Like I’m not saying Todd Haberkorn isn’t credible or that he isn’t necessarily telling the truth, but this is not normal.

It’s unusual for an American voice actor to make an announcement like that when an announcement hasn’t been made by either the author (Bisco Hatori) the studio (Bones) or even any of the Japanese cast of Ouran High School Host Club. 

Either Todd Haberkorn found out this rumor through contacts and literally didn’t give a shit about whether or not he’d catch flack for it (and has possibly picked up misinformation) or he’s lying. I don’t see why he would do the latter, though unless it’s just to tease. 

I’d hold off the celebrating until an official anime news outlet makes an announcement or Bisco Hatori herself or one of the Japanese cast says something. Mamoru Miyano (the voice of Tamaki) is the most likely to say it I feel. Maybe Maaya Sakamoto (the voice of Haruhi). Bones might not be attached to Ouran anymore, but I’d also trust an announcement from them as well. 

All I’m saying is literally take Todd’s word with a grain of salt for now. He could be telling the truth or he could have been mislead or he could just be trolling. Watch the news websites, be careful of misinformation. The articles with specific dates on them are all false.