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For the requests: could you do one where Y/N is super self-conscious about being a virgin, but she wants to have her first time with Harry and he's super patient and sweet and they take it slow and afterwards Harry craddles you in his arms and they fall asleep? That'd be cool! Thank you <3

So I was working on this and finished it last night right before I started working on four walls. I hope you enjoy this, sorry for not having a chapter of four walls ready! I love you guys, enjoy some fluffy smut.

// Virgin 

“I know I shouldn’t be embarrassed,” You mumble quietly, eyes darting in every direction valiantly trying to miss his gaze. “I am, though.” Being a virgin is not something to be ashamed of. Waiting is not something to be ashamed of. Being afraid is not something to be ashamed of. However, it’s knowing that he’s not a virgin and while it may be special to you… would it really feel the same for him? It all sounds dumb in your head, but it’s valid and It’s the thought of disappointment. It’s drop in your stomach and the twinge in your heart that causes you to practically grimace when you feel his eyes on you. Nimble fingers rub anxiously against the silky pink fabric of the robe that you’ve wrapped securely around yourself. Feet away, he sits on the couch. Black shirt fully unbuttoned. He’s got red lipstick smeared on his lips and a worried look washed over his features. He’s terrified he’s done something wrong. Afraid he’s pushed too far or overstepped some boundary… but he hasn’t. It was perfect. Warm, callused hands on your delicate hips. Sloppy, wet kisses amidst the giggles that caused your heart to soar, and then it hit you. The same sick, anxious feeling that always seemed to find its way in and push you out. You jumped from his lap, lip instantly trapped under your teeth. So now, he’s got his warm green eyes all over you, scanning your body every few seconds wanting so badly to read your mind.

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Heart Acts

Parts ONE and TWO if you missed it! 

Synopsis: You are a new and upcoming superstar and during an interview, you get asked questions about the one and only Harry Styles.


“Alright, alright, you got me but how about you let me get to know you, and you not run away from me this time? Don’t like it when beautiful things slip away so soon.” Harry says, biting his lip right after and you wanted to scream out that whatever he wanted you to do, it would be done.

But of course, that isn’t the case, you remember how disgusting some of the comments that were left under your pictures, the things the said about you in interviews, all of the negativity cam rushing back in. You couldn’t imagine what they would have said if they saw you on Harry’s arm. Why is it so hard to focus on the good things in life?

“I don’t think so, I’m sorry.”

“You said what?!” Stacy was sitting beside you on  the bed inside your hotel room. You both were watching TV but after much persuasion, Stacy managed to convince you to tell her everything that happened that night. 

After you rejected Harry, you went into your car immediate. You didn’t want to see the look on Harry’s face. You were praying he didn’t try to call or go after you but thankfully his manager pulled him away. As soon as you got inside your car, you were silent. Not saying a word the whole drive back. 

You didn’t know what to say to Stacy. That you left the man you have thought about for years, the man who inspired you to do what you do everyday? You didn’t know why you did yourself.

“I said no Stace,” You said clutching your pillow into your stomach, your head rested on the top.

“Why? I was reading your journal and you basically love him!” Stacy screeched.

Your head shot up immediately, eyes wide, mouth agape. “You did what? You read my journal?! Stacy it is private for a reason! How did you? How did you even find it?”

“Um, Hun, if you wanted it hidden why would you put it under your bed?” Stacy scrolled through her phone acting as if her statement was normal.

“Stace why would you look under the bed anyways? This is so confusing for me right now!” You try to gain her attention and smack the phone out of her hands.

“I was checking to see if there were bedbugs okay! You know how I am, I don’t care if it’s a five star hotel, if I see a bug I am leaving the country. But this is besides the point! You are practically in love with Harry and you deny him? Why would you do that? This is your one chance at happiness, a normal life. For goodness sakes you haven’t been able to act like a normal teenager ever since you were discovered! You missed all of the fun things teenagers were suppose to go through. Instead of going through college stress you went through ticket sales stress. Instead of going to prom you went to music awards. This is the one chance you get to experience something that is considered normal. Having a boyfriend is normal Y/N!” Stacy was basically lecturing you. You didn’t know what to say because at the end of the day, you knew she was right. She was always and you hated it. 

