1I kinda feel Riarkle wouldn't happen, this is just my perspective and it's not meant to be insulting towards Riarkle (trust me I love them). The thing is Rucas is 100% planned from the beginning and with a show targeted towards children I doubt they

…2/ would pull a bait and switch. it’s a kids show and most fans would be more confused rather than seeing the gradual growth of feelings and the fact is it would be very difficult to write realistically with friends hurting other friends over romance

…3/ it’s triangle times a million and honestly not send a very positive Disney message. I feel it’s more likely to end up with everyone single rather than them developing relationships and characters before going some other direction, that’s why

…4/ L*caya had no chance. I can’t say you’re wrong or anything cause frankly only the writers know. Though these are the same writers who literally changed the history of a ship and erased the existence of a healthy relationship to give Maya a father.”

I get your point Anon, and hey, in my heart of hearts I also know there is a chance they won’t pull the romantic Riarkle card out. There is context for them, and context against them(same as Lucaya), but I don’t think that it has anything to do with “pulling a bait and switch.”

Look at Liv and Maddie. I don’t know if you watch it, but there are a lot of rotating relationships on that show, and they work through those things beautifully. What is so great about Liv and Maddie is that they navigate through the trials and tribulations of a normal teenage existance- and the reality of that is there are a lot of messy, complicated, dramatic relationships in high school. Sometimes you date someone and realize they actually aren’t right for you. Sometimes you fall for your best friends guy, and other times you fall for your actual best friend. Sometimes you fall in love with someone, but sometimes that falls apart, and you have to learn how to fall in love again, with someone new. Sometimes you get together with people you never thought you would, and other times you fall back in love with someone you thought you had lost forever. These things happen to us in our lives, I know they have happened to me. I dated best friends in high school…trust me, you want a love triangle, I lived one, and it definitely didn’t end with the two guys wearing friendship rings calling out “Thunder, Lightening, Forever” in a bay window somewhere. 

Michael Jacobs says that he wants to focus on the realities of teenage living today. He follows through with that on social/political/educational issues but relationship wise he’s behind the curve ball a little bit. It’s not a Disney issue, because as I have said, Liv and Maddie deal with every single thing I mentioned in the paragraph above, and handle it with class, integrity and a good moral compass for kids who are emerging into the dating age. Michael Jacobs could, with ease, create a story where all the kids learn from their experiences, including break ups. Because the truth of the matter is, you get hurt in this world, sometimes by the people you love the most. It’s part of growing. Good relationships end so you can make room for great ones. 

Would he write it in a way where any of his characters come off as bad people? Of course not. But could he write the ending of Rucas/Smarkle and the beginning of Riarkle or Lucaya in a way where all the characters learn from their experiences and grow into better people because of it? Of course. 

He has said himself before, the person you “fall in love with at 12″ isn’t always the person you are going to love for the rest of your life, at least not romantically. He shows that perfectly with Shawn and Angela…sometimes good things make us ready for great things. And if he had the balls to teach that lesson with a ship as beloved as Shawn and Angela, and have Shawn end up with Katy instead, then he absolutely has the balls to do it with the kids of GMW as well. He’s already set it up from the pilot if he wants to go there, so I think he might. And personally, I hope he does. Because if we want real, that storyline sure would hit the nail on the head. 

Oh, and did he do Shawn and Angela a little dirty when he has Topanga claim “she has never seen Shawn so happy”, etc? Sure, I will agree with you. But he didn’t do that “just to give Maya a father”, and I think if you see it that way it’s up to you, but I encourage you to go back and watch it again. Because he took a really incredible relationship and contrasted it against Cory and Topanga, so that he could show you that some love grows, changes, falls apart and ultimately fails- your first love isn’t always your last love and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, your first love prepares you for greatness. Angela got a happy ending, and so did Shawn, and so did Maya, and so did Katy, and look at that. Shawn and Angela didn’t work out, but because of that, a domino effect of people getting to live beautiful lives happened, instead. 

Reality is that relationships are complex, dynamic and unfortunately, not always forever. Especially in high school. 

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the event! It wasn’t easy for most but you’ve all done extremely well with sticking it through. Now we’re finally here at the finish line, the Big Bang week is over, and there’s a ton of glorious artwork and fic that’s come out of it!

1ADon’t Fuck With Florists (They’ll Fuck You Up) by MayMarlow

Untitled #1, Untitled #2 by youlightthesky

Untitled by hannars97

1B ● Soul Magic by CenedraRiva

Untitled by DarkLordTomarry

1C Wandering Steps by yjtc

Wandering Steps (artwork) [+ Alt. link ] by Lydia Theda

1G  ‘The Song of the Phoenix’

Untitled by Eveiss

1I  Saved by Hufflepuff Friendship by whitedandelions

Untitled by Cannibalinc

2A  The Three Roses by partofforever

The Signs We Leave Behind by Kefalion

2B  Looking Ahead by hades

Untitled by Nephsech

Art, Var. I by Hikari

2C  I Have Seen Your Heart by Arliene

Timeless by Prevented

Untitled [+ Alt. link ] by Ponnu

2D  Take It On by Acnara

Fast Magic by VanillaGhost

2E  My Name Is Tom by VanillaGhost

Untitled by Vertibird

2F  ‘in death we seek devotion’

fracture by Ayuu

His Light by Alyssa

2G  You’ve Got Blood on Your Artfully Ruffled Blue Dress Shirt by LecherousLizard

Untitled by unobviousfail

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Su 1i bida yapsana djdnmsjs

Yapıyım qnq

Adana merkez patlıyor herkes 2
Long air horn (bunu hangi wp manyağı attı bilmiyom aq bu ne gkdldmdşdn)
Yüzyüzeyken konuşuruz- cenaze evi
Китай-после дождя
Sıla- zor sevdiğimden
Adamlar- bizim zamanımız
Model- antidepresan gülümsemesi
Adamlar- insanın düştüğü durumlar

Bunu uzattım çünkü canım sıkıldı födşsmsşsm

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insanlarla alay etmek doğru bir şey mi ? bende ak parti destekcisi bir insanım ama ben insanlarla siyasi destekledikleri kişileri aşagılarcasına alay etmiyorum. farkında olmadan ak partiyi desteklemeyen insanları dahada uzaklaştırıyorsunuz ve zarar veriyorsunuz partimize.

Saadetin %1i Erdoğan'a durmadan hakaret eden bir güruh. Uzaklaştırıyormuşum hahaha. SOKAĞA ÇIKMA EMRİ VEREN PARTİDEN UZAKLAŞMADILARSA, AK PARTİYE ONLARI KİMSE YAKLAŞTIRAMAZ.