So my girlfriend recently moved in with me

And it’s taken a bit of time to fit all our stuff in one room - hence the bunk bed.

Today I found a place to put it, where it takes up the least amount of room - and as a bonus obstructs a lot less of my 1d/larrie wall. But there was one casualty.

Louis is stuck to the wall so he doesn’t fall apart, so my girlfriend is going to have to wake up to his torso every morning. 
And then on the top bunk, there’s this.

He’s watchin’.

i love zayn. he’s so gentle and sweet and has a good heart with good intentions. and he’s a lil shy and he loves animals, comics, art and his culture. he puts his awards on the mantle over his fireplace, has all the 1D awards on his wall and builds his own robots… and i just love zayn so much. he’s the softest.

It’s so odd that a factual statement like “Harry said he wanted the hiatus and the other three have said they didn’t” is seen as promoting an idea of Harry vs Louis by some Larries.

What is so threatening about this? Liam, Niall and Louis have all said they resisted and did not want the hiatus. Harry has said he pushed for it. Four men whose stories actually match up for the first time in how long?

How is that us making things about Harry vs Louis?

And while I’m asking questions, if you’re so sure and secure that they love each other now and forever (Louis and Harry, I mean), how is them having a disagreement not celebrated as something normal? Real couples disagree. Yes, about big issues, too.

Or is it that you’re seeing the writing on the wall (about 1D and/or Larry) and not liking that you can actually read it now?

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that post on z not saying that the hiatus was harry's idea. so great of z. but doesn't that ask basically say that louis threw harry under the bus and played the blame game re: hiatus?

Hi anon!


Liam said he didn’t know what the word meant Niall resisted it the most. Liam said he wanted to tour MITAM.

Niall said he wanted to tour MITAM and said was wasn’t sure he was the most resistant.

Louis said that he felt the most confident during their last tour and didn’t want a hiatus. He said Harry brought it up.

But you know who said Harry wanted the hiatus first?


Nobody threw Harry under the bus because Harry’s big-ass Rolling Stone article–the one that was all about Harry and how great Harry is and how Harry is such a fucking star is where it said Harry asked for the hiatus.

Why is everyone forgetting this? He said it waaaaay the hell back before anyone else started talking about how they didn’t want it.

You can’t throw someone under the bus when they already took responsibility for it.

i went to sunrise records and bought nialls album and there was a pic on the wall of 1d from FOUR and i was talking with the two guys who worked there about the solo careers and they were saying how much they loved harry’s album and i geeked out so hard over 1d i was actually in such a good mood for the rest of my shift

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Melly- pic of Zayn on scaffolding is him clearing out his London home. That is where he used to keep trophies/memorabilia. There are before / after pics on the web- before pic is from his book I think

you know the picture of zayn in a red jumper from the director’s instagram circulating around the interwebs? apparently it’s of zayn moving out of his london home. looks like he’s permanently moving here in the states!!!!!

That picture we got of Zayn today was from his London house. Some fans figured out from the pictures in his book that the wall is from that house. It was filled with his 1D accomplishments, and in today’s picture Zayn was probably taking down all of them. So his house is sold. Wonder why Dan Wootton didn’t write about it. PS: The zerrie shippers are devastated. They had hopes that Zayn will go back to Perrie after using Gigi to promote his fashion stuff. LMAO!


So apparently those funky lights that look like super cool rich people rubber band balls are the identifiable feature here. Zerrie as a stunt has officially died, I guess.  Perald has a new PR boyfriend,  Xposure has reported that the Zerrie stunt house was sold last week, and now we have a photo of Zayn clearing out photos from his 1D wall of his stunt house (I have my doubts Zayn really ever lived there full time, but whatevs). RIP, Zerrie.  

Tin hat tiara time though, because I think part of these narratives is that they serve up identifiable features of these stunt homes for the fandom to piece together. For Liam’s Bluth Model Home, its the living room, kitchen, and bathroom (that keeps the exact same furniture as when it was staged for sale). For Zayn, its the funky lighting fixtures and was the distinct kitchen counter top. Louis had it too. 

::Kanye shrugs:: There’s definitely a reason you’re seeing this. I would bet my left thinking boob this is probs going to be used to further Zigi in some capacity.

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I've always thought that they were gonna use his band to try and replace 1D. They've put quite a spotlight on this band considering Harry is a solo artist now. So I think they're pushing them for the people who miss the band dynamics and from what i've seen on my dash it's working well. They all love the band, they're squealing over interactions already even though we don't even know these people. I guess many people won't be upset that 1d is not coming back, now that they have a new band (1)

to be a fan of. Considering most Harries always thought that the band should be all about Harry, this is all they ever wanted: A band that Harry can have cute interactions with but simultaneously don’t take any focus of Harry. Basically they’re good props for fanservice that will conveniently fade into the background any other time. Add the Hitch thing to this now and you’ve got the full package - a new person to ship Harry with that you can treat like an accessory without feeling guilty (2)

Anon, I absolutely agree. Absolutely. In addition, he hired women, which makes him look “so progressive” and people ignore how the women help cover he can’t sing his own flasettos live.