A Guide to Starting Degrassi: Where to Begin

A very frequently asked question in the Degrassi fandom is where to start watching. It’s daunting to see a show with 15 seasons that is still going, and it’s natural to wonder where to jump in. You don’t think you want to start at the beginning because you want to jump in to what’s happening now…. but you also need to know how the current characters came to be. And you don’t want to be too lost amongst the hundreds of characters.

So where do you begin? I’ve compiled here a list of possible starting points. Read for yourself and decide where you want to jump in:

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anonymous asked:

Hello ! I love your art, would you recommend any tutorials on drawing people ? I recently started and i have all the difficulties in the world drawing anyone who isn't standing straight and facing forward (in any other cases, i end up turning the limbs into noodles orz), thank you!

Hi anon!! I’m no expert in anatomy because I’m ironically too lazy to study it so I’m actually quite awful but here are some of my favorite resources:

His body tag contains tons of great references on proportions and ways to visualize drawing each section. The tip that I’ve benefited from the most personally is using curves to direct the flow of the body; drawing the line of action or what’s pretty much the spine really helps to pull the entire figure together:

A nice selection of anatomy + poses to choose from. However, after a quick check there is a fair amount of R-18 references as well mixed in so… peruse at your own risk lol

[edit]: Adding some from the tag that I like:

  1. Action poses
  2. General 1
  3. General 2

Free software that allows you to freely position a 3D doll to your liking, for days when browsing for that perfect reference takes too long :3 It’s much simpler and easier to use compared to Clip Paint Studio’s dolls, and you can import other 3D objects like the sword below as well.

The repository for DesignDoll that contains all the models people have uploaded. You can import it into DesignDoll by copying-pasting the code number, but requires you to buy the license. Even without the license, it still has a great variety to choose from c:

I hope it helps anon! Thanks for asking ^^


My mother desperately tries to remember the names of “Kuroko no Basuke”-characters during episodes: pt.1

Generation of Miracles

just so we're clear:
  • <p> <b>Rey:</b> Disney Princess. Fierce af.<p/><b>Kylo Ren:</b> evil disney prince<p/><b>Finn:</b> Disney Prince<p/><b>Poe:</b> Disney prince #2? who has the hots for disney prince #1<p/><b>General Hux:</b> Disney villain<p/><b>Captain Phasma:</b> Evil Disney Queen<p/><b>BB-8:</b> Disney sidekick whom everybody loves<p/><b>Matt the radar technician:</b> actual star of the whole movie<p/></p>