1emultifandomblog  asked:

Hi! I joined the Supernatural fandom a month ago, already in Season 7, ship Destiel like Fedex and Im in love with your Sam pop!vinyl figurine, he looks 102% cuter with that moose hat! Big fan by the way! :D

Sam: All right, got a lot of NEW POPS to CHECK IN!  Let’s be EFFICIENT!

Sam: A new DOCTOR, he’s BRITISH!

The Doctor: Jolly good!

Crowley: Would you like a SPOT of TEA?

Eleven: Oh, that would be SPIFF!

Sam: Here’s a MINION!  Cas?

Minion: Banana bananana banananananana!

Cas: Got him!

Sam: An’ what’s this last one here?  You’re a-

Sam: SCARY CLOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dean: Sammy, it’s OK, we got him!

Sam: I’ll just stay HERE for the rest of the MORNIN’ I think.  *moose shudders*