“C’mon Jen, lets go get ready” She said as she grabbed Jennifer’s hand and swiftly ran up the stairs. I stared in awe as i watched her light brown, luscious waves sway from side to side as she carried her self up to her bedroom. She was wearing nothing more than a pair or worn out trackies and my blue Jack Wills hoodie, yet she still looked amazing.

“Haz, stop staring you look like a freak” said louis, breaking me from my slight trance.

Looking down i started to shuffle from one foot to another as i stood there awkwardly and all the boys stared at me with slight smiles on their faces.

“I’m going to get ready” I said breaking the silence, but i knew this wouldnt be the last of it.


After me and the boys had finally finished getting ready, we were finally ready to hit the club, but the girls were still taking their time so we decided to wait in the car for them.

The sounds of laughter and chatter boomed through the car but it was all but a faint sound to me. I was in my own world, and i just couldn’t stop thinking about her.




The boys all shouted in unison, snapping me out of my muse.

“Yeah?” I asked blankly.

“I bet you any money, he was thinking about her” Said Zayn, making my cheeks go a bright crimson as the boys started to laugh at my embarrassment, but i couldn’t help but smile too, She knew how to get my heart racing 20x normal pace with the just the sound of her name. She was the best thing in my life, my best friend and the love of my life.

The boys continued to mock me, making kissing noises and mimicking the endless times of how i told her how much i loved her, but i couldn’t care less. I was secretly loving the attention. The fact that the boys were completely comfortable with the thought of us being together, made me feel like the luckiest guy on the world, but of course, we can’t always have what we want. But that was the last thing on my mind right now, she was.

“But seriously haz, you need to tell her” Said Louis, quickly changing the mood. I knew he was right. I wanted to tell her, i needed her to know, she deserved to know, but i just never could bring myself into admitting it to her, the fear of rejection or losing her always stopped me in my tracks, but that didn’t mean i couldn’t treat her like she was my world.

“Speaking of her, here she comes” Said Niall, making me turn my head to the window, my jaw dropping instantly as my eyes bulged wider than then ever had before. Out she walked, looking gorgeous as always.

The tight black, body-con dress stopped mid-thigh and hugged her curves perfectly whilst her black Jeffrey Campbell high heeled boots gave her that extra amount of height, making her look like a complete supermodel. My supermodel. 

Her and Jennifer hopped into the car and before i knew it, the car was off and we were on our way to the club. She, of course, sat next to me, like we always do.

The warm flesh of her upper thigh brushed slightly over my hand, spreading chills through my body within seconds. I couldn’t  bare having her this close without complete contact, it was torture. I pulled her carefully onto my lap, making sure my touch was gentle.

“You look absolutely beautiful Sabrina” I whispered into her ear, earning a cute giggle which was like heaven to my ears. I loved making her feel good about herself, it always made my day.

Wrapping my arms around her waist, she swung her arms around my neck and whispered into my ear a mere “Thank you” before nuzzling her neck into my chest. I couldn’t get rid of the smile of my face, she was perfect, and so was this moment.


After a good 20 minutes of being wrapped in Harry’s warm embrace and having him whisper cute things into my ear every now and then, the car finally pulled up to a curb as the driver told us we had arrived.

One by one, the boys climbed out of the vehicle and continued on into the club. Pushing past the awaiting line of course, being best friends with basically the hottest boys in the world definitely had its up sides. But of course getting through the the blinding lights and the numerous amounts of questions from the paparazzi was something i could never get accustomed to. Harry held a firm grip on my arm as he guided me through the masses of people and inside of the club. The flashing lights and music quickly getting me into the party mood.

“Sabrina, babe, I’m so sorry about that, are you ok?” Harry asked in his concerned voice. He was always looking after me, always making sure i was safe, making sure i never got hurt. That, of course was inevitable, but him trying his best made me feel so special and i loved him for that.

“I’m fine Haz” I said, looking up at him and shooting him a smile.

Louis showed us to the v.i.p booth in the corner, safe to say we had the best seats in the club. We all ordered our drinks and made small chat, until the waiter came back with a filled tray of our orders. I was still not 18 yet, but Harry said i could have a few drinks, he was an amazing friend. 

I was sipping on my 2 drink, half way through till Jennifer nudged me lightly on the arm, turning to her, i gave her a confused look. She nodded her head to the side and gave me a small grin. Following her gaze i turned to see a boy around my age, staring back at me with a smile playing on his lips. Not going to lie, he was pretty fit. His brown hair fell perfectly on his head as his piercing blue eyes bore into me. He gave his friends a quick pat on the back and a smile before he got up and started walking in my direction. Oh shit he was coming inmy direction.

