1dismylight, hstylesworld, nandoswithniall, 1dmcfly: Thank you so, so much! I’m sorry if I only saw this now. I was just watching the Titanic and I couldn’t stop crying, until I saw these! But tears still kicked in lol…tears of joy :’)

hogwartswithonedirection: I didn’t pay for it lol. I got it off someone else :S

belieber-1directioner: Umm sure. >> GUYS CHECK OUT THIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL

onedirectionandbiiebeerr: Thank you! Wait, do you actually want it or is is just a compliment lol :L

messaroundyou asked:

If only you saw what I can seeYou'll understand why I want you so desperatelyRight now I'm looking at you and I can't believeYou don't know you're beautiful!YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!-Send to as many people as you can to tell them their beautiful too <3

awwww this is the cutest! thank you so much! <3