Ever since you got signed into your record deal, you were immediately pulled out of what was suppose to be a normal life. You didn’t get to finish high school with your friends and instead received your diploma on your tour bus. You still remember Stacy tutoring you for English and the bus driver helping you with History. Stacy even went so far as playing graduation music on the drive to Texas and making you wear a gown. 

But having a boyfriend? This was totally out of your league. You didn’t have any experience with this kind of stuff and it freaked you the hell out.

“Stace, this is Harry Styles we are talking about. You know how notorious he is for being the supposed womanizer. I freaked out and talked about him for a minute too long and boom. Countless articles about me being obsessed with him. Comments on top of comments, all saying how I suck up to him just for his fame. It’s almost as if I can’t be friends with anyone of the opposite sex.  I was told I had a knee deep obsession with him when all I did say nice things. What do you think is going to happen when I date him?” You begin pacing around the room again. “Even if I do date him, it’s just going to end in disaster.”

“You will never know if you don’t try love. And he wants to try with you." 

Why is Stacy always right?

Harry has been grumpy ever since the award show. When you rejected him and left in your car he was devastated and was quite offended.

"Know this might sound really bad, but, m'not used to getting rejected y'know? It’s like know m'not all that but, I really thought we had something together. Thought we had a connection.” Harry was lying on his back with Lucas. Lucas was currently on his laptop, like always, figuring out new ways to get Harry to the top. Whether it was booking  a photo shoot or finding new radio openings.  He was one of Harry’s closest friend and was part of the team.

“Well, wha’ she say?”

“She said no. And that she was sorry or somethin’. Didn’t even give me the chance to convince her otherwise.” Harry rubbed his eyes with his hand. 

There was already so much stress with everything going on his life, musical wise. There was no way a new girl was able to fit on his plate but Y/N was different. You gave him something not a lot of people had; honesty.

You didn’t see him as a multimillionaire, a player, a famous superstar. You saw him as a musician. You saw him as someone who loved music as much you did. 

“Lucas! I have an idea!” Harry shoots up from his position on the couch which knocks Lucas’s laptop to the ground.

“DUDE! I was workin’ n something aye!” Lucas grumpily gets up and dusts off his laptop, examining for scratches. “What’s your idea? Gettin’ me a new laptop?”

Harry laughs and punches Lucas in the arm. “No, d'know how we are both gonna preform next week in the states for that festival?” Harry smirks when he sees Lucas’s reaction.

“Harry, Harold, listen to me. That is a huge event, what are you going to do?”

“Pull up the set list, m'gonna change her mind. ”

You were currently at home, not in a hotel room, not in your tour bus, but in your house. In your old room specifically. Stacy felt really guilty after talking to you about Harry and what had happened and decided a break was exactly what you needed. You had nothing on the schedule anyways and how harmful can thee days be?

It has been a long time since you were home. Your room looked the exact same, walls painted yellow, a single twin bed decorated flowers, placed right in the middle of your room. You had posters and pictures of your friends everywhere. Funny how every thing changed in an instant.

“Hon? Are you alright? Dinner is almost ready but I want to talk to you for a sec,” Aunt Robin knocks on your door and peeps are head in. You smile at her, admiring the messy bun she always had and dressed in the same scrubs; blue with yellow rubber duckies. 

“I feel like me and you haven’t chatted in a while, kind of miss you, how’s my favorite super star?” Robin walks in and sees you laying on your bed, legs in the air.

“What are you talking about? We talk twice everyday. Once when I wake up and another before bed. We talk all the time.” You swing your legs from the bed and move so she can sit next to you.

