• Entrevistador:É legal que o Harry tenha te apresentado a sua namorada, Eleanor. O que te fez se apaixonar por ela?
  • Louis:Tirando o fato de ela ser linda, ela tem tudo o que eu estava procurando. Ela é engraçada, barulhenta e confiante.
  • Entrevistador:Você já desejou estar solteiro para poder sair e conhecer várias garotas como os outros garotos?
  • Louis:Eu não sou o tipo de cara que gosta de estar solteiro. Eu estou mais feliz com o jeito que as coisas estão com Eleanor. Eu disse que a amava depois de cinco meses, eu não apenas acordei um dia e percebi que estava apaixonado - as coisas foram acontecendo em meu coração.
Niall Horan's Interview.
  • Interviewer:Why do you think your fan base is so dedicated?
  • Niall:I think our fans are a bit like us — they’re very fun, like to have a laugh, like to party.
  • Interviewer:Do you have a favourite line from the album? Favorite line that you sing?
  • Niall:“Cause your friends, they look good, but you look better.” from the song Stole my Heart.
  • Interviewer:I saw an interview where you and the band interpreted the lyrics to your lead single “What Makes You Beautiful” as “You’re hot, and you don’t know it.” Tell me one person in real life who that could apply to.
  • Niall:Ummm… there’s no one like that in my life at the moment, but you see a lot of celebrities like that. You know Demi Lovato? She’s hot and she don’t know it.
  • Zayn:"I have a few actually; I’m scared of a few things. I’m scared of heights. I don’t it like when Louis messes about on the stairs, I hate it. I’m scared of rides. I’m also scared of water I can’t swim."
  • Louis:“He’s scared of the dark as well, he can’t handle not having the light on.”
  • Zayn:"I’m not scared of the dark, that’s a lie."
  • Louis:"He’s genuinely scared of the dark."
  • Zayn:"OK, I’m scared of the dark, Louis."
  • Louis:"He’s got a night-light, hasn’t he?"
  • Liam:"I suppose I have a fear of heights, but I kind of enjoy it at the same time. I’d love to go sky diving, so maybe I don’t."
  • Louis:"I think if you’d go sky diving you probably don’t have a fear of heights."
  • Harry:"I don’t like to have it in my mind but if it came down to it I’m probably scared of snakes. I just have a feeling that if a snake was in front of me I wouldn’t be a fan."
  • Louis:"I’m scared of birds and pigeons. I can’t stand them. And one once flew into my bathroom window. I went in to have a wee, minding my own business and 'WHOA... there’s a bird in my bathroom!"
  • Niall:"I’m claustrophobic so scared of tight spaces, I absolutely hate it. And I’m the same as Louis, I hate birds, especially indoors. Birds indoors is the most horrible thing ever."
  • So this bird thing is all a bit strange isn't it? Was Kevin the pigeon once a real, living bird? Did Louis and Niall slaughter him during blind rage and fear? Was Kevin the bird that flew into Louis' bathroom - did he peck his willy?

I just love it! I just LOVE it!!
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