I need some help/advice! Really badly!!!
  • K so my friend was having a bad day and I didn't know. I'm a joking around type of person so I was in a good mood and she came out side with sunglasses on. I walked up to her said hey hugged her she didn't hug back. We talked then I stole her glasses and ran away in a joking way. I had them for a minute or two when she sends my other friend to get me, she nearly attacks me and I give the glasses back.
  • When I walk over to talk to them she pushes me, literally shoves me away and calls me a bitch, saying she had a bad day and then she took it out on me.
  • So when I got home I wrote her a very long apology over fb messaging and she's like I don't care if your "sorry" it doesn't change anything.
  • Like wtf I am feeling incredibly guilty and really care about her and continue to try to apologize but he blows me off. So I try and ask what got her so mad, then she says an I quote: it doesn't matter I already told it to a true friend...
  • Like what the fuck. I took ur fucking glasses as a joke. I didn't know u were having a bad day dont get physical with me and take it out on me. I don't give a shit who made u made, pick the fight with them not me!
  • Anyways now she won't talk to me so any advice on how to get her back would be highly aprciated!