“Oh god Jen, he’s coming this way what do i do?” i asked my best girl friend.

“Just relax, it will be fine” She replied, her casual words reassuring me.

He finally arrived at out table and gave me a toothy smile, he was so cute.

“Hey babe, do you think i could have this dance?” He asked

I of course obliged, keeping my cool. As i got up, walking past Jen and the boys, i couldn’t help but notice the look harry was giving him, it was almost like a death stare. That was before he tore his eyes away from him and his green orbs looked through mine, with pleading eyes, almost like he was begging me not to go. I didn’t know what was up with him but i continued to walk, as the guy laced his fingers through mine and led me through the dace floor.


I couldn’t believe my eyes, she was slipping away from me each second.

He just called her babe. I call her babe, she was my babe.

 It pained me to watch her on that dance floor, her hips swaying from side to side against his boy to the beat of the music. That should be me dancing with her. Not some random from a club.

I watched as he dipped his head and lowered his mouth to her ears, whispering something that left her in giggles and before i knew it he was leading her out of the club.

Was he serious? Was she serious? I couldn’t let this happen, i didn’t exactly know where they were going but i had a slight idea of what they were going to do. I got up from the comfy pads of the leather booth only to be stopped by a Louis.

“Leave it mate, she’ll never forgive you” He stated, serious as ever.

“Just give it a while, i’m sure she’ll be back soon” Said Niall, giving in, i sat back down and waited patiently for her to come back. But she didn’t. it had been a good ten minutes and she wasn’t back, i couldn’t take it anymore. 

I rushed out of the booth making sure none of the boys could stop me. Making my way through the back halls of the club i heard the sounds of soft moans and low grunts. It couldn’t be, she wouldn’t. Opening the back door to the entrance to the exit i was faced with something i never wanted to see. Mentally kicking myself in the face for letting curiosity and jealousy take over me. But this just pushed me over the limit. All the sadness and pity i felt for myself had cleansed out of my body, instead, filling with anger. My blood was boiling and i knew i was about to lash out, i just couldn’t believe my eyes. She was wrapped around his arms as he gave her love bites, something i always imagined doing.

“What the fuck are you doing, get off her you sleaze” I screamed as i began to pull them apart.

“Harry what the fuck” She replied.

“Who the fuck are you” He spat at me.

“I’m her best fucking friend allright, stay away from her” 

“HARRY” she shouted back.

“Who the fuck are you to tell me what to do, ill do what i want”

“No, mate. Just shut the fuck up. Come on Sabrina we’re leaving” I said, gripping her hands and pulling her back into the club.


“NO HARRY” i shouted, scrambling out of his tight grip. What the hell was wrong with him tonight?

We stood there, endlessly screaming at each other, at practically nothing. He was acting like he owned me, like i was his, but he was way out of line and was really starting to annoy me now.

“HARRY JUST FUCKING GO, I DON’T NEED YOU TO BE LOOKING AFTER ME 24/7, YOU MAY BE MY BEST FRIEND BUT YOU SURE AS HELL AREN’T MY BOYFRIEND” I screamed at him, instantly regretting it as the dull, saddened expression washed over his face.

“Ok fine, but don’t come running back to me when you do need me, because i wont be there for you. Hope you have fun trying to cure yourself when you get yourself an S.T.I you fucking slut” And with that, he was out of the clear and disappeared into the midst of the club.

It took me a while to process what he had just said, and it sure as hell stung. That was the last thing i expected to come out of his mouth. Usually buy now, if a boy had said that to me they would be be on the floor and bruised, beaten up by Harry. But this time it was different, it had come from his mouth.

I was brought back to life but the feeling of a tug on my hands, Jack was pulling me into his car. Sooner than i knew it i was lying back first in the back of his car with the brown haired boy hovering over me. Shorty after feeling his lips on my neck as he continued to kiss me. Suddenly i didn’t want this anymore, i didn’t want him.

“Jack stop” I asked, tangling my hands into his hair, but he didn’t listen.

“Jack i said stop” But this only edged him on further.

“Jack i said stop it!” I screamed.

The look on his face was less than pleased and it kind of scared me a bit.

“Are you fucking kidding me? You lead me on all this way and when we are finally getting somewhere after being stopped but you whack ass friend you wan’t to stop?” He spat at me.

“Well i’m fucking sorry, maybe if you weren’t such a sleaze like Harry said you were” And with that i got out of his car and watched him as his quickly drove off.

