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Just a compilation of Harry being exceptionally beautiful

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I honestly don’t even know how it’s physically possible to do Liam’s dance moves

What even is THIS:


Are you walking? Are you jumping? WHAT ARE YOU?

Couldn’t do it watching how people danced in the 80s, can’t do it watching how Liam does it. HOW? 

Is Liam Leroy? Or is Leroy Liam?

Who. Knows.

But I bet you if they only knew

Harry Styles - 1273 words - SMUT

I yawned as I stretched my arms over my head, my bare feet padding along the last flight of stairs before my sole was met with the cold tile floor. I could hear the boys somewhere around the house, for once grateful that they weren’t in my face the second I opened my eyes. They were on a small break to get some vocal rest and mainly because they had been going at it for so long without a proper break, they decided now was as good as ever to go on a holiday in The Maldives, enjoying sun, water and beach with their best mates and their girlfriends. Seeing as how they all thought Harry was single, they’d ask me to join them since we grew so close over the last few months. If only they knew what we’d been doing in hotel rooms while they were asleep..

I pull my long sweater back over my shoulder, pulling at my sides to it would cover most of it that it would have to cover. I quietly make my way into the kitchen that at least there wasn’t the source of the banter.
I walk around the kitchen isle, grabbing an empty cup and already pouring some boiling water in it, apparently someone had made tea recently and I silently thank Harry for being such a lovely person.

My upper body is resting on the kitchen isle as I try to reach for the pot that holds the teabags when I feel his warm presence behind me, his arms snaking around my waist as his lips meet the nape of my neck briefly.
“Good morning.” He huskily whispers, and I can feel the chill run along my spine, gooseflesh appearing almost on sight.

He reaches his hand out, dropping a teabag into my cup of hot water, the other arm never leaving my waist. His black tattoos scattered along his arm in harsh contrast with his tanned skin from his recent tour in America.
“Where are the others?” I mutter out, my hands around my hot cup, trying to keep warm as Harry presses himself further into me.
“I don’t care.” He mutters back, one of his hands slipping lower so they could slip underneath my sweater and roam my naked stomach.
“You shouldn’t walk around in just this, the boys might get ideas.” I breathe out as his fingertips ghost over my clothed area, the soft touch sending tingles throughout my whole body.

“Well they don’t know so..” I smirk, closing my eyes as his hand cups my core, his other resting underneath my sweater, between my breasts. I let my head fall back, onto Harry’s shoulder as his teeth nibble at my neck.
“Honey, I’ll make you scream so loud they know within a second who you belong to.” Harry growls into my ear, his hand slipping in my knickers as I grind my bum into his already half hard cock, earning a breathy groan to leave his lips.

“H., they could walk in..” I trail off, distracted by his hand kneading both my breast as my center, my hips uncontrollably against his pelvis. I can feel his cock straining against his sweatpants and I whine, pressing my bum firmly against it.
“I could stop if you’d like..” Harry breathes out as his hands leave my body and I whimper at the loss of contact. I’m seeing black dots and all I can think about is his cock in the kitchen, with everyone awake and really active.

“Please..” I whimper out, my nails digging into his tan forearm, my nails digging into the mermaid that he’d gotten almost a year ago I think before I pull him closer towards me. I’m practically a moaning mess laying half on top of the kitchen table, Harry’s hands resting on my hips.
“Okay, but we’ll have to be quick.” Harry mutters as he pushes my knickers to the side and immediately inserts one of his long, slender fingers inside me, make me gasp out loudly, a hand immediately flying in front of my mouth to muffle my moaning.

“Love, you’ll have to be quiet or we’ll get caught, or is that what you want..” Harry smirks against my ear shell before his teeth sink into the lobe, my hips circling against his, almost begging him to begin. My nails are digging into the marble, my cup of tea long forgotten.
I can feel him fumbling with his sweatpants and I gasp when I feel his head poke at my entrance, but instead of giving him permission to tease me, I grind my hips back and Harry groans loudly as he slips fully inside me, making me sigh out in content.

“Impatient, yeah?” Harry chuckles and I breathily laugh along, lacing my fingers with his, which were resting on the counter next to my body.
“H., come on. I haven’t got all day..” I whine out and I don’t have to tell him twice as he pounds into me with sharp, quick but rough thrusts, eager to get his release quick so we don’t get caught.

His head disappears into my rowdy mess of hair, his teeth sinking into the part where my neck meets my shoulder and I bite my lip to refrain me from moaning. Harry was always someone to bite, graze his teeth or nibble while we were getting busy and it was such a freaking turn on.
“I can’t last very long though..” Harry breathes out and I squeeze his hand to let him know it’s okay. He wriggles one of his hands free to circle my sensitive nerves again and I am a panting mess beneath him, doing my best not to scream his name throughout the spacious kitchen.

“Harry…” I whisper, my nails digging into his tan flesh as I pant to my orgasm, a silent moan leaving my lips as I lay numb underneath him, trying to maintain upright so he can finish.
“Oh fuck,” He breathes into my neck and I can feel him sputter before he stills, “fucking hell.”
As he retreats he kisses my cheek briefly with that cheeky smile of his, dimples on full show and I roll my eyes, smile on my lips as I turn around. I can feel his wetness pool in my knickers and I know I should go clean up soon, but seeing Harry so alive, happy and active in front of me is a sight I would kill to see twenty four hours a day.

