ScriptShrink’s Most Popular Posts of 2017!

January 2017

Common Defense Mechanisms - http://scriptshrink.tumblr.com/post/159342977438/scriptshrink-common-defense-mechanisms-from?is_related_post=1

February 2017

Why writers should always use content warnings - http://scriptshrink.tumblr.com/post/156817508701/why-writers-should-always-use-content-warnings

March 2017

“my MC has a lot of nightmares. howw would they be treated?”   http://scriptshrink.tumblr.com/post/159052817638/my-mc-has-a-lot-of-nightmares-howw-would-they-be

April 2017

“Can abusive parents focus their abuse on only one of their children?“   http://scriptshrink.tumblr.com/post/159916950882/does-it-happen-that-parents-can-be-emotionally

May 2017

On the Oedipus complex - http://scriptshrink.tumblr.com/post/160710845492/ok-i-get-that-oedipus-complex-is-a-boy-in-love

June 2017

“What differentiates Major Depression from just “depression”?”


July 2017

“how do I write a character who became evil due to being betrayed and similar reason WITHOUT making her mentally ill or making her action excusable with mental illness?”


August 2017

Bad Psychology - Netflix’s “Gypsy”


September 2017

“How does it feel to self harm?”     http://scriptshrink.tumblr.com/post/164875203265/hi-it-might-sound-ignorant-but-id-like-to-know

October 2017

[The Shrink was on hiatus!]

November 2017

Scriptshrink’s emotion intensity chart   http://scriptshrink.tumblr.com/post/167921512381/scriptshrinks-emotion-intensity-chart

December 2017

“What’s the difference between paranoid personality disorder and delusional disorder?”


Happy New Year, Shrinky-dinks! (I’ll also be doing a post of the Shrink’s favorite posts, and a listing of the different series I’ve done! Stay tuned!)

Now accepting themes for 2017!

It’s that time of the year again – we’re back for SoulxMaka Week 2017!

We’re ready to take your theme suggestions, so feel free to send them in starting today, February 1st!  Send in as many as you’d like via submission, ask box, or fanmail.

Same rules apply:

No idea is too crazy - go ahead and send us your themes, even if it’s just one or five or fifteen. The deadline for themes is February 15th! Prompts should be open ended and preferably not too specific. To keep the content fresh, we ask that you do not send in similar themes to the ones used during previous years.

Here is this year’s schedule:

February 19th - 25th - Voting round 1
February 26th - March 4th - Voting round 2
March 5th - 11th - Voting round 3

SoMa Week is April 16th to April 22nd of 2017!

If you’re new to SoulxMaka Week and how it works, check out this post, or contact us here at soulxmakaweek!

Please help us spread the word by telling your friends about soulxmaka week, signal boosting, and sending in your theme suggestions!

- The Mods


Here are the profiles of Division 2 and 3 Officers + Hasuike Kaede. You may not like these guys for certain reasons, even though all they did was following Misako’s orders, but this is not an apologist post. What I mean to say is that they have pretty interesting stuff in their profiles. They kind of have potentially good backstories implied here for the characters who barely had any lines in the series.

Bellow you’ll find the following profiles:  

[Division 2]


  • Hasuike Kaede (Division 1)
  • Yamatoya Akira
  • Hatano Kouichi (Division 3)

[Division 3]


  • Doumoto Shuuichirou
  • Suzuki Moe


  • Haga Takayuki
  • Shinjou Kaname
  • Hyoudou Tetsuya
  • Aikawa Tsubaki

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SEVENTEEN Mixtape vol.10 - Lizzie Velasquez (Vernon)

Lizzie Velasquez 

작사 : Vernon
원곡 : January 28th [2014 Forest Hills Drive] by J. Cole

-verse 1
February 18th, 98
NY state, 두 화가 사이에
세상에 내 가치를 증명해 보이기 위해
변화를 만들어 보이기 위해 나와
After my first word ‘sky’
And after the sky thickened with 9/11
아빠는 고향이 그리워 엄마랑 나를 먼저 보내고
1년 뒤 미국에서 나와
Lost in translation
‘Yes’가 ‘아니’, ‘no’가 ‘응’이 되는 언어
‘어리면 낮춰’, 억압으로 느껴져
모든게 싫증났고 표현에 서툴렀어
이젠 이미 다 이해되고 익숙해
잘 어울리다가도 주변에선 가끔 내게 물어보곤 해
‘미국은 어떤대?’
Shit 나도 아는 게 더 이상 하나 없는데

-hook 1
스스로에게 물어
What defines you? What defines you?
너가 태어난 곳? 너가 자라온 곳?
What defines you? What defines you?
널 낳아준 부모? 물려받은 외모?
What defines you? What defines you?
Who are you?

