It was really good :) so what are you comfortable with writing ? Like what you like writing & what you don’t? I personally love writing smut ^.^ I don’t really like writing boyxboy stuff though bc idk personally Its harder for me to write though I read it sometimes lol but I don’t normally care how dirty an request is as long as there is no incest or weird crap ya know I don’t roll that way ^.^ but I love smut & will write any sexual scenario :) so ya just a little about me & my writing bc I love your writing & am thinking of letting you co own

Well, I don’t really like writing boyxboy, but it doesn’t matter to me. I like writing smut, so no matter how kinky the request, I’m still probably gonna do it. I’m the same about incest, that shit is NASTY.
I’ll write boyxboy, it’s just kinda hard, and if I can’t do it, I’ll probably link a story or copy and paste and credit the writer.