Fawn is a 2 year old sweet chow girl available through PALNY. She is currently in foster in the south and can be transported. She gets along well with people and other dogs :) please email PALofNY501c3@gmail.com

Adoption application can be filled out here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1I-fn9VXunvA5N83DudSMuRrGypa_MXTPawtBv3Mofuw/viewform?edit_requested=true

becauseclintbarton asked:

1I am shamelessly asking for this clintcoulson find because i remember it came with a list of recipes in the notes. I am so sorry, but I am desperate. I used to have it bookmarked on my phone, but it glitched and now it's gone forever. All I can remember is that it was clintcoulson, and clint was a really good baker/cook? And he had certain bribes, like making russian tea cakes for nat. And there was that list of links to like church window cookies and peanut butter thumb cookies, pretty sure it

Some Traditions Are Meant to be Broken (And that’s Not Necessarily a Bad Thing), by uofmdragon

I don’t think Clint ever bribes Nat with the Russian Teas, but they’re in the fic and she likes them, and it has the recipes in the notes, although the peanut butter cookies are blossoms rather than thumb cookies. Let us know if this isn’t right!