“Thank you for that wake up call.” I chuckle and pull him closer by his waistband of his sweatpants, my hands resting on his sweat covered naked torso as I let my nails lightly scratch the surface of his swallow tattoo before resuming my way to the butterfly on his stomach. Harry lets his lips meet mine for a brief moment, as a proper good morning and his hands squeeze my bum.
“My pleasure, I don’t mind it at all.” He chuckles as I slap his chest.

When we hear footsteps padding along the tile, indicating they were on their way to the kitchen, Harry’s lips met mine once more before he stepped away and set his bum on the counter as I regained my now cold cup of tea, both of us staring at Niall as he casually walks into the room.
“Wow babe, you look like a mess.” I roll my eyes as I flick my middle finger his way, but winking at Harry as I brush past him, and up the stairs to get rid of my Harry soaked underwear.


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Pt.2 ;)

“Harry” you pant, you look at him through your lashes and silently beg with your eyes.

“It’s daddy now!” His raspy voice booms, his eyes are filled with lust and desire, for you.

“I’m sorry daddy, I’ve been a bad girl, are you going to punish me?” You ask scared, yet at the same time you’re curious and you want to tempt daddy even more.

“Yes baby girl, I’m going to punish you fūcking you so hard, you won’t be able to walk.” He smirks, his fingers go up to his lips and play with them, he circles your body on the bed and spanks you.

You arch your back and a moan escapes your throat “Oh daddy, do that again I fūcking love it so much.” And it was the truth you loved it when your daddy left imprints of his big hands on your ass.

“Yeah? You like it when I spank you? Want it again? Want daddy to spank you, baby girl?” He starts removing his articles of clothing as well.

“Beg for it.” You knew he wasn’t going to spank you unless you begged, so you did.

“Please daddy, please fucking spank me, I fucking love it please!” You begged because you longed for a release that you soon got.

His rough hands very skillfully grabbed your ass, he spanked you five times and each time he made you count.

“One.” followed by a moan.

“Oh yes daddy! Two, more please!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, daddy!”

He stopped after the third one, leaving you dazed and very horny.

“Daddy, why did you stop?” You whined.

“Baby girl, the deal was that you’d count, you forgot three.” His sinful lips pulled into a smirk and his rough hands latched onto your waist and pulled your ass against his hardened cock.

“This is what you do to me, baby girl. Now I need you to make me cum, can you do that baby? Can you make daddy cum all over your breasts? Make daddy proud, daddy knows that you can do it.” He smirks when he sees how willingly you get to work.

Soo.. Harry is feeling extra horny today ;)

Part 1.



He’s so sweet and sexy at the same time JUST HOW?! 

But I bet you if they only knew pt. 2

Harry Styles - 1543 words (Requested by anon)
This is part 2 of ‘But I bet you if they only knew’, part 1 can be found here!

“It’s awfully quiet. Where is everybody?” I question as I step onto the porch, towel drying my wet hair as I simple stare at Harry lounging around in one of the scattered lounge chairs. That man is too gorgeous for words. His chest slowly raises and falls as he enjoyed the warm breeze flowing over his damp skin, his hand raising to lift his sunglasses off of his nose. 

“Liam and Lou are on a couples surfing date with the girls, Niall is out exploring. Told them you wanted some quiet time.” Harry smiles and drops his sunglasses back on their original place, his hand resuming its position behind his head. “So no plans?” I ask again, verifying what I had been secretly hoping for. A nod from Harry is enough to make the grin on my face even wider as I drop the towel to the ground. 

“Fuck yes.” I breathe out as I tug my shirt off of my body, leaving me in my bikini as I walk towards Harry’s resting frame. If the rest of the lads were gone for the remainder of the day, I could go for a nice, relaxing swim without getting drowned by Niall or Liam this time and maybe afterwards enjoy some real alone time with Harry. 

I let my fingers trail over Harry’s toned chest as he bites his bottom lip, his tongue darting out to wet his red, kissable lips. “Come ‘ere.” Harry pulls my arm and I fall on top of him, giggling as we almost tumble out of the lounge chair. 

“Why hello.” Harry greets me and I smile exaggeratedly, teeth on full show before pressing my lips to his. My teeth graze over his bottom lip before I lightly pull it, feeling Harry’s hands roam over my back. His large palms find their way towards my bum and gives both cheeks a rough squeeze, a moan drawn from my mouth but caught by his lips on mine.

“Maybe we should go for round two.” Harry mumbles as my lips make their way to his jaw, teeth nibbling and lips kissing along the way. 
“You are a horny little shit, you.” I groan against his hot flesh, immediately silenced as he squeezes my bum once again, another moan leaving my lips. 
“Oh and you aren’t huh?” Harry smirks as I use him as leverage to hold me up, rolling my eyes before pushing my hips into his pelvis. 

