One Direction albums in color.

I like how they began with bright, whimsical colors and ended up with warm, neutral, mature tones.  This is a great indicator that not only did we grow up with them, but they grew up with us as well.

Don’t remove caption. My edit, @paigehahs.

A combo of magical, weird and lovely. Collab with the mind blowing rubycurls​!

(I have loved every single moment of the process, every conversation as well as the very chance I got to work with you, Nims!) 

Out loud, go on and sing it out loud
Go on and sing it out loud
We wanna be a flyweight love, flyweight love

And now
The years surprise us
How all our times apart
Have become our vows

And in the evening I arise
When the sun creeps on your covers
Here I am
Here you are
Breathing a hello
My flyweight love, flyweight love
- Flyweight Love: Vienna Teng

Vienna inspired me to finally bite the bullet and seriously try to draw Harry and Louis.