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1i was tagged by both johnny-marrs and johnnymarrs to do a thing yes thank 

Name: Steven!!
Nicknames: um Steve, “little murderer” (coined by syds-electric-daydream)
Birthday: January 5th
Gender: trans boy
Height: 5'4" :(
Sexual orientation: gay
Favorite color: black % red
Lucky number: 8
Last thing i googled: amoeba music
Number of blankets i sleep with: 1
Favorite fictional characters: Patrick Bateman, Remus Lupin
Favorite famous people who are still alive: Morrissey, Paul McCartney, Simon Le Bon, Ringo Starr, Johnny Marr, Jose Maldonado tbh
Favorite book: at the moment: American Psycho
Favorite bands: the smiths, a-ha, the beatles, journey, depeche mode, red hot chili peppers, van halen
Last movie I saw: Inglorious Basterds
Dream trip: Manchester, England
Dream job: Morrissey’s professional food masher tbh

i tag tommorrowlandtransit, louder-than-morrissey, princess-morrissey, syds-electric-daydream

thehellfireattheendofthetunnel asked:

1I read in your response to one anon that you think you're not popular at all but like ..? You're very popular, when I first joined the tumblytum or a little while after when I discovered reactions I searched for exo reactions and your posts were the

2 first thing that popped up and also the best thing and they were all over and it was great so rlly don’t be so hard on yourself I think you’ve made a name for yourself on here

oh my god please you’re making me all emotional~ I really don’t think I’m popular, I just try to make y’all laugh tbh 

anonymous asked:

Part 1I had an internship at a play house where I'd work with the seamstress on some of the costumes. The theater was an old military stable converted into a small playhouse. Anyway, one day when I was sorting the fabrics, I noticed that some of the scape I moved ended up in the trash but no one was around. I put them l back in their box. This happened several times after. I got a little fed up so I stated that who ever it was should stop because I had work to do and it was hindering it.