“Not on the phone, I want to talk to you face to face. Sure we talk but it’s always the same, I ask you if you ate, you ask me about the hospital. I want you to tell me secrets like you did in fifth grade!” She sits down next to you and starts playing with your hair. The action brings you back to all the times she would do that to calm you down.

“I’m sorry it’s just that sometimes I lose track of everything going on. One minute I’m in the States and the next minute I’m in Europe. Of course I am grateful for the opportunity but having this break is so important for me, I feel good you know?”  

“You needed this as much as I needed to see you. Now listen, I have been reading on the internet, and as confusing as it is, I clicked on this article and saw that thing with you and Ha-”

“No, we aren’t talking about this. Not here, I am finally home after such a long time, I don’t want to talk about anything involving me or boys!” You groan and stuff your face into a pillow. This was the last thing you wanted to talk about.

“OK, OK, I get it. But, I was reading your diary from when you were in midd-”

“What is up with everyone reading my diary!” You lift your head up and stare at your aunt, in her hands was your middle school diary, decorated with bright pink fur with a lock on the side.

“That isn’t the point here Y/N! You are the smartest girl I have ever met, I raised you to be strong and kind, you know your mother would have been unbelievably proud if she saw you now. You think with your head all the time, maybe it’s time for you to act with your heart?” Robin says raising your diary in the air. 

When you were younger, it was your aunt who raised who your whole life. She would always try to avoid conversations about your parents, and you never minded. This women single-handedly raised you and she did one heck of a job. No matter how hard shifts at the hospital was for her, Aunt Robin would walk home sit on the couch and watch every performance you put on.

“What if I act with my heart and by the end, I don’t  even have one anymore?”

“Oh honey, no one could even try.” You feel Robin hug you from the side and for the first time in a long time, you felt at home.

“Oh, Stacy was right, you do need deodorant.”

“Ugh you guys need to stop talking to each other!” You laugh at her while she scrunches her nose.

It’s Saturday night and you were no longer in the comfort of your own home. Instead of lounging watching all of the shows you didn’t have time to catch up on anymore, you were getting a weird food facial. You had no idea it existed until Stacy had to practically drag you into the salon, promising that your skin would be glowing for tomorrow’s event.

Tomorrow’s event is going to be one of the biggest nights of your life. It was a huge ball with all of your icons preforming. There would be music, food and you were even invited to Ellen DeGeneres’s after party.

Stacy and your band decided that you were going to sing three different songs, one of which that was new. You spent all of last week practicing vocals and dancing. It was extremely important that you did well, so many new entertainment industries were going to be there, keeping their eye out for new talent to sponsor. Your performance can determine if you get to shoot videos with A-List celebrities, be on the cover of Vogue magazine or even collaborating with major brands. To say your nerves were on fire was an understatement.

Stacy made sure that no one was to mention anything about any scandal or to bring up the H word. She knew he was going to be preforming as well but didn’t have the guts to tell you. So she did what every good manager would do, write it out on a cake and it was to be delivered to your hotel room later on the day.  

“I swear, your skin is going to look and feel like a baby’s bottom. They won’t even need to use the spotlights because you will be glowing!” Stacy clapped her hands together as you guys both laid on the massage table, dressed in white fluffy robes with various fruits adorned on your face.

“So, my face is going to feel like ass? Great. Did my soundcheck come in okay by the way?” You started to feel the slimy fruits fall off your face and it had successfully landed in your mouth.

“I saw that, that was gross, you can’t eat fruit that’s been on your face,” She starts.

You were still chewing and to annoy her you chewed even louder. “But what did I say, no talking about tomorrow’s event. If we start talking about it, you and I both know we won’t stop, and then we’ll stress and both of our asses will be in that venue making sure everything is perfect. You need to relax, everything will be fine. Now stop eating your face!”

“Fine but I heard that you got me a cake and you aren’t going to stop me!”

