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I thought I’d share a dungeon out of my Dungeon Diary (sounds dirty I know). I call it Broadsword Fortress, built in the Far Reach during the border push. In my campaign elves and humans are in a cold war, so this fort is in a constant change of ownership. Upon the partys arrival roll 1d12 to see who occupies the fort useing this list or a list of your own:

1-4: It is currently in the hands of the humans who built it. As of now it is under the command of Paladin Redrick Craster III, a serious, outstanding, but pious holy warrior. He has gotten word that an orc warband is on it’s way to the fort and they have little men and resource to put up much of a fight. Redrick believes the gods sent the party to save them and pleads them to stay and help.

5-8: Skogg, an infamous orc warlord in the Far Reach has taken the fort and it’s occupants hostage. He plans to rally the clans together under one banner so he can take more forts from both elves and human, using the Broadsword as a base of operations. By doing this he hopes to make the Reach an orc nation that will eventually take over both the elven and human empires, unless the adventures can stop him.

9-12: An elven general named Jishin has recently taken the Fortress from an orc warband. He is an elven traditionalist, and has a natural, almost paranoid,  distrust of humans. When his scouts inform him of the party passing by, he thinks they might be human spies. He request his scouts to bring them in for interrogation, and to kill them if they refuse.

(BTW: I drew this in the style of Dyson’s Dungeons, you should check him out. His maps are a work of art: https://rpgcharacters.wordpress.com/)


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公司名稱:F-乙盛 (5243)

主  旨:本公司董事會決議買回庫藏股


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Thousands flock to D.C.'s newest "beach"
This article, Thousands flock to D.C.’s newest “beach”, originally appeared on CBSNews.com

There’s no water or sand, but visitors at the National Building Museum are enjoying a beach experience in the heart of Washington, D.C., reports CBS News correspondent Chip Reid.

Thousands of tourists and residents are lining up to play in an ocean of 750,000 plastic balls that look up at some of the largest indoor Corinthian columns in the world.

You won’t drown, but get ready to go under, whether you want to or not.

“It’s much more difficult than it looks,” one visitor said.

“It’s full of fun!” a young “beach goer” said.

Kids aren’t the only ones having fun though. Adults enjoying the experience are called “kidults.”

More than 100,000 people have visited so far this summer. It’s so popular, they don’t mind waiting in long lines, according to the National Building Museum’s director Chase Rynd.

“People are smiling, and what’s really amazing to me is there have been waits as long as two hours to get in, and when they leave they thank us,” he said.

It took about two weeks to create the indoor beach, the brainchild of Snarkitecture, a company that makes public displays that are somewhere between architecture and art.

“A lot of our work sort of invites play and invites interaction and accessibility to a really wide audience, including children,” co-founder Alex Mustonen said.

And anyone queasy about all those people rolling around together need not worry.

“The balls are actually coated with an antimicrobial surface,” Mustonen said.

Visitors at National Building Museum’s Beach installation Noah Kalina

It’s called Germblock. If you have a thing about germs, Mustonen said you can relax.

On Wednesday evenings, the average age goes up – at least a little.

Music by the Aloha Boys recently made it feel like a Hawaiian luau.

For parents, it’s a chance to relax on the beach without worrying that their kids are out in the ocean.

“It’s fantastic. We have music, we have beverages, the kids are playing, it’s wonderful,” one parent said.

If you’re wondering why anyone would come do this instead of going to a real beach – from D.C., the beach is three hours away.

“It’s the best commute to the beach ever; I mean, this is great,” one person said.

And as another visitor said – no sharks to worry about.

“There’s like no shark attacks or any animals that can hurt you,” he said.

How to pick and cook ground beef

Study shows women are more likely to choose divorce

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Mobilisation des éleveurs le 3 septembre à Paris
VIDÉO - La FNSEA, premier syndicat agricole, a promis ce lundi de mobiliser un millier de tracteurs dans la capitale pour obtenir des «rallonges» du gouvernement au plan d'urgence annoncé en juillet.

Les responsables de la FNSEA, premier syndicat agricole, ont promis lundi de mobiliser un millier de tracteurs à Paris le 3 septembre pour obtenir des «rallonges» du gouvernement au plan d'urgence annoncé en juillet pour résoudre la crise des éleveurs.

«On croit au travail qui sera fait d'ici le 3 septembre» en collaboration avec le gouvernement, mais il y aura dans tous les cas «1000 tracteurs» dans la capitale ce jour-là, a déclaré Dominique Barrau, secrétaire général de la FNSEA, à l'issue d'une réunion à l'Elysée avec le chef de l'Etat, le Premier ministre et le ministre de l'Agriculture. Cette mobilisation aura lieu uniquement à Paris, aucune manifestation n'étant prévue en régions, selon lui. Des délégations d'agriculteurs seront reçues à Matignon et à l'Assemblée nationale.

