EXO _ Coming Over:
I’m coming over, at any time blow up
Filled with hype, it’s gonna burst
Wherever you go, rocking show
Gimme gimme go sign, I’ll bring you so high

dark souls au where the point of your whole journey is to retrive the primordial cereal bowl and give it to either kaathe or frampt who just want to enjoy a healthy breakfast. plot twist where the bowl gives you acess to the ‘Bowl of the first Flake’ and you’ll realize that THIS is the bowl the serpents were after all along and it is protected by cptn. crunch and his loyal milk marines.

the last couple pages were really cute!

specifically, carter giggling like a lovestruck fool when the thing happened was really cute

(also i’d like to apologize on behalf of the entire fandom for all the impatient and entitled people who ask for updates 2.2 seconds after a new page is posted)


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