This is why Franky, and Franky alone, is the ‘father’ of the Straw Hat Pirates.

When he was only a small child, he was abandoned on the Grand Line by his parents for being a 'nuisance’. Franky knows what it’s like to be abandoned. Not orphaned–his parents are very likely still out there somewhere–but abandoned, not because his parents died, but because they freaking didn’t want him. Franky knows all too well the loneliness that results, of being small and scared in the big wide world, with no one to turn to.

But he also knows what it’s like to be accepted, to be taken in by someone who became more like 'family’ than those he was actually related to. He knows what it’s like to be given a new sense of hope, to be given direction, to discover that he is not a nuisance at all, that he is actually worth something.

But then he knows what it’s like to lose that all over again, and by actions he perceives as his own fault, just as he viewed the abandonment by his blood father as his own fault. Losing Tom totally shattered him, so much so that he was willing to forego his lifelong dream of creating ships, the thing that basically defined who he was.

But one thing remained. Foremost to being a shipwright, he wanted to be like Tom. Franky wants to be the father-figure to others that Tom was to him. He wants others to know that they are not hopeless. That they are not a 'nuisance’, that they actually deserve to take up space in the world.

So when he returns to Water 7, he gathers up all the misfits and outcasts, all the 'nuisances’, and gives them a family. He gives them a home, and a purpose to live, so much so that they want the same for him. They want him to revive his dream of being the shipwright aboard the dreamship.

And once he does this, he is every bit the father figure he wanted to be. In Dressrosa, when Luffy hears about Ace’s fruit, Franky is the voice of reason. To Usopp, who’s come from a similar-yet-different situation of parental abandonment, he is the first present father figure in that kid’s life, and helps guide him in their similar areas of interest, in which he is more experienced. He knows when to be serious and when to be silly and can switch between the two without a moments warning, entertaining them with his inventions, not because it makes him happy, but because it makes them happy, and that’s what makes him happy.

Because he doesn’t want others to feel the loneliness he felt as a child. He doesn’t want others to feel as though they’re a waste of space or a nuisance. Because he has lived and breathed with a fully human body and with a cyborg one and knows regardless that just existing is never a crime, and while he’s around, no one is going to feel unwanted or worthless.

While he’s around, no one is going to feel fatherless.


If a character is missing on here, send me a request! I add characters as I write for them.

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Cult Write Ups

Election Night (7x01)

(UPDATED: 9/6/17)

He loves me, He loves me not Pt.2

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

A/N: Enjoy! (y/f/n - ‘your full name)

Part 1

gif cr.

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Celestial Friend Part 1

gif is not mine

Title: Celestial Friend Part 1

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader (there are also some ass hole kids)

Word Count: 1,797

Warnings: high school (most of us have been there- or are there lol), fluffish

A/N: The new series is here! This first part is quite long, but I’m confident you guys will LOVE it! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I’m not sure how long this series will be. I’ll see where it takes me. You’re also welcome to suggest where you’d like to see this story go!

Series Masterlist

Another town, another high school.  You couldn’t remember how many schools you had gone through already this year.  Two, maybe three?  It was hard to keep track when you never had the chance to fully unpack any of the boxes in your room.  Your mother was a real estate agent.  She went where the biggest opportunities were, and those opportunities presented themselves fairly often.  She was good at what she did and the company that she worked for knew she didn’t mind traveling.

You were now attending a new high school in Lebanon, Kansas.  You moved so many times last year that you had to be held back.  You were going to be the oldest person in your senior class.  Most people assumed that you weren’t intelligent enough to graduate, but that was the exact opposite.  You educated yourself most of the time, reading as many books as you could.  Your favorite kind of books were about space and history.

You opened a book as you grabbed the paper bag that carried your lunch.  You were currently reading a book on psychology.  You took a bite out of your sandwich as you read about the frontal lobe and how it controls impulse control, judgements, language, memory, motor function, problem solving, sexual behavior, socialization, and spontaneity.  It was an interesting read.  The psychology of the brain was fascinating to you.

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Bromance in Goblin The Summoning Ep 1

Gif #5 Gong Yoo: “Are you happy because I worried for you?” Lee Dong Wook: “You made my heart race.” Gong Yoo: “You made my heart race before…when you hugged me with the fur coat.”

Gif #7: Gong Yoo: “How do I look?” Lee Dong Wook: “You always look nice to me, it’s okay.” Gong Yoo: “As long as I look nice to you it’s fine.” 

