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Daddy’s little kitten (Part 2)

Part one

It had been a week since i had last seen Harry. A few texts had been shared, but that was about it. He claimed it was due to his heavy schedule, you know, monotonous business meetings, paperwork, figures, boring stuff really.

So when he caught my eye in Starbucks holding a beautiful brunettes hand i started to realise.

He wasn’t really busy with paperwork was he. No. He was busy with her. Sitting down with y/b/f/n i tried my best to ignore him. “Shit y/n, Harry Styles is over there” she gushed. “Oh” was all i could manage to say. “Babe, he’s so gorgeous. I mean look at him” Sighing i turned and quickly glanced over before looking away. “Meh, he’s alright” “I heard he uses girls a lot. Probably got a few on the go. Suppose he can get away with it though right? I wouldn’t say no” “Yeah probably” “You seem upset to today. Whats up hun?” she asked. “Oh nothing, i’m just tired that’s all” I’m just really fucking aggy because i’m being played by Harry styles more like.

“He’s on the move babe. The girl is going with him too.” “Well i’m off the to ladies then, do excuse me” I couldn’t bare to have him saunter past me with his new girl. She was beautiful. Turning around thinking i could beat harry i began to do a quick paced walk, crashing straight into someone. “Are you alright love?” The familiar husky voice spoke. Shit. “Yeah i’m fine” i looked at him. His apologetic look soon changed into shock and horror. “Can we get going now babe? My feet are killing in these heels.” Still no response from Harry. “Babe!” she nudged him. “Erm, yes, sorry Scarlett” he said as he was dragged away. Nice one.

I proceeded to head into the toilets, in order to talk some sense into myself. Looking into the mirror i saw a brokenhearted girl, who felt insecure and broken. He was just using me for sex all along. I’m nothing like that Scarlet. Look at the state of me. I dont have perfectly manicured nails. long blonde luscious locks, a £15,000 Hermes bag or a set of louboutins on my feet. I’m not on Harry’s level. He knows it and so does everyone else. Even y/b/f/n.


Sitting back down at the table y\b\f\n knew that something was up. Of course she would, we’ve been friends since nursery. “Come on y/n, spill… whats going on in that head of yours” I sighed. “Look i need some advice.” “I’ll give you the best” she smiled. “I’m seeing this guy. But its secret. Were just on a friends with benefits kind of scheme. You know, the usual no strings attached? But he keeps ignoring me and going out with other girls. But i dont know what to do, i have no right to be bothered? He will just get mad if i say anything. And i like him, i dont want to loose him!” She stared at me intently. “Listen honey. You need to lay your cards on the table! You deserve more than that! He’s just using you for sex, and your happily going along with it. You’re 19 babe, you could be doing so much better! And i dont care who he is, he cant be that worth it. Just put him in his place. Its make or break time, he either wants you or he doesn’t! I’ll be here for you, dont worry” she smiled. “I think you’re right y/b/f/n. I’m just being stupid.”


When i got home i noticed i had 10 missed calls off harry and a voicemail. Listening to the message, i heard his panicked voice through the phone. “Y/n… baby. Please just answer me.. i can explain.. its not what it looked like, shes  nothing, please baby just speak to me, i need to hear your voice.” The phone then rang again. Harry the reader read. “What” i bluntly answered. “Finally, you’ve answered… Loook i can explain” “Listen Harry, i really couldn’t give a fuck who or what she is. This little deal is ending from now. I’m not doing it anymore.” I spat through the phone. “What, why?” He sounded confused. “I’m sick of being your little doll. One minute you want me, then you dont. You dont have time for me because your balls deep in paperwork but you can sit holding hands with her in fucking Starbucks! You seriously need to sort your priorities out.” “We were sealing a business deal!” “You said that fucking last time remember. That excuse is getting old now!” I shouted. “You dont understand” he sighed. “I dont wish to fucking understand that fucked up head of yours. Me and you. This agreement is over.” i fell silent to let it sink in. “No its fucking not” he growled. “I’m the one in control here remember. I’m the one who makes you scream out in pleasure, who sends you over the edge, who fucks that little pussy of yours. You’re mine.” “Not anymore Harry” i whispered. “I’m coming over” he spoke. “This isn’t over… We’re not over”


Okay, so this isn’t very long or interesting but its just a way for me to create a storyline. Hope you all like it.. please hit the like button if your reading and would like me to carry it on as a series. Its appreciated!!!

Kirstie x

1.Zayn leaving the band

He called you the night before everything happened, you were watching a movie with your little sister
“Hey babe, what’s up?” You felt something was wrong, the way he was breathing told you he wasn’t okay. You got up and went to the kitchen” Harry, what is wrong, please…”
“Zayn is leaving the band and…” He sobbed “I don’t know if the fans…I don’t know…I…(Y/N)…I need you here with me, please, just for two days…” Your heart broke and the next thing you did was buying the ticket.

You two were in the swimming pool when he got a call.
“Hello?…Hey man how are you doing, we really miss you…Oh…yeah…Mate I understand your decision, yeah…” You saw his eyes turning red and his nose scrunching. You moved next to him and hold him tight, he dropped the phone but you caught it ” Zayn, what’s happening ?” Liam was crying now in your shoulder “(Y/N) I’m leaving the band, please give him love, and take care of my brother” “Oh love I will, talk to you soon, take care” You looked at Liam and felt the pain, it was going to be a hell time for everyone.

You were recently dating, maybe for a month or two, but you had so much affection for each other that it looked more like a couple in love. You were in the first concert after Zayn’s way out of the band. Louis was having a good time but you could see the sadness in his eyes, there was a time when he disappeared for a few minutes and when he came back  Liam gave him a hug and Lottie came to you ” He was crying (Y/N), I don’t think I have ever seen him so sad” You gave her a big hug while stroking her blond hair ” Don’t worry sweetheart, he is going to be okay” You looked up to the stage and saw Louis mouthing to you ‘Is she okey’ , ‘She’s fine’ He nodded and blew you a kiss. He was going to be okay and you knew it.

“So yeah, I want to leave the band cause (Y/N) you know how bad I am and how…I know it is really fucked up but I need you to tell the boys, tell them I love them so much, and that I will call them later” “I will, love you always Zayn” ” I love you too, call you later” Then he hanged up and I turned around. You were their secretary and you had a secret relationship with your little Niall. You turned around and saw him in there “Hello my love” “Hey…We need to talk” Niall kissed your check “Okey, let’s talk” “I need all the boys”
After telling them you hugged all of them and went to your hotel room. Someone nocked in the door and opened the door. “Niall are you…?” You cuddled him close to you” I don’t want this to happen, please tell me its a fuckin’ joke” ” I can’t , I’m sorry love, I’m sorry”

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