how to play one direction this is us.??

I saw this on Instagram and I’m weeping

The strength and depth of their love is hitting me hard

I just listened to If I Could Fly and Home back-to-back for the first time in too long. And I am overwhelmed.

Imagine being so devotedly in love that spending a month apart prompts you to write the most beautiful declarations of love to each other.

Imagine hearing each other’s declarations of love for the first time. How loved they must feel. How much strength they must get from knowing that no matter what they will always be each other’s most important person.

Imagine knowing, at such a young age, that you have found the person that’s your home. Imagine finding the person you would give up anything for at sixteen.

They are so strong, so solid, so devoted. It makes me stronger just thinking about the love they have for each other.

I am so overwhelmed and glad that they found each other. And that no matter what they are home in each other’s arms.

oh my god 1d just keeps appearing everywhere okay so my physiotherapist found an extra bone at the base of my neck (cervical rib) and was trying to explain that it was nothing to worry about cause i have anxiety and shit, but my stupid ass mouth was like ‘oh u mean like the accessory navicular?’

and then he asked how i even knew that existed

and then i had to #explain