It was a horrible night, and to top it all off i had to go back in there in embarrassment and face all of them, and face him.

Him, who i still didn’t know were we stood but i did know one thing for sure, i was not even close to being happy with him.


2 weeks. It had been 2 whole weeks since that night. Since then the house had been filled with endless fights and profanities thrown at one another.The tension in the house was up the roof. It was the most serious fight we had ever had and to be honest, i was getting quite worried, fights between us never lasted this long, let alone even happened. But neither of us we’re backing down. 

“So, how was your day Sabrina” Asked Liam, trying to break the silence that had fell upon the dinner table, but i only continued to play with my food. I could feel his gaze on me. He was doing it on purpose, trying to push my buttons, trying to get me mad.

“It was good” I lied, giving him a small smile.

“Oh really, how many boys did you fuck today?”  I heard Harry scoff from across the table.

“Harry” Louis snapped at him.

“Excuse me” I said raising my voice as my head jolted up to look at the boy with an evident smirk on his face.

“What? You obviously don’t have a problem with fucking some random outside fucking club, then you shouldn’t have a problem with telling us how many guys you got with today, so please enlighten me with how much of a slut you’ve become”

“HARRY” The boys all shouted. I was so tired of this, tired of the screaming, i couldn’t deal with this right now. I put my fork down and sighed deep loudly.

“It’s fine guys” I said quietly, getting out of my seat as i started to walk towards the stairs before turning quickly and looking straight into his eyes. The sparkling green orbs i was ever so used to, had turned into a dark Laurel green, almost no colour inside of them.

“Just so you know Harry, we didn’t do anything more thank kiss. Once you left, so did i.” I said calmly, before caring myself up the stairs.


We all watched silently as she disappeared up the stairs struggling to hold her sniffles, a sudden wash of guilt, building at the pit of my stomach. Taking my head in my hands i groaned loudly. I knew she wasn’t lying, she was telling the truth because she never lied to me, yet here i was, lying to her from day one. I felt unbelievably bad. How could i do this to her? The one thing i promised myself i’d never do. I hurt her.

“Besides the fact that you’re a complete idiot, you need to go talk to her” Said Louis.

“I can’t, she hates me” I replied.

“So do i at the moment, but i’m still talking to you”

“Look just give her a while, she probably needs some space right now but just make sure you fix things Haz”


I slowly panted from one side of my bedroom, to the other, trying to figure out what i would say to her. What was i to say to her? Hey sorry for being a complete dick and calling you a slut multiple times? Eugh, why was this so hard, why couldn’t i just man up and face the consequences, why was i being so stubborn. It was getting quite chilly so decided to stall a little longer as i looked through my wardrobe for my favourite Jack Wills hoodie, till i remembered, she had it.


After drying my face off with my towel, i decided that i might as well just go to sleep. It was only around 9 but i wasn’t in the mood to hang out with the boys tonight, i just wanted to fall asleep and forget about Harry.

I stripped out of my sweats, leaving me in just a black lacy bra and panties to match. But i felt quite chilly so i decided to put on something a little warmer. Looking through my wardrobe i came across a blue hoodie, The Jack Wills logo hanging on the side ( x ). The familiar husky scent hitting all my senses. Even after treating me like crap i still missed him so much. I put the hoodie on, warmth quickly spreading through me, it was my favourite thing to wear. But of course there was that constant reminder of who it belonged to.

I slid into my comfy king sized bed, trying to make myself as comfortable as possible. Switching my phone off in the process, i didn’t want any disruptions. But nothing could get him out of my head, no matter how hard i tried to get rid of the numerous amount of memories i had with him i couldn’t. And neither could i take it anymore. I snuggled into my pillow as tear after tear fell onto the soft pillow beneath my head as i snuggled into my bed. Until i heard a faint knock at my door.


After a good 5 minutes of standing outside her door i finally found the courage to knock on her door. And there was no turning back now.

I heard a faint “come in” before I turned the cold metal doorknob and let myself in her room finding her scrambling in her bed while squeezing her pillow, the tears falling down her face.


I heard the doorknob switch slightly before seeing the mop of curls i knew and loved. Realising that i was still crying i shifted my head into my pillow, hoping he hadn’t seen my tears.

“Hey, i uhm, just came to get my hoodie back, you still have it”He said with a stern voice.

“What hoodie”I asked, lifting my blanket further over my body hoping that he wasn’t talking about the one i was wearing.

“Uhm my blue one, my blue Jack Wills hoodie”

Cursing under my breath i arised from under the sheets and took off the hoodie leaving me back in nothing but my underwear, quickly missing the heat and fragrance. I reached the hoodie out waiting for him to take. A sudden wash of shock and guilt washing over his face.

