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anonymous asked:

How would you describe Harry?

Harry is one of the sweetest blokes that I’ve met! I’ve never seen anyone care as much for their fans as Harry does. He’s cheeky, and has a very romantic side to him. He prefers to keep his personal life on the private, which is why he is always keeping his mouth shut on those personal questions during interviews. I even have lots of stories about Harry in fact (funny ones, of course). 

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about Britt? Was lukesugrbaby and is now lukesmas?

So far what I’ve seen, she has a VERY strong obsession with Luke. But I don’t think Luke’s safety is at risk or anything. I’ve heard of fans who pretend to be in relationships with the boys (mentally dating them). I’ve also seen this with the One Direction fandom as well. 

I’m so sick of seeing gorgeous photos of Niall. Or posts about how well he’s doing, and agreeing wholeheartedly. I totally want to reblog or like them… I do. But there’s no way I’m gonna be adding any notes to a larry tinhatter. I hate that I can’t enjoy my man without first checking to see if the post has come from a community that is so feral and delusional. I refuse to give it any support.