1941. Right now, not very far from here the German war machine is rolling up the map of Europe. Country after country, falling like Dominoes. Nothing can stop it, nothing until one tiny, damp little island says "no”. No, not here. A mouse in front of a lion. You’re amazing. The lot of you. Don’t know what you do to Hitler, but you frighten the hell out of me. Off you go, then. Do what you got to do. Save the world.“ - The Doctor

Doctor Who Episodes


“Do you know like we were saying, about the earth revolving? It’s like when you’re a kid, the first time they tell you that the world is turning and you just can’t quite believe it ‘cause everything looks like it’s standing still. I can feel it… the turn of the earth. The ground beneath our feet is spinning at a thousand miles an hour. The entire planet is hurtling around the sun at sixty seven thousand miles an hour. And I can feel it. We’re falling through space, you and me, clinging to the skin of this tiny little world. And, if we let go… That’s who I am.“ - The Doctor

Doctor Who Episodes (EDIT) - Rose (Original)


So I don’t know if you guys have noticed but I’ve finally finished Series 2 in my #1GIFperEpisode mission.

In the beginning I wanted a GIFset daily but work and school just took up all my time so I’ve been trying release them once a week. If you guys want  too check out what I’ve done so far or seem my progression from crappy GIFs to not-as-crappy GIFs just click the links below!

Series 1:
1x01: Rose
1x02: The End of the World
1x03: The Unquiet Dead
1x04: Aliens of London (1)
1x05: World War Three (2)
1x06: Dalek
1x07: The Long Game
1x08: Father’s Day
1x09: The Empty Child (1)
1x10: The Doctor Dances (2)
1x11: Boom Town
1x12: Bad Wolf (1)
1x13: The Parting of the Ways (2)

XMAS 2005: The Christmas Invasion

Series 2:
2x01: New Earth
2x02: Tooth and Claw
2x03: School Reunion
2x04: The Girl in the Fireplace
2x05: Rise of the Cybermen (1)
2x06: Age of Steel (2)
2x07: The Idiot’s Lantern
2x08: The Impossible Planet (1)
2x09: The Satan Pit (2)
2x10: Love and Monsters
2x11: Fear Her
2x12: Army of Ghosts (1)
2x13: Doomsday (2)