1D and 5sos ships!!!

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Preference (#1) you two go shopping!

Liam ; “Babe, at least let me hold a couple bags, thats the least I can do if you won’t let me buy you anything.”

“fine! 2 bags.” as you walk through the mall, you see lots of different things that you like, and Liam tries to get them for you, but you insist that you can buy yourself cloths, but you can help but giggle as his willingness to pay for you.

Louis ; You babe, They have striped shirts over there! they have red jeans over there too!! OH MY GOD, what if they have TOMS here, this is the best store ever! Lets-“

“lou, just shut up.”

Meanmhile, you lose sight of Louis but you hear him across the store, “gurrlll, did you get dressed in the dark!”

“LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON GET OVER HERE! what do you think your doing!?”

“that girl was wearing crocs and sandals….gurlll.”

Niall ; you were walking thru your local mall, and then all hell brakes loose when Niall sees the food court, “hey Princesssssssss”

“Niall you just at an hour ago”

“I only had a little bit, come one princess”

you couldn’t resist Nial, you guys went to the food court.

Harry ; Harry had just gotten off tour, and for not spending enough time with you, he said that you could pick out a couple things for yourself at the local mall, you went into hollister and everything you picked up harry insisted getting for you, so when you weren’t even looking at anything Harry said….”Babe, whats the matter?”

“I feel guilty spending your money like its nothing. you worked hard for your money.”

“I want to spend it on you though, lets just go home, no more shopping okay?

“Okay” you said with a smile.

Zayn ; You and Zayn have been together for about a year now, and he wanted to get you your own Varsity jacket, you were walking to the store, and he told you that he had the jackets pre-made so they were ready when we got there, when he walked you into the store there were “boyfriend - girlfriend” jackets hanging down by the counter where you check out. 

“Hey, (Y/N) how do you like these? *pointing at the bf-gf jackets*” Zayn said.

“I love it! MY favorite colors and all!”

- Schae