A Brief Stunt Recap

Louis: (Babygate)

Fandom: WTF is going on

Ziam: 5 years, Thanks Bro.

Fandom: (Distracted from Babygate) Awww.. yes our boys.

Lilo: Pinata-Gate

Fandom: WTF that is not okay

Zayn: I’m going solo!

Fandom: (Distracted from Pinatagate)

The Public: Wow look at the kid from One Direction shading his boyband history with #RealMusic

Simon: Zayn owes all of this to me, He’ll do great solo.

Zayn: Thank you Simon!

Zayn: (Staged Twitter spat with BenBaller, establishes cred, seeds Ziam, appease fans still irate over Pinatagate)

The Public: This kid dont take no shit. Respect.

Larries: (sees stylist photos) WE KNEW THEY SHARED A CLOSET! Let’s all hop online and talk about it.


1DHQ: Please ignore the fact that obviously we dropped this a full week ahead of plan for damage control.

Fandom: I’m on fire. (SPEND SPEND SPEND) How’s that for REAL MUSIC?!


The Public: Wow they kind of sound like Maroon 5? Im not really a One Direction fan, but this is a good tune.

(Song hits #1 in 82 countries in less than 12 hours, shattering records)

1DHQ:  Rolls in money, cackling.




Speaking of terrible things. What if Zayn tried to keep his conflicted feelings about touring and everything else to himself. Closing in on himself and struggling and feeling bad about his own feelings. But Liam saw, Liam noticed, because Zayn wears his heart on his sleeve and it’s not like Zayn was any good at hiding how he felt. Especially from Liam. 

What if Liam gently coaxed Zayn into opening up. What if Zayn eventually admitted to being exhausted and feeling out of his depth and completely worn down. What if Liam knew during WWA tour that Zayn wasn’t feeling this kind of pressure anymore and he made it his mission to make sure Zayn was okay, make sure Zayn knew he wasn’t alone. And all those unnecessary touches and show of affections that we thought were just for fun had actually become a necessity. 

What if this

and this

and this

and this

and this

and this

weren’t as futile as we thought?


Best song ever high note Zayn to Liam

I just cry imagining Liam and Zayn calling each other about what music they’re working on and staying on the phone for hours going through ideas and just fonding over each other and like what if Liam called or skyped before Zayn before DMD was released and when it came out he told Zayn to listen and Zayn all softly giggles “with your love nobody can drag me down love you” my imagination hates me

  • What she says:im fine
  • What she means:i cant believe that one direction actually performed Drag Me Down less than 24 hours after its release, did you hear Louis solo? And Harry's high notes? And how is it actually possible for the song to have reached number one so fast, I mean it was released in the middle of the night, with ZERO promo? Why am I not allowed to sleep? Why was there no promo? I mean I don't like surprises!? If the first single was so good, how will I survive the album? But what if they announce a tour on Good Morning America, because that's what they did for WWA? When is the album getting released? The rumored release date of the first single was rumored to be released August 7th, is there a reason it was released early? But what if they announce a tour on Good Morning America, because that's what they did for WWA? But why was the single released early? Did it have to do with Zayn's departure bc he was literally signed to RMA yesterday, I don't think it's coincidental. But what if they announce a tour on Good Morning America, because that's what they did for WWA?
You Opiate This Hazy Head Of Mine

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by SAMC_Inc

Liam is completely ready to spend Christmas with the love of his life, but nothing is that simple

Or better yet, the time that Liam worked very hard to become a prestigious doctor in the ER which meant far too many late nights and no days off. He’s supposed to spend Christmas at home but a phone call from work sends him and Zayn’s relationship reeling.)

Words: 2431, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Filthy Peeping Toms

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by saltwatergirl

Louis and Harry watch their supposedly straight bandmates have sex while hiding in a hotel room closet.

Louis thinks this may be a metaphor for his life.

Words: 3898, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 4 of Filthy Text

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