“He’s preforming?! Before me?! This is a disaster! Is it too late to call out? Tell them I have mono or something!” You were pacing everywhere. 

When you walked into your hotel room to look at the cake you thought it was going to say “Good Luck Tomorrow” or “You rock!”, but no. What did it say?


“No, no, we are not cancelling, this event is your make it or break it. I don’t care if Harlem Shake or whatever his stupid name is preforming. You are the strongest person I know, this is below you. I don’t care what happens tomorrow, you will dominate that event.” Stacy shook your shoulders and made you sit down. When you didn’t move she shook you more.

“OK, OK, I get it.” You take your finger and dip it into the icing, licking it off. “But we aren’t using that confetti in the end, during rehearsal it got in my eye.”

Stacy laughs and dips her finger in the cake. 

Walking in heels was already exhausting, but the 10 pounds of lace you had on was even harder. The ball gown Stace picked out was absolutely stunning but you had no idea ball gowns were so heavy.

You did the usual routine at every event. The beginning was always the same. The photo shoot of you walking out of your car and then visiting the fans outside the gates, which was your favorite. You then had to do the red carpet walk which was blinding to say the least. And then your nerves went into overdrive when the interview proportion came up.

You immeadiatley looked for Stacy and she was already behind you and she managed to help you throughout the whole thing. Thankfully no one brought up any scandals, everyone too excited for the music event.

“So Y/N, you are preforming tonight right?” This one interviewer named Josh asked you.

“Yes, I am so excited I feel like I’m gonna throw up or something!” You laughed shyly, you weren’t lying. Even though you had a light meal, your nerves got to you.

In the corner of your eye, you saw Harry walk towards you, and all of a sudden anything Josh said flew right past you. You hurriedly said bye and quickly walked to your dressing room Stacy right behind you.

Now safe in your dressing room, it was only 30 until you had to sing. You began stretching and doing your vocal warm ups while walking to the stage area. You checked you mic and everything twice and then had Stacy check everything once more.

There was a huge television screen to your tight, showing the live broadcast of the event. That’s when you see Harry preforming.

He didn’t look human. It couldn’t have been possible, the way his hair was styled made you want to run your hands through it for eternity. The way his suit as tailored made your mouth water, it was perfect. He looked perfect.

His voice was the main show though, it sounded like thick velvet, dripping out his mouth and landing on the mic.

“Snap out of it! You are going to be up there soon!” Stacy pinched you and you basically screamed, you somehow forgot where you were.

“Tha’s it for me! Thank you so much for having me! Please enjoy the next musical guest, I sure will later!” Harry announced in the mic and the water bottle you had in your hand dropped.

“What did he just say!” Stacy was red in the face and you couldn’t say a single thing, and by the looks of it Harry didn’t mean to say it either.

All you heard were the fans screaming before the host came and started talking about you. You quickly snapped out of your trance and started to stand in position, still shell shocked at his words. “Enjoy me later?” You whispered but before you knew it you were in front of millions.

*knock knock*

“Come in!” You said removing your preformance outfit and slipping into your robe. Why the hell was it so itchy?

Your performance went great, better than you could have ever imagined. As soon as you heard the beat start you forgot about everything. All your fears disappear in thin air and you sang and danced your heart out. 

When you preformed your new single, tears were beginning to form and you heard your fans scream when you announced it was new. You saw Stacy bawl her eyes out looking at you from the crowd. Your heart was so full but that didn’t mean you weren’t angry at what had happened earlier with Harry. 

Harry came in and you immediately stopped. Why was he here? You pulled the robe closer as he locked the door behind you and looked at you. His eyes scanned your body, focusing on your legs.

“So this is what you meant when you said you were going to enjoy me later?” You snap, his eyes diverting right to yours.

