Billford PotC AU masterlist

Different people have made contributions, so I just wanted to collect them all into one place for my own pleasure, and perhaps for the benefit for anyone excited about this AU. If you want to make your own additions, simply reblog with a link! 

A wildly incoherent bullet-point list 

Ramblings about the AU, by @humlors and @swiftboone

A partial timeline for the AU, by (I assume) @humlors and @swiftboone 


by @swiftboone: 

SFW: 12, 3, 4

NSFW: 1, 2, 3 (wowza)

by @humlors 

SFW: 1

by @noodlesansuch

SFW: 1

by @agentquinn

SFW: 1


by @swiftboone

Drabble 1: Sweet moment pre-betrayal.

Drabble 2: Four moments loosely connected by dreams, beautiful imagery.

by @marypsue

One-shot: Absolutely heart-wrenching nod to the movie-ending of Calypso and Davy Jones.

by @mooseings

Lure of the Sea: Delightful one-shot where Stanford gets real cozy with the ocean, dreamy and beautiful.

by @agentquinn 

In All My Dreams I Drown: Moments from past and present, about love. 

We’re almost halfway through the hiatus, but I’m sure we all miss our favourite Grey’s couple dearly. That’s why we decided to put together a Jolex appreciation weekend. It will take place July 17th - July 19th.

Rules? There really aren’t any! We have 4 suggestions for each day but the categories are merely guidelines. You are free to turn graphic ideas into gifsets and vice versa. Or if a category inspires to make a fanvideo, just go for it. You can be as creative and free in your interpretation as you want to. Any form of participation is welcome (gifsets, fanfics, graphics, videos, metas, etc…)

Day 1

  • fanfic: New Beginnings
  • gifset: Jolex + “almost” moments
  • graphic:  A (tumblr) quote that reminds you of them
  • discussion: Why Jo Wilson is an amazing and underrated character

Day 2

  • fanfic: AU of a scene on the show
  • gifset: Favorite quotes
  • graphic: Jolex + touch/emotion
  • discussion: What makes their relationship so special? Why are they your OTP?

Day 3

  • fanfic: Jolex + hurt/anger
  • gifset: Jolex + happy scenes
  • graphic: Jolex + looks
  • discussion: What do you think s12 will hold for them? What would you like to see?”

Please make sure to tag your posts with #jolexweek and #jolex, so we and others can reblog your things. Reblog this post to spread the word and don’t forget to have a lot of fun :)

PS: Feel free to send us an ask, if you have any questions.