If the words spoken between you and me made a song, what would your favorite melody be? Even if the world suddenly changed overnight, with you around, we can sing the duet; neither complicated reality nor unforeseeable scenario ever scare us, as long as we stay together - I’d rather lose the light illuminating my life or dreams filling my mind than lose you.

If the time you and I spend together became a song, I would play a little sad note: because happiness prefers friendly people. (…)

Carrying you, carrying both of us; colorfully played melody runs through the air. Carrying further, carrying our hearts, joining to become one - not yet time to end, it’s a never-ending duet.


tired, unfeeling

waking, because i had to,

walking, around the library,

 forever circles.

waiting forever.

4 U,


come home,


 are not so,


Fear is so crippling,

i can’t imagine,

how U, can

go outside these walls, the shade,

Its cool touch on the skin

no hiding, just enjoying the darkness,

the oppisite of sun.

Chris Bones Amey    Nov/28/13


Game of Thrones || Mixed Tape Vol. 1

edited by cardiffgiant02

6 minutes of GoT laughs because, we all need some after “hold the door”…