Here is a draft of a design I’m doing for a new song by my band 1.G.K It’s not yet finished, but it’s coming along.

The image is inspired by traditional Japanese art and 80s movie posters. 1.G.K is a dance-rock hybrid band, and as such we are unrestrained by the rules that dictate band single art must be po-faced and not feature the band. Our music is bombastic and fun, so our designs are too. Let me know what you think of it.

The light in the centre and the azure dragon’s eye are in the shape of a yin-yang symbol which represents the band’s dual frontmen, myself and Katsu (in the foreground).

The space at 10 o'clock is for the bassist who missed the photoshoot. That gap bothers me more than words can express.

A “chikaradama” is going to go in the centre of the image, above the glowing lights. It will be a texture-mapped 3D sphere, but I’m currently trying to choose the most appropriate texture to wrap it it.

I like my designs to have hidden secrets and for each element to be meaningful in some way, so I may not announce what the final image actually is. I think I’ll wait and see if anyone can figure it out.

The azure dragon (“seiryuu”) is said to protect the city of Kyoto, especially the eastern, Higashiyama area. The dragon is based on a statue of the seiryuu I found in a Kyoto temple.

The words emanating from the “chikaradama” in the centre of the image are some of the lyrics to the song.

The dragon is a combination of photo, vector, paint and symbols.

The clouds around the edge are inspired by the cloud framing device used in traditional Japanese art, that often depicted towns and court scenes from an aerial/isometric point of view. The street at the bottom of the image is Karasuma Dori.

The street once marked the center of the city of Kyoto and is significant for the band.

The cityscape at the top is Kyoto, our hometown, as shot from Shogun Zuka (“The Shogun’s Lookout”).

The dragonball in the seiryuu’s mouth is a 3D vector sphere. Wrapped around it is a photo of a sunset I took in Sydney when I was there shooting a Panasonic Lumix commercial last year.

The image already contains over a hundred layers and is over 3GB in size, although it’s not finished yet.

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