hi could you do a 1D AU MEME of like louis finding out you have a boyfriend thats abusive and then he finds you in a suicide attempt ?

Requested by anon.

“ I can’t take this anymore.. I’m going to do it”

* door busts open*

“ y/n! don’t! you don’t deserve this!”

“ Louis?”

* louis comes to y/n and hugs her tight*

“ I’ll be here to fix you, I’ve always loved you, I’ve always…”

“ I love you to Louis”


Au meme

Louis has been flirting with you. You weren’t angry about that but  you tell Zayn and he will talk with Louis.

Zayn: Louis I don’t want to have problems with you so stay away from her.

Louis: Sure bro.

But Louis was lying, he flirts with you again and Zayn goies to confront him. Zayn starts to push him. 


I’ve been clean 15 days. I think I’m gonna cry. this is unbelievable. A month ago I was planning my suicide and now I’m more then two weeks clean. I don’t know how this happened or why. But I’m glad it did.


Requested by anon.

Liam finds out you had a Tumblr dedicated to him before you started dating.

“ y/n.. uh.. you had a tumblr dedicated to me?”

“ *gasp* wh-what do you think of it? how’d you know?!”

* liam laughs * “ y/n, it’s cute, i love it, just like i love you”

“ oh, whew, and i love you too Liam”


 Harry finds you after a suicide attempt and saves you

Requested by: http://karashine.tumblr.com/

“ y/n! don’t do this! why are you doing this!”

“ I’m sorry…. I’m sorry Harry, It’s, I.. I am not worth living here, no one needs me here”

“ y/n, you just don’t get it, i love you, i need you, you’re my world, if you were gone, i’d be nothing, i love you… now don’t ever do that again promise me babe?”

“ promise”

“ Now come here, give me a hug”



Niall throws you a surprise party, then drags you out to the balcony to give you a special happy birthday

“ Niall! Oh my god! I can’t believe you threw this surprise party for me!”

“ anything for my y/n.. :) ”

“ I love you!”

“ Yeah me too y/n, but, let’s go up here to the balcony”

~ balcony ~

“ Here’s a song for you…

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear y/n, happy birthday to you… I love you y/n”

“ Me too Niall, me too”

Requested by: Karashine.tumblr.com


You and Louis/Harry playing a prank on Paul

Requested by http://karashine.tumblr.com/

“ Do it! shoot him Louis!” - y/n

“ Yeah! do what y/n said!” - Harry

“ Alrighty just wait !” - Louis