1D and 5sos ships!!!

Hiiii guys, I’m really close to my next hundred, so I thought why not do some ships!


Rules(I know nobody likes rules, but we have to have them)

Mbf me (Because of goals)

Reblog this (To spread the word)

Send me a question, fmk, wyr or ship me! (whatever floats your boat) (hahaha)

Have a face/about me page or describe yourself

Now for the fun part, what you get!


Best friend:

Party buddy:

Partner in crime: 

Secret admirer:

 Song on shuffle:

Fake tweet (You can tell me what you want it to say and I will use who I ship you with as the person.)

If you choose 5sos as the ship, I will add a 1d member in the ship.

Okay, start reblogging……..NOW!!!!

No notes and I will(I’m not going to say cry) see the Fault In Our Stars again (I didn’t say it!)