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7-1is always relevant ❤️🇩🇪❤️

How come your squad lost to argentina not even two months after the wc without messi? How come your team struggled playing against the USA in the group stages? How come if Manuel Neuer is so good he doesn’t have the record for the most saves in FIFA? Oh damn. That one goes to the USA again. How come all of you whitwash goalkeeping history as you insert neuer up your anuses? How come you say Manuel is the inventor of sweeper keeping when Rene Higuaita did before him and better than he can ever dream? How come your players go to racist club parties and dress in blackface yet half of y'all ctrl+alt+delete whenever it is mentioned? I love how You think a victory over Brazil while they were missing neymar and Thiago means you’re gonna be the best always. If that’s so, why won’t germany play a rematch against them? You know, enjoy being at the top of the fifa list for now. Breathe it in and smell the roses. But in 2 years when all your fans are waving Spanish and Dutch flags and are wetting they pussies over Greg instead of that jar of expired mayo that is Schweinstager, you’re welcome back into my ask box for pt 2


Şu an Amerikadaki 0-3 yaş grubu çocuklardan her 4ünün 1i akıllı telefon, tablet kullanıyomuş.

Çocuğumu avcı, tarım işçisi veya çoban olarak yetiştiricem.

Elektrikler birden bire giderse göte gelmesin yavrum.

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1I was set for an abortion about two months ago and when I arrived, my mother was there, someone had told her what I was going to do even though I asked everyone I told not to and she gave me a book and refused to let me enter the building. The only thing she wanted me to do was read the book I didn't realize how bad it was until I actually read it. It's called "Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Questions" and it made me feel so bad and I almost ended up getting sick thinking what I was about to do

2And I ended up not getting the abortion, the reason why I was going to have it done was because I wasn’t ready to have a child and the sickness that came with being pregnant was really bad so to make it so I was positive that I couldn’t keep the child to term, I decided on abortion. I’m thinking again about that option, but that book scared me so bad I just don’t know what to do. Any advice?

The best thing you can do for yourself and find unbiased answers to the questions you have. Google is a good place to look up questions you have, but you may stumble upon biased websites… and I know my blog is biased, obviously, but the sources I use are not and if you need a place to start, you can definitely check out my FAQ! Also, if you’re more comfortable with it, call Backline! They are a nonjudgmental, unbiased, non-political helpline that’ll go over all your options with you, give you information, and lend an ear to listen!

Stay strong and if you ever need anything, know I’m here for you. And remember, do what is best for YOU!

i fucking hate when maths is like
test: “now using the answers you got from question 1i and 1iiii, work out the exterior angle of this irregular shape in terms of Pi! once you’ve done that please do a million more questions using the answers from that previous one”

me: *gets it all right but forgets to put it in Pi*

test: :) sorry all those questions you took an hour to answer now gets you 0 marks enjoy your wasted time


“Los Vengadores: La Era de Ultrón” Joss Whedon casi incluye a Tom Hiddleston/MTV Noticias from Tom Hiddleston Mexico on Vimeo.

Vídeo en el que Joss Whedon confirma las sospechas que se tenían de que había alguna escena de Loki en la película de “Los Vengadores: La Era de Ultrón” y que pasó con dicha escena.

Video Original: youtu.be/lGzGxxpI_1I

Subtítulos: Tom Hiddleston Mexico (Jimmy)

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Stay Forever by Panama

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