“I can’t help myself, you’re naked half the time..” Harry laughs loudly as the words leave my lips like a whine. “Come on y/n, live a little.” Harry tries to persuade me, his fingers already fumbling with the strap of my top. 
“We’re in plain sight H., not here.” I gasp as I push my core against his growing bulge, Harry squeezing my hips at the contact. 

He starts guiding my hips so our clothed centers brush against each other, small pants already leaving my lips. 
“We’ve rented this cabin because it was so secluded. No one can hear you scream out my name for miles, sadly.” My eyes fly open at his statement and he chuckles amusingly, licking his lips in hunger. 

“Cheeky bastard.” I mutter before letting our upper bodies come into contact again, my lips passionately meeting his as my fingers make their way into his brown messy locks to pull and grab something to hold onto. In no time, my top is discarded somewhere on the wooden floor, Harry’s hand kneading my breast as his other pushes my core closer to his throbbing cock. 

“I can’t get enough of you.” Harry states as he pulls away from the kiss to roughly bite my neck before licking the sore spot swiftly to ease the pain. I moan out incoherently, fingertips digging into his shoulder blades as I keep my eyes squeezed shut. 

“Thank god, 'cause I can’t either.” I mumble out which draws a chuckle from Harry’s lips again, my hands roaming from his hair over his chest, nails digging slightly into the soft flesh before stopping near his white swimming trunks.
The little bow he’d made swiftly becoming undone by my fingers as I already tug the trunks down as far as I can manage in this position. 

“Eager, are we?” Harry smirks and if I had more self-control I would just get up and leave him here to deal with his own mess, but at this moment I think I want and need this even more than he does. “Oh shut up.” I groan as I push my hand in his face, leaning on one knee for a moment to chug them down towards his ankles, leaving him bare in front of me. 

Harry’s fingers trail over the skin near my hips, fingers hooking into the waistband of my bikini bottom as he gently tugs them down until he’s met with my knees and I assist him the rest of the way. Just the skin on skin contact of our centers makes me want to moan out but I refrain myself and rock back and forth one time, seeing Harry’s reaction to be one of bliss. 

“Stop teasing and get to work.” Harry groans as he lifts his lips and positions himself under me, a chuckle leaving my lips at his impatience right now. I’m glad everything feels so easy withy Harry, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do this. 
I gasp and throw my head back as I feel him enter me for the second time today, a strangled moan leaving my lips as I dig my nails into Harry’s abs. I don’t waste any time as I start to rock my hips back and forth, bouncing myself on Harry’s body as he discards his sunglasses so we could maintain some eye contact. 

“This view I love the most.” Harry breathes out as he pinches my hips before starting to guide my body into a faster, smoother pace, his hips coming up to meet mine. Within a few minutes of his relentless pace I am a moaning mess, my hands switching from clawing at his abs to digging them into his thighs as he pushes me back a bit to penetrate me ever deeper. 

“Harry I- oh yes.” I groan and fall forward, my sweat covered upper body sticking to his as his arms envelope around me and he remains the speed, adding a rough thrust between the smooth fast ones, spiraling me towards my orgasm. My lips kiss, my teeth graze and my tongue laps over the skin on his neck, jaw and near his ear as I hear him grunt and groan just a little bit louder every time, sending me even further into bliss. 

I doesn’t take long for me to come undone, sighing and whimpering into Harry’s ear as he relentlessly keeps up his rigid speed towards his own orgasm. I kiss below his jaw which I know sends goosebumps over his skin, gently tugging on his earlobe before he grunts one final time and stills as well. “Well fuck.” Harry breathily chuckles out and I lift my body, already regained a bit of my strength back to send him a questioning look. 

“The things you do to me woman.” He pulls me down again for a small kiss but I push myself upright again, his member slowly sliding out as I feel his warmth between my legs. 
“Where are you going?” Harry grasps my wrist as I stand to my feet and bend down to retrieve my bikini bottom, stopping mid bend to turn towards him. “What does it look like? Getting dressed H.”

“Come lay down for a second, we have all the time in the world.” He pulls my wrist and I almost fall on top of him, just in time catching my fall with my hands on either side of his waist, dangling above his heaving frame. “I can’t be naked in the open, I still don’t know how you can and how paparazzi still haven’t photographed that dick of yours.” I grin as Harry laughs heartily, pushing my hip swiftly so I fall down next to him with my leg and arm laying over him. 

“I am one very lucky man, ’s all. And here, if it bothers you that much.” Harry grabs the towel I had dropped previously, draping it over my side so my bum and my breasts were semi covered. 
“You are very, very lucky Styles, and you should know it. Are we going for a swim later?” Harry nods his head and turns, giving me his million dollar smile before pressing his lips to mine rather harshly, his smile evident in the kiss. 

I let my hand rest on his jaw as I kiss him back with equal force, repositioning my body so I’m laying half on top of him as I let my tongue swipe over his bottom lip to deepen the kiss. 

“The fuck is goin’ on 'ere?” A very familiar Irish voice cuts through the sound of our labored breathing from before and I shoot upright to cover my breasts as Harry lifts himself to cover me. The word leaves both Harry’s as my lips at the same time: “Shit.”.


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