Name: Floss Kendall || Age: Seventeen || District: One || Looks Like: AnnaSophia Robb 


The Capitol has always had a soft spot for district one, ensuring though they are kept in there place, they make the citizen’s of one receive slightly more than the other districts. On a tour of the district, Capitol woman, Fania fell in love with the district one’s mayor’s eldest son, and together they embarked on a new wealthy life in one. 

Floss was then born in the lap of luxury, with two adoring parents who were dedicated to see she was wanting for nothing. Floss was an only child, which may possibly contribute to her bossy, manipulative attitude. When her parents opened a large sweet emporium in town, Floss was never low on sugar but constantly covering up her bitterness with the flavorsome candies. Floss always had a charming, charismatic side to her though and could usual convince any boy to slip into her bedroom when her parents weren’t looking. Never really independent, Floss  always bribed her way through life, considering their knowledge for her body a fair deal. During the rebellion, the Capitol took Floss and her family into bunker in the basements of the President’s mansion along with the their relations as they were all family of the District One Mayor. 

Life for Floss was practically a safe haven but when the idea of the games were announced through live television, she came to her sense to see that no one, not even she, were safe. It was after all a game and even though her family was linked with the Capitol, they were coming for her. Ready or not. 


✔  Convincing

✔  Sweet

✔  Outgoing


✘   Manipulative

✘   Flirty

✘   Spoilt