“No, I swear, tha’ wasn’t what I meant, whatsoever. I am so sorry Y/N. I had a million things I wanted to say as an introduction but for some reason, that decided to slip.” Harry started walking towards you and you backed up, his eyes narrow as if he was hurt that you didn’t want to be near him. He tries again and this time you stop moving. 

“You didn’t have to say anything at all! You could have easily just passed the mic on like everyone else! Instead you embarrass me in front of so many people, you know what they are already saying! Why are you doing this?” You begin to tear up and you hate yourself for it, not wanting to cry in front of him.

“Why did you say no to me?” Harry says and you scoff, he really didn’t hear anything.

“Sorry I didn’t want to pursue my knee deep obsession with you!” You laugh sarcastically and he looks hurt. There was no way you were ever going to forget what that reporter said to you. 

“Stop caring about people have to say to you! You shou-”

“That’s easy for you to say! You have your whole career in front of you and I just got started! It’s not fair to me that this out of everything is my first scandal. That interview was suppose to promote my music not about you for God’s sake! You out of everyone should know it’s not easy when every single person you are spotted with is deemed your lover!"  You cry and at this point tears were already pooling around your cheeks. "It’s just not fair,” You say silently. It seemed as if that’s what you have been saying for years. 

Harry sees how upset you are and it hurts the hell out of him. 

To know he caused this. The guilt was eating him alive, he never meant to make you feel or react this way. He walks even closer and this time you let him, too tired to fight back.

“This time I don’t care anymore. I don’t care what they say, wh-when you were preforming out there I’ve never felt so good. S’like I just wanted to see you sing forever,” Harry wipes your tears away from your face and the sensation is amazing. His hands were so soft and it felt so good to be comforted by him. “let me OK?”

You furrow your eyebrows and your eyes open, let him do what?

Before you could ask, you felt the softest pair of lips meeting yours. Teeth pulling on your bottom lip and for the first time in a long time, you acted with your heart and let him.

Thank you thank you THANK YOU guys so much for all the support. I know I say these things a lot and I really do mean it! I wanted to make this chapter just a little bit longer so I hope I didn’t bore you guys too much. Also I have Part 4 ready if you guys want it! As always feel free to message me whenever, love talking to my biscuits! Cover by the lovely @editskiwi!


She’s Such an Actress

the one where Y/N likes Goldfish, Harry tells his mum everything, and while they don’t know how to express their feelings properly, they both like the color gold.

A/N: I’ve had this request since my first week on this blog. I dearly hope you like it, anon, if you’re still here!! Thank you very much for sending this in. Love you loads. 
P.S. This photo is so beautiful, wow, I stan such an angel. 4.8k

She was golden.

It was in the small ways, the ways that mattered to Harry at the beginning. How she shook his hand and smiled when they met, how she tilted her hair back when she laughed at his jokes.

And he had felt that he could be golden, too, next to her.

Harry was fascinated. As most people were by Y/N, because she managed to be everything anyone could want - yet evade the sense that she was real, as if she were a phantom in the guise of an actress. In the center of the room, the spotlight on her, but there was a blank space in her eyes. 

In the manipulative, draining way that Hollywood tended to have, this aspect of Y/N intoxicated the social climbers around her. They tried to fulfill her expectation that was never vocalized, seek validation that had never been promised to begin with.

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Bad days

Sorry I haven’t posted in like, a week! I’m sorry! I’ve been sick and just haven’t been in the mood to write and when I was, I took that as a chance to write for my 25 Days Of Christmas coming up:). So enjoy !

He walked in, shutting the door softly. Head bowed down, looking as if he thought the floor was very interesting. He didn’t come in with his usually preppy

“Hello love!” Or a kiss on the lips and asking you how your day went.

When most people had a bad day, they came home slamming doors, getting upset and snap at you, but not Harry.

Harry was quieter than usual when he was mad and annoyed. The only time he raised his voice or got angry was when he was hurt by words.

