1g ge


Pages from my recent old school HKS acquisition. For those who are enamoured with Toyotas 4A-GE motor check out the HKS 5A-GX in the AW11 MR2 and AE86. We also have the shrouded in legend HKS G54B DOHC Mitsubishi Astron motor that wasn’t just used in the Starion rally cars going by these pics of it in an offroad racing truck. Last pic is of the HKS twin charger kit for the Toyota 1G-GE motor which combines a turbocharger and a supercharger to give instant response and boost all the way through to redline. They also made these kits for the 4A-GE. Will post pics of that up in the future.


So I got Busy today, threw in the front keeper springs for max low. I managed to get 80 mm from the chassis, but now my exhaust HATES me. It hangs about 40mm from the road so on any uneven surface, it eats many shits. Tomorrow i’ll raise it to maybe 95 for a bit of preservation. if it wasn’t for the exhaust, i’d keep it at 80, hell i’d go for 70 and lower.

“tucking” will happen, when money happens lol, this car is built of 1 day of work a week