Random Phasma Characterisation Ideas

 - Her homeworld possesses slightly less than 1G, baseline Earth gravity. As a result, its typical for its population to be above average in height for a human, however as a consequence of less pressure on their musculature, they tend to be physically weaker. She exercises religiously, in part, as a compensation for this. She is long past the point where this is physically necessary, but it remains an emotional fixation.
 - While working her way up through the ranks as a nameless trooper is generally accepted, a theory I’ve read that I find interesting is that she was in fact, like Hux, a child of a noble Imperial family that’s since had the rug torn out from under it. It would explain her ability to access chromium stripped from one of the Emperor’s yachts. Her initial posting as an officer was through nepotism, which has since contributed to her fanatical drive to shine based on her own ability. Had the Empire never fallen, she may have been married off as part of a power deal between noble families; instead she’s out kicking ass and bringing glory to the family name with a blaster instead of a fan.

Random crap that floated into my head. Have fun with it, writers.


Mamaron GX81 Chaser. 9 J 10 J I believe running a 165 or 175/60. This is WILD Fukuoka spec madness right here. its getting as absolutely low as possible, dailying this would be difficult and a laugh. heavy amounts of aero looks good on it and I plan to run similar side steps to this car, either Hippo Sleek or MISSILE. The Bolt in cage is a cool touch too as I doubt the back seat would ever see a person anyway.