1ev replied to your post “whats the point of watching hq!! if yachi hitoka’s not even gonna show…”

i rly hope there will be 2nd season because else so many cool characters wont be introduced

i heard there was gonna be??

SAME !! b/c like i really wanna see some animated kiyoyachi,, also saeko b/c she is a tota l b a be,,

also i really wanna see tsukki’s training camp arc?? b/c he realyl develops and you kinda see and understand why he “doesnt like volleyball” or doesnt want to try ?? also b/c yamaguchi gets to yell at him which means more yama screen time which is a huugggeee plus b/c i luv tha t yama,,

2016 NatGeo Travel Photographer - 3rd Place The Baltinache Ponds, also called Hidden Ponds are a set of seven salt ponds located in the area of the Salt Cordillera, near San Pedro de Atacama, in the second region of northern Chile, in the Atacama desert.
After much research, I believe to be the first photographer to publish night photos of this place, but it is still necessary to confirm this information.
Tech Details: Photography done in one shot. Foreground was illuminated by the moonlight. Reduced exposure in Lightroom in +/- 1EV.