We use an online Tabletop RPG program to play in which we can roll dices by typing “/r 1dX”, with X varying between 1 and 255. So we were in the middle of a fight, and our fighter (who’s quite popular for rolling a lot of 1s during our campaign) tried to suplex the enemy.

DM: Ok, roll strength to lift him.

Fighter: *rolls a 1d1, obviously gets a 1* SHIT

DM: You lift the enemy and throws him, but he flips and lands on the ground perfectly fine…

DM: Wait. You typed 1d1, not 1d10. Roll again.

Fighter (OOC): Oh, my bad. I’ll roll again

Fighter: *Rolls d10. Gets 1 again*

DM: Ok yeah nothing changed sorry

*Fighter rage quits the room*


Capturing Life at a Different Pace with @orlandobarriaphotos

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(This interview was conducted in Spanish.)

Moving from the ice-cold Chilean side of Patagonia to the overwhelming heat of the Caribbean is just one of the changes Orlando Barria (@orlandobarriaphotos), went through when he relocated with his family to the Dominican Republic.

“In general, life here is pretty easy because people are modest,” says Orlando of his life in Santo Domingo, the country’s capital. “They always try to have a good time, smile for most of the day. Here time has a different pace, it doesn’t hurry as much as it does in Chile.”

But as a photojournalist, Orlando must think quick on his feet. “The most important thing for me is to mix in my photos all the elements you need to understand the news when you see the image.” His says his job is most challenging during hurricane season, which he describes as a lottery: “You have to wear wet clothes on those days and your equipment usually gets pretty damaged.”


Adventurous adventures of one direction 2 !!!!!

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