❝ Do you want to go to my place? ❞ Part2

Plot: You and Heechul get drunk at a members party and kiss(part 1) Months later you fall pregnant and do not tell him, but he find out (part 2)

Pairing: Heechul x Reader

Words count: 2,9k+

Genre: Angst, drama with slight fluff

For anon , I hope you like it ^^


Part 1

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

The front door opened a sloppy kisses could be heard, along with the clumsy actions of removing shoes. You had thrown your purse somewhere in the darkness, not that you cared at that moment. Heechul has his tongue in your mouth as he shut the door and pressed you up against it. Launching yourself up, you wrapped your legs around his waist as your dress rode up slightly. He supported you with his hands as he carried you to what you assumed was his bedroom. He kicked the door close and threw you on the bed. Clothing was quickly thrown off, as he was on top of you. His lips explored your body as your nails racked his back. He nibbled on your lower lip as you moaned, gaining him access to your hot cavern. Their tongues fought for dominance before falling into an erotic dance. Leaving your lips, he kissed the corner of your mouth then jawline with him reattaching to your neck. Sucking and biting at the crook of your neck which earned him a sensual moan as he created his artwork in his drunken state.

Kissing the hickey one last time, he kissed down your chest and through your channel, down your stomach and landed between your legs. You bit down on your lower lip as Heechul kissed your inner thigh which sent electric shocks down her spin. Your head was spinning from the alcohol that ran rampant through your system, but that just urged this action on.

Intimate moans echoed around the room with the accompaniment of the sound of flesh against flesh. With ever thrust he made, you match it with a moan which just turned him on even more causing him to move faster. He was neither rough nor hard but still fast in his thrusts. His movement were strong yet passionate as your bodies rocked together with lips attached at any given moment. The duvet was draped around Heechul’s waist as you both went at it. Time passed as you both spent your intimate moment together. After a few rounds around the room, they finally settled in bed, breathless, sweaty and completely dazed from the alcohol.


‘Are you feeling any better?’ Your friend Seunghee asked.

‘Nope!’ You ran straight to the bathroom to throw up for the nth time.

‘You sure you don’t have alcohol poisoning from the party?’ She asked.

‘Two weeks later?’ You asked with a raised brow, ‘Are you being for real?!’

Since the night with Heechul, you remember waking up and parting ways. There was no heart felt moments but just splitting. You really didn’t remember what transpired that evening, besides you sleeping with him. Now two weeks later you were suffering with nausea and you had no idea why. It wasn’t food poisoning, because you couldn’t stomach anything down and neither was it the flu. Draped across the toilet, you just felt like a mess. There was one other possible manner, but you didn’t even wanna think about it.

‘Some vitamin C tablets?’ You found yourself at a pharmacy with Seunghee.

You had ventured past the pregnancy test section and quickly grabbed it, ‘Ah yeah, mind going and grabbing some groceries and I will pay.’

‘Sure but-’


You had cut her off and purchased the test. Arriving home, you parted way with her and went to the bathroom. Doing it, you sat on the bathtub waiting for the results and you had lost all colour in your face. You were pregnant, and with Kim Heechul’s child. All rational thought was thrown out the window as you ran and hit dial on your phone. You paced up and down waiting for the person to pick up.

‘Hello?’ The person answered.

‘Hyerim-ah?’ You question in a panic.

‘What’s up, Y/N?’

‘Can you come over? It’s an emergency!’

Without having to argue, she hung up and was on the way to you. Being the girlfriend to Leeteuk, you didn’t want her really involved with you being sick, but now her best friend roll was going to be important. Arriving, you dragged her in the apartment and began to explain everything to her. She was polite in the manner of not interrupting, but once you were done, she exploded.

‘Are you going to tell him?’ She asked, hands in her hair.

‘No…’ You said softly.

‘Why not?’ Hyerim questioned, ‘Are you insane?! This is his child, Y/N!’

‘Born out of wedlock!’ You reasoned, ‘Plus he would never want the baby, he is an idol. He has a life that is already busy, and a baby wouldn’t make it better. Please don’t tell him, or Jungsu for that matter.’

Your best friend looked at your pleading face, ‘Fine but you will have tell him….eventually.’

And eventually was slowly approaching. You were now approaching your due date. Truth be told, many people didn’t even think you were pregnant, because the baby bump wasn’t as big as they normally would be. You were described as a ‘fit’ pregnancy. Since the last trimester arrived, Hyerim had been bothering you with telling Heechul. You hadn’t seen him or the boys since the incident. The singer had tired to keep in contact with you so much, since you were friends before this incident. Every try he made, you shut down.

‘How is Y/N?’ A sultry voice asked, ‘I miss her.’

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