So you guys probably know already but that 1DGossip twitter page has apparently discovered something that proves Larry is real and they are reacting to it like they have discovered the answer to life.

I don’t know really how much attention we should be paying to them until I find out what it actually is that they have found out but I will be screen-shoting and posting about it regardless of whether it is mind blowing or bullshit, so stay tuned for that.

Liam Payne speaks first about recently leaked video

Recently, a video was leaked of One Direction members Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik smoking a joint. 

Liam wrote on twitter, “I love my boys and maybe things have gone a little sideways I apologise for that. We are only in our 20’s we all do stupid things at this age. We all have a lot of growing up to do in an extreme circumstance I’m not making excuse but it’s fact we are gunna fall short somewhere. Hopefully we stand the test of time an get it right in the end I don’t take this for granted and I’m extremely grateful to be here doing this. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us through this just know that we love you guys for it and it means the world.”

Harry Styles Once Passed Out in Dog Bed at Party

From PerezHilton:

Saturdays singer Rochelle Wiseman once held a house-party with the home she shares with hubby Marvin Humes, and she says Harry Styles actually passed out in her dog basket that night!

She recalls the evening like this:

“I remember one time Harry fell asleep in my dog’s bed! The boys were all at our house having a party and having a great time. Marvin BlackBerried me a photo and there was a body asleep in Tiger’s bed. It was Harry! In there on his own, having a nap in the dog’s bed, all curled up.”