“Oh, It’s ok you can keep it” He sad quietly.

Looking down at my sheets i simply put the hoodie on my bed, not lifting my gaze once as i continued to cry.

“Hey, Sabrina, are you crying” He asked rushing over to my side. I simply nodded, making me cry even more. I was quickly wrapped in Harry’s warm embrace as his slung his hands over my waist, gripping me tight. Swinging my hands over his neck i buried my face onto his shoulder as the tears began to soak his white shirt.

“I miss you so much Harry, i don’t want to fight anymore” I murmured, the tears escaping faster.

“Hey, baby, it’s okay, I’m here” Harry told me, rubbing my back.

Harry’s slight actions began to soothe me as my sobs got quieter and quieter to a bare sniffle. 

“Come, lets lye down” Said Harry, before hauling me back under the sheets with him, my back facing his heated chest as he wrapped his arms around my hips, pulling me as close as possible.

We stayed like this for at least half an hour, it was nice, just being in his arms. Like the good old times. I felt safe and protected and i never wanted to leave.


After a good 30 minutes, i could feel her chest rising up and down and her breathing had turned into an ongoing pattern indicating she had fallen asleep. I leaned into her ear “I’m so sorry Sabrina” before giving her cheek a quick kiss and settling back into the comfy position, before she turned back to me, looking tired and drowsy.

“Harry” She whispered “Why did you get so angry at me” 

“Shh baby, just go back to sleep I’ll explain tomorrow” 

“No Harry, just tell me now”She pleaded.

I kept quiet; i just didn’t know how to tell her, what to tell her?

“Harry we’ve been friends for years now, I’ve had several boyfriends and several heartbreaks and you’ve always been there for me, why did it bother you so much this time”She asked once again.

I guess this was it, i was in a dilemma and i had no other choice but to tell her, i knew she wouldn’t let this one slide and needed to get it off my chest. 


I noticed his lips turn down at the edges and his eyebrows begin to furrow, what reason could he possibly of had for getting so angry? I sighed as he continued looking down, how hard was it to confide his reasons in me? We are friends, after all. 

“I guess, it’s just because I can’t stand seeing you hurt” He began in a barely audible whisper.

He looked straight into my eyes, and deep down I felt something like butterflies as his green eyes bore into my brown ones. This wasn’t happening. 

“Everyone thinks I’m this amazing ladies man, that can get any girl, but truth is, I don’t just want any girl,” I let out a small gasp, my mouth hanging slightly open. 

“Harry, what are you getting at?” I asked, my chest suddenly felt very tight. 

 Taking my hand softly in his, it felt like it belonged there. Like his hands were made to hold mine. I looked at him expectantly as he let out a sigh. 

“I don’t really know how to say this, but it’s something that I have felt for a long time, the reason I get so angry when I see you get treated badly by other guys. I love you, Sabrina”

My mouth wasn’t hanging slightly open at these words, it was gaping. Harry, in love with me? For a second I wanted to question his sanity, but then realized that now wasn’t the best time, instead I settled for telling him, or rather showing him what I felt about him. I quickly leant in and placed a soft kiss on his plump lips, hoping that action would speak more than a thousand words. His expression showed me that it worked. 

Harry’s P.O.V

Before I even had time to register what was happening, she was leaning in and placing her lips on mine, I closed my eyes and enjoyed it. It was sweet and tender, perfect for a first kiss. She moaned slightly before pulling away, her lips turned up into a gorgeous smile. I quickly mirrored her expression and pulled her in for a hug. Holding her as close as possible.

“I love you too, Harry,” she whispered.

Before drifting off in my arms, where i wanted her to be for so long.  

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harrydidit-deactivated20130105 asked:

I think the UK fans have to understand that they can't just stay in one country I mean the UK fans aren't necessarily the true fans or the first fans we all love them just as much and we would love the opportunity to see them in person. They should put themselves in our shoes.. I want One Direction to go to America because that means theres a bigger chance of them coming to AUS, they shouldn't be upset..

harrydidit-deactivated20130105 asked:

Shes not saying that if you're 4 years younger then the boys would never date you. Obviously in the future when its an appropriate age someone who was 14 when they were 18 or 19 would have a chance, but as of now, of course they wouldn't date a 14 year old! It's illegal and you guys haven't reached the maturity age that they're probably looking for. I doubt they'd even consider a 16 year old so every needs to chill their tits and stop getting angry.When Harry is 23 and your 19 I'm sure he would