-verse 2
‘마음 착해도 못 가요 하나님나라엔’
따라 불러도 수긍이 안 갔던 초등학생
반 친구들이 주기도문을 외울 때
대충 같이 외는 척 창 밖을 내다본 애 yeah that’s me
‘유일무이한 믿음’
Can’t quite grasp the concept
난 그냥 선생님들과 친구들이 좋았을 뿐
집에 돌아오면 할머니랑 같이 제사 준비를
지금껏 내게 영향을 미친 사람, 경험, 환경
그 모두에게 이 노래를 바쳐
남들과의 다름이 만든 오늘날의 난
이 beat 위에서 나 자신을 빨가벗긴다
잠깐, 네 자신을 너무 주지마
통제하게 하지마, 규제하게 하지마
Cause 너무 높이 바라지 않는 만큼
성취는 떨어져 임마

-hook 2
스스로에게 물어
What defines you? What defines you?
너가 믿는 종교? 너의 주변 환경?
What defines you? What defines you?
너의 삶의 배경? 너가 세운 목표?
What defines you? What defines you?
Who are you?

-verse 3
Who are you?
그 전에 먼저 물어볼게 ‘Hipho 이란건 뭔데?’
좆같으면 영어 욕 섞어가면서 까는 wordplay?
No, it’s about 너의 얘기
I am what I spit 배출하지 않아 fake shit
잘 하는 거 하나 없이 ’기획사 casting’ 이란 걸 받고
무작정 새로워 보였던 기회를 잡어
당시의 일상보다는 재밌을 것 같던
지금 난 미친 듯 기쁜 마음으로 빡세게 살어
So 지하철에서 날 보고
외국인이라 신기해하던 꼬마들 내 얼굴 잘 봐둬
곳곳에서 Vernon 나올 때면
내가 너희들의 동경의 상대가 되 있을 테니까
I believe me 나는 나를 믿지
지금은 없어도 언젠간 모두 가지겠지
Got no 2 chainz, just tryna rap true
Just tryna make a million dollars off a rap tune

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“Let’s Draw Sherlock” Masterpost

I was sad to learn that this month’s “Let’s Draw Sherlock” is going to be the last. I loved the challenges and participated in all of them, sometimes contributing more than one artwork. Since quite a number have accumulated over the years, here’s a list of them all. Since some of them are animations and others contain bits of writing, do have a look at the original posts as listed and linked below, or browse through my #letsdrawsherlock tag for the complete list of posts including wips and sketches.

Thanks so much to the tireless admins of “Let’s Draw Sherlock” for their hard work on this wonderful, challenging and always inspiring project, and to all the other contributors whose art always delighted me.

  • March 2013: Draw the Photo 1 2
  • April/May 2013: Famous Artwork 1 2 3
  • June 2013: Song Title/Lyrics 1 2
  • July 2013: Culture Swap 1 2
  • August 2013: Movie Scenes 1 2 (animation)
  • September 2013: A Pet in 221B 1
  • October 2013: Famous Duos 1 2 3
  • November 2013: Minor Character Mini Challenge: Anderson/Anthea/Sally Donovan/Mike Stamford 1 2 3 4
  • December 2013: Gift Giving 1
  • January 2014: Sherlock’s Birthday 1
  • January 2014: Hidden Scenes 1
  • February 2014: Historical Moments 1
  • March 2014: Video Games 1 2
  • April 2014: Alternative Professions 1 2
  • May 2014: School!lock 1 2
  • June 2014: Meals 1
  • July 2014: Colour Palette Challenge 1 (animation)
  • August 2014: Alternative Fashion Styles 1 2 (animation)
  • September 2014: Characters when they think no one is looking 1
  • October 2014: Favourite AUs 1
  • November 2014: Monster Character Generator 1 2
  • December 2014: Domestic Situations 1 2
  • January 2015: Superheroes 1
  • February 2015: Sherlock and John do LDS 1

PS: Would people be interested in a fanbook of my LDS art?