(Thank you to our model fallingfor-foolsgold​)

Let’s help the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard reach 10,000 Switchboard Selfies by June 25th. June 25th is the date for their Gala event.

To enter, all you need to do is take a selfie pretending to talk on the phone like the one pictured above. Tweet it using the following mentions: 

1) #switchboardselfie 

2) @switchboardlgbt 

3) @1dfansgiveharry

Just for helping,you will be entered to win an “I study rainbows” festival bracelet. ALSO one item of choice from the 1dquoted etsy shop (Examples shown below)

Please note that this giveaway is sponsored by 1D Fans Give Harry to help the LLGS. Please direct any and all questions to us. 

All the love .xx

Team Harry

i’ll say i’m fucking claustrophobic and that i’m fucking scared of crowds and you all have to find me really fucking endearing. oh, did i just fucking swear? yeah, i can say whatever the fuck i damn well please, but i’m still fucking adorable, aren’t i? yeah, try being this fucking cute while cussing, liam. eat your wanker heart out, payne, cos you fucking can’t.
—  niall “i’m fucking adorable” horan