Preference (#1) you two go shopping!

Liam ; “Babe, at least let me hold a couple bags, thats the least I can do if you won’t let me buy you anything.”

“fine! 2 bags.” as you walk through the mall, you see lots of different things that you like, and Liam tries to get them for you, but you insist that you can buy yourself cloths, but you can help but giggle as his willingness to pay for you.

Louis ; You babe, They have striped shirts over there! they have red jeans over there too!! OH MY GOD, what if they have TOMS here, this is the best store ever! Lets-“

“lou, just shut up.”

Meanmhile, you lose sight of Louis but you hear him across the store, “gurrlll, did you get dressed in the dark!”

“LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON GET OVER HERE! what do you think your doing!?”

“that girl was wearing crocs and sandals….gurlll.”

Niall ; you were walking thru your local mall, and then all hell brakes loose when Niall sees the food court, “hey Princesssssssss”

“Niall you just at an hour ago”

“I only had a little bit, come one princess”

you couldn’t resist Nial, you guys went to the food court.

Harry ; Harry had just gotten off tour, and for not spending enough time with you, he said that you could pick out a couple things for yourself at the local mall, you went into hollister and everything you picked up harry insisted getting for you, so when you weren’t even looking at anything Harry said….”Babe, whats the matter?”

“I feel guilty spending your money like its nothing. you worked hard for your money.”

“I want to spend it on you though, lets just go home, no more shopping okay?

“Okay” you said with a smile.

Zayn ; You and Zayn have been together for about a year now, and he wanted to get you your own Varsity jacket, you were walking to the store, and he told you that he had the jackets pre-made so they were ready when we got there, when he walked you into the store there were “boyfriend - girlfriend” jackets hanging down by the counter where you check out. 

“Hey, (Y/N) how do you like these? *pointing at the bf-gf jackets*” Zayn said.

“I love it! MY favorite colors and all!”

- Schae

Hii! could you please do me?? I have a bubbly type personality, I really like Ariana Grande, I have a slight obsession over pineapples, chocolate chip cookies and cotton candy! I have brown eyes, long brown hair, tanned skin & I like wearing bows in my hair. If you  end up shipping me, thank you so much! If not, you’re still awesome. xx

Heyyy ma friend. You didn’t really gave me your name haha but you’re adorable!! Besides you sound so much like Ariana Grande and your physical description fitted hers, so im going to pretend you’re Ariana LOL

Your boyfriend: 

Your best friend: 

Has a (not so secret) crush on you: 

imagine: The first  time you met the boys was at a signing at your home town and you were very excited, just as much as the 600 other girls at the signing. Your expectations were really low, you were 1 in 600 so you waited on the line for your turn, all you wanted was a signed poster to be satisfied. From afar you could see their faces, they weren’t making much eye contact with the girls, after all they had been sitting there for 3 hours straight. Your heart starts beating faster and harder as you got closer to them, what you didn’t know was that Zayn Malik was already glancing at you from the table “Who are you looking at?” Harry asked Zayn, he pointed at you “wow” Harry replied “Do you think she knows we’re staring?”  “Are you kidding? with that face she must be used to it” Zayn replied “DIBS on her phone number” Harry shouted “no way I saw her first” Zayn protested. They both wanted your phone number so they made a pact, whoever made you smile first got to have your number. When it was your turn both eyes were on you and you didn’t know where to look “Hi im Harry” Harry said cheekily, you blushed, “I like your smile” Zayn said and well you smiled ;) And so he won, and in a way so did you.

His face when he first saw you: 

First date: 

first time (dot, dot, dot) :

how you kiss: 

how you cuddle: 

Your first Instagram couple pic:

@zaynmalikofficial: Showing (Y/N) the world we share together

The boys thoughts on you: 

Harry: Zayn is a cheater, I would’ve won If he hadn’t cheated. (Y/N) is just, she’s just breathtaking 

Niall: She’s cool. We bake chocolate chips cookies once in a while, well …she does all the cooking I do the eating 

Liam: We all love her, she’s just amazing 

Louis: Zayn is head over heels for this girl, I can see why, she’s just great 

Zayn: She doesn’t deserve me, I don’t think anyone does, (Y/N) is perfect 

#11 how you sleep together

zayn: he is very protective, even when you are sleeping, he wants to hold you in his arms forever.

harry: he likes spooning you, he puts his head in your hair and sometimes in the middle of the night he whispers your name.


Niall: he holds you in his strong arms, he will never let you go, not even sleeping.

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louis:he interwines his arms in yours, he loves feeling your soft skin.

External image

liam: you hug him like a big teddy bear, he is so soft and comfy, when you are sleeping he kisses your head.

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Ships!:D (5SOS and 1D)

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