François Hollande «s'est engagé à apporter des réponses concrètes dès le 3 septembre», a souligné le patron du syndicat Xavier Beulin, qui a demandé lors de la rencontre des «rallonges» par rapport au plan d'urgence gouvernemental de 600 millions d'euros. Ce plan comprend 100 millions d'euros d'annulations de charges et cotisations et 500 millions d'euros de reports. «Le chef de l'Etat et le Premier ministre ont pris en compte notre demande particulière sur le CICE, qui aujourd'hui ne concerne pas les agriculteurs chefs d'exploitation», a-t-il ajouté.

«Demandes à formuler à Bruxelles»

Sur les investissements, François Hollande «a fait part de son intérêt pour mobiliser tout ce qui peut l'être», a souligné Xavier Beulin qui estime qu'il faudrait trois milliards d'euros sur trois ans pour redonner sa compétitivité à (…) Lire la suite sur Figaro.fr

La FNSEA réclame 3 milliards d'euros pour sauver l'agriculture française 
La filière du porc en quête de remèdes 
Les agriculteurs n'ont pas fait de pause estivale 
Plusieurs actions d'agriculteurs en colère en France 
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Madden NFL 16 - Madden: The Movie

Watch what happens when you assemble a team of playmakers, including: Dave Franco, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Julio Jones, Rob Gronkowski, Colin Kaepernick, Antonio Brown and Rex Ryan to take down an evil boss in a game of Madden?

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Συνάντηση Κωνσταντοπούλου-Λαφαζάνη το πρωί του Σαββάτου

ΠΟΛΙΤΙΚΗ Τον Πρόεδρο της Κοινοβουλευτικής Ομάδας «Λαϊκή Ενότητα» κ. Παναγιώτη Λαφαζάνη θα δεχθεί η Πρόεδρος της Βουλής κ. Ζωή Κωνσταντοπούλου, αύριο

In messaggio figlio di Osama giura fedeltà ad al Qaeda
New York, 20 ago. (askanews) - Hamza Bin Laden, il figlio ventiquattrenne di Osama bin Laden, ha pubblicato il suo primo messaggio audio in cui giura fedeltà ad al Qaida e al leader dei talebani, il Mullah Omar la cui morte è stata annunciata questo agosto. Hamza è stati introdotto dall'attuale guida di al Qaida, l'egiziano Ayman al Zawahiri, che lo definisce il figlio del “leone” della jihad.
Il messaggio è stato registrato a maggio ma pubblicato in questi giorni. L'Islam è sotto attacco dei crociati - dice il figlio di Bin Laden - descrivendoli come un uccello del male la cui testa si trova negli Stati Uniti, le ali in Israele e nella Nato e il corpo negli stati del Golfo che sono alleati dei paesi occidentali.
Hamza nel messaggio chiede ai musulmani di uccidere questo uccello e di organizzare attacchi contro americani e ebrei nel mondo in particolare a Washington, Londra, Parigi e Tel Aviv. Come scrive Bruce Riedel della Brookings Institution, il giovane figlio di Osama potrebbe essere il nuovo portavoce del gruppo.
Nel corso del suo messaggio, il 24enne che ha seguito il padre sia in Afghanistan che in Pakistan dopo gli attacchi alle Torri gemelle di New York, non ha mai citato lo Stato islamico (Isis) e ha chiesto ai musulmani di portare avanti attacchi solitari contro i “crociati”.
Έτοιμο για εκλογές το υπ. Εσωτερικών...

Στην εκτίμηση πως το υπουργείο Εσωτερικών… διαθέτει την απαραίτητη τεχνογνωσία αλλά και ετοιμότητα για πρόωρες εκλογές προχώρησε ο γενικός γραμματέας




據《華爾街日報》報導,騰訊(00700)向加拿大新創科企業 Kik Interactive Inc 注資5000萬美元(約3.9億港元),這筆投資將該公司的價值估為10億美元(約78億港元)。

報導指,Kik 目前約有2億用戶,公司近來將遊戲及音樂收聽服務等其他應用,整合至短訊服務,以爭取更多用戶。

Kik 創辦人及總裁 Ted Livingston 表示,公司今年初聘請投資銀行 Qatalyst Partners 在矽谷及亞洲尋覓大型互聯網公司作投資者,最後,Kik 決定引入騰訊,又指騰訊入股純是財務投資。 (BC)

Σπάνιο βίντεο: Κεραυνός χτυπάει αεροπλάνο με επιβάτες (Video)

ΚΟΣΜΟΣ Η στιγμή που ένας κεραυνός χτύπησε αεροπλάνο της Delta Air Lines, στο οποίο επέβαιναν 111 επιβάτες και εξαμελές πλήρωμα, κατεγράφη