Me & my friend Casso in the 1D store yesterday. It was definitely intense. I feel like we were the oldest people in there that were legit fans..but we didn’t care, obvs. They have a lot of cute stuff but it’s really expensive. I bought a Zayn Christmas stocking for $20 (even though he’s lookin’ a little fetus-y and is wearing a horrible orange polo) and a bracelet with their faces in hearts (LOL) for $15. And you had to pay $1 for the bag. So, yeah, a little bit lot more than I wanted to spend..but worth it. They had nice sized posters that were cute, a lot of t shirts. The onesies are hilarious but they’re $100, yikes. My friend’s sister got 1D earphones. They have jewelry and keychains and magnets and pins..poster books, calendars, hats, jackets, diaries, life-sized cutouts of the boys etc etc. I really wanted a sticker but I didn’t see one that wasn’t obnoxiously large..could have overlooked it though.

But yeah, I might post more pics when I get home. I know I haven’t been that active the past few days and it’s because I’ve been out of town. EVERYTHING WILL BE BACK TO NORMAL TOMORROW. <3 luv u guyz


Today, the 1D World Store opened up in Madison Square Garden. Fans from all over waited in line for the store to open up this morning and were not disappointed. The store not only featured their merchandise, but included a One Direction karaoke station, the telephone booth from their new album, and a photo station. Cutouts of the boys were stationed around the store, formerly a Borders Bookstore. Fans took pictures and wrote on the walls with Sharpies, leaving messages in hopes of the Brits seeing them.

Written by Sydney Weinshel. Photos by Sydney Weinshel.


One Direction’s 1D World Store Sneak Preview in New York (by fuse)

  • omfg
  • im a bit jealous they got free reign over everything in the store lol
  • but the amt of things in it is INSANE
  • do they rlly have SO MUCH MERCH?!?!?!
  • also rlly random that Alexa Chung was in it (one of harrys rumored gfs who is actually a friend) her fangirl scream in the beginning was hilarious x]
  • “watch harry grow” LMFAO we all know what they was thinkin ;D
  • my friend dorms near MSG Im so gonna go check it out this wk
  • but since it opened 2 days ago im sure everything is sold out by now.