“Your quiet…” I stated, standing at the opening in the kitchen, looking at Harry who was standing in the middle of the living room.

He looked up and over at me, not bothering to give me a smile. Just shuffling over to me.

“You wanna talk about it?” I asked, wrapping my arms around his neck.

He pushed his head into the crook of my neck, arms enclosing around my waist tightly. He shook his head no and sighed.

“Just been a long day I guess.” He shrugged.

“What do you want to do?” I asked, playing with his curls at were at access to me.

“Wanna take a nap.” He said truthfully.

“We can do that.” I nodded, rubbing his back.

He nodded and pushed me backwards to walk, head still in the crook of my neck.

I giggled, warning him that If we kept doing this that we would fall.

Finally getting to the bed, he climbed in, fully clothed except for his boots that he kicked off at the door when he came home.

Pouty lips and green eyes were trained on you as you crawled in next to Harry.

He didn’t even say anything as he wrapped his arms around your waist and nudged his head into your neck. Fully cuddling you.

It only took a few minutes to hear faint snores coming from his lips.

Sometimes, naps made everything better.

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Prompts: "love is just another word for fascination" ---- "tell her I didn't cry"----- "the girl I've heard so much about"

Heyy, so i think i’m gonna do the second one. I hope you enjoy it. Xx 

Harry kind of sensed that it would hurt like that. He knew it from the moment Y/N walked in his life and stole his heart. But what he didn’t know was the way everything would end. And here he is now, realizing what was written on the pages of the book he was trying to read since an year.

It was hard to get her attention first. She was always around so many people, always the brightest one of them. She sparked with a different color of light and this was the thing that pulled him to her like a magnet. And he wanted her so that was what mattered the most.

When she started going on walks with him and showing him what was she like when she wasn’t the star of the night, that’s when he fell in love with her. Cause she wasn’t just another girl, she was the girl who growed flowers in his sould and found a place in his heart, then took it whole.

Everything was magical. From the first kiss their shared to the last - the one on the airport. She was crying in his arms, her face was buried in his chest while he was whispering promises in her ear and saying her name to make her look at him. When she did, she made it ten times harder for him not to just curse and take her to their favorite place, not giving a single fuck about the flight.

“I-i want you t-to…” she took a shaky breath and bursted out in tears once again. All of this was so fucked up. “Just be happy, okay? Don’t think about me, i’ll be alright. And i’ll come to visit you from time to time so if you… If you find someone else, it’s gonna be fine. J-just be happy, just promise me that. You’re going to do it, right, H? Please, do it for me.”

He couldn’t promise it to her, not when he knew she was going to be away from him for seven months. So the only thing that was left to him, was to kiss her. And that’s what he did, grabbing her jaw and pressing his mouth to hers in a try to make her shut up. He didn’t want to listen to all of the promises and questions anymore, they were making it so, so hard not to cry too. So he kissed her with everything he had - with all of his passion, with all of his hearth and soul. Because it was so damn good to taste her lips and to play with her tongue, to feel her body shiver against his own.

Then it was time for him to go. And even thought she didn’t say it, he knew she wanted to scream for him to stay. Her eyes were red and swollen from crying, her hands were holding on to him and she almost collapsed in his hands the moment she heared the voice from the speakers. But somehow he found the strenght to remove his hands from her and to step away from the heart-warming her. The coldness of the air almost made him come back to her. But she made it easy, deciding that it was enough for both of them. They couldn’t just stay there and cry for each other, they have to suck it up and move on with their lifes. So that’s what she did - said goodbye and turned her back to him. That was enough for him to get the picture. She wanted to make it easier, and that’s why he got on the fucking plane. Because it was best for both of them to just say goodbye and let each other go.

But today his friends are going to visit him in college and he know what they’ll see and what they’ll tell her when they get back to Chicago - how heartbroken he is. Zayn and Louis don’t realize it first, but Niall and Liam do. From the moment they see him, it is clear obvious for them. All of them hug and laugh in the car. But to the time they get to the campus, the jokes are gone and they hurry to catch up with each other.

“So, how are you?” Louis asks, not knowing if he should or not. “Do you get used to the feeling of not having her beside you?”

Harry just shakes her head and unlocks the door to his flat. He sees the looks Niall and Zayn share, but doesn’t say a word. He’s scared for all the things they have to say to him. Because she told him not to worry if he finds another girl, but what if she found another boy? What is going to do? Will that ever be alright?

“She still sleeps with your sweater, bro.”

This is everything he needs to hear. And suddenly it’s all alright. It doesn’t matter how far away she is from him or when he’s going to see her again. She still loves him and this is the only thing he’s going to think about at night.

“Did you take some of her underwear for the lonely nights, you know?”

Harry laughs and pushes Liam of the couch they’re sitting on. The thing is that he misses her in more of one ways, but he didn’t take a picture of her naked body or some of her bras. And he still doesn’t know how he’s going to cope with those kind of nights.

“How is she dealing with the whole thing? When we talked on Skype she told him that college is not that boring, but… Does she hangs out with her friends like before? You know how she always was on the important occassions and the pajama nights?”

“Still every damn Friday night, don’t worry. How are you?”

He just shrugs and inhales deeply, trying not to fall apart in front of his best friends. The things is that he did it, he stayed calm for the rest of the day when they played video games and football, but when it was time for them to leave… He bursts out in tears just like Y/N did and tries to assure everyone that he’s alright.

“I’ll see you on Christmas, guys” he smiles and rubs his eyes, almost reaching to hug them. “And tell her i didn’t cry, alright? I don’ wan’ her to think that i’m a cry-baby. Tell her that i’m happy and preoccupied with exams, this has to do work. You’re going to do it, right?”

All of them nod, but all of them know this isn’t going to happen. She needs to know how he really is and no exams shit is going to make it alright for her. She’s going to take every drop of informations and this is the thing he loves about her the most. No matter how hard he pretends to be okay, she’s going to call him on Skype tomorrow morning and to tell him that she loves him. Just so he can know she’s a half a heart without him too.

Million Times - Niall Horan imagine

Requested by anjalovestheworld

Request: Niall 28

I wipe away my tears with the sleeve of my sweater, currently I am sitting in my bed watching videos on my Tumblr home page. The video plays again and a new stream of tears fall down my cheeks, in my fits of crying I hear the door of my bedroom open and in walks my boyfriend Niall. I shut my laptop and sniff loudly wiping the tears from my face.

“Petal what’s wrong?” Niall asks worriedly coming to the side of my bed and pulling me into a side hug, he rubs my arm and cradles my head in the crook of his neck. I burst out laughing. Niall pulls away from his hold on me and looks at me confused.

“What t’ hell just happened?” Niall confused at my sudden change of emotion. I continue laughing until my ribs start hurt and Niall just watches me like I’m a crazy person which causes me to laugh even harder. Niall reaches in front of me and opens my laptop while I continue to cry laugh, before I can stop him he sees the video and rolls his eyes.

“You are ridiculous!” Niall yells at me. 

“It’s. So. Funny. I. Can’t” I huff out between giggles. Niall shakes his head and falls on top of our bed laying his large frame on mine crushing me between him and our bed. “I mean look at it!” I giggle into his shoulder rubbing his back.

“Babe we’ve watched this a MILLION times!” Niall exclaims while burying his face in my neck, “It’s not funny anymore!” he continues to whine.

“Honey I know, but I don’t understand how you managed to smack yourself in the face with the basketball!” I try to reason while laughing again.

“I don’t love ya anymore.” Niall says (obviously joking) as he gets up from my embrace and walks out of our bedroom.

“Love you too pookie!” I tease while going back to watch the video for a million and one times.

BET YOU DIDN’T EXPECT THAT! Hope you liked it!!

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