Harry Styles

*request: he’s your best friend (that you have feelings for) but one day, he just stops talking to you and cuts off all ties; comes back a couple years later, engaged*

“Harry stop!” you laughed as he held more food to your mouth, pressing it to your lips while you were still chewing.

“But it tastes yummy!” he exclaimed, pulling the fork back slightly.

You rolled your eyes playfully and put your hand over your mouth until you swallowed. When you were done, Harry urged you to have more and you couldn’t say no.

When he dropped you off that evening, everything seemed completely fine.

“I’ll text you tomorrow,” he smiled as you pushed open the car door, grabbing your bag from the back seat.

“Sounds good,” you looked over at him for a moment, getting out of the car. He waved and waited for you to get into your home before driving off.

Taking a deep breath and walked up the stairs and unlocked the door to your apartment. Once you got in and locked the door, you took a moment. You thought tonight was going to be different, that you were going to tell him how you felt, but last minute you took a step back and just spent the night with your best friend.

There was no text the next day. There was no response to yours. There was no texts the day after that or after that. He stopped answering your calls, he didn’t call back, and eventually, your calls stopped going through.

You were left in complete confusion and fear. Your first thought was something had happened, a car accident, something bad. But as weeks past and with nothing publicly out there, you became defeated. Even on Facebook and Instagram, he seemed to disappear off of the face of the planets and you just hoped that he was okay wherever he was.

Two years went by, and day by day, you hoped you would hear something from him, anything. The person who you cared about, who you loved, and on more than a friendly basis, had just picked up and left. It wasn’t like you were locked up in your house, staring at your phone, but every time a notification went off, you hoped to see his name pop up on the screen.

It was July when he came back. Just as suddenly as he had left, he was back. You remembered seeing him at the grocery store, and you couldn’t stop yourself from going up to him.

“Harry,” you said bluntly, loud enough to capture his attention.

He turned around to see who was calling his name and he smiled when he saw you. “Oh my gosh!”

“Really?” you said unimpressed, putting your hands on your hips. “You just pick up and leave for a couple years and that’s all you have to say to me? Oh my gosh?”

“(Y/N)…” his smile faltered.

“What that actual fuck Harry?” You weren’t holding back. All the pent up confusion and sadness and anger was coming out uncontrollably. “You just fucking left! No calls, no texts?? Do you know how upsetting that was? To have my best friend abandon me? What the hell did you do? I thought you got hurt or worse! Did I do something to hurt you? Did I do something to make you mad?? I don’t understand!”

He stayed quiet and let you finish. “I had to go, I’m sorry.”

“That’s all you have to say,” you scoffed out. “Tell me why.”

Harry shook his head and glanced around, turning his attention to a woman who was coming down the aisle.

“I got it babe,” she smiled, putting her food in his cart. “Oh, sorry,” she bit her lip and looked at you.

“No, no, I was just catching up with an old friend,” Harry smiled softly at her. “(Y/N), this is Angela… my fiancé.”

Your heart fell and you tried not to express the sinking feeling on the outside. Fiancé? He was engaged.

“Nice to meet you,” you smiled slightly at her, looking back at him.

He was avoiding your question and your gaze. “We better get going babe, we have dinner with our friends tonight,” she rubbed his arm and looked at the list in her hand.

“Yeah for sure,” he nodded his head and looked back at you. “It was nice seeing you again.”

You didn’t reply and bit your tongue. Shaking your head, you turned around and headed away from them. You were done grocery shopping for the day. You couldn’t stand to be in that store with him anymore. It had been two years but the feeling of hurt wasn’t any less than it would if it had happened before the falling out. Now that he was back though, you weren’t going to forget about it. Not this time.

“I will always come home to you.”

REQUEST: Hey Hello sweetie, could you please write about a sad y/n that just had an argument with her friends and Harry is trying to make her feel better please please? Thank you xx

Word Count: 791

Y/F/N: Your Friends Name
Y/O/F/N: Your Other Friends Name

I hope you like it! xx Please inbox me with any requests!

You were sitting on the small, plush couch in the corner of your sitting room, angrily tapping through an app on your phone when Harry came home. It was later in the afternoon, and he was home earlier then you had expected. You thought that you had enough time to try and calm yourself down before he had come home, but that plan was thrown to the wind when his voice broke through the quietness of your apartment.

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the signs as 5sos' trademark clothes
  • aries: luke's leather jacket
  • taurus: ashton's pony shirt
  • gemini: calum's bomber jacket
  • cancer: michael's mismateched black and white pants
  • leo: luke's red plaid flannel
  • virgo: calum's denim jacket
  • libra: ashton's bandana
  • scorpio: calum's snapbacks
  • sagittarius: ashton's fedora
  • capricorn: luke's nrivana shirt
  • aquarius: michael's galaxy leggings
  • pisces: every ashton shirt with holes

So here it is. The first writing of Blogmas 2016. I hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to keep sending requests in for Blogmas and after blogmas. Enjoy, Isla xx

Harry and Y/N have been dating for a little while and Harry is ready to take it to the next step this Christmas but is it too much? 

3.3k // Complete and utter fluff


‘Harry.’ Harry slowly opened his eyes blinking a few times to let his vision adjust to the bright light that filled the room. He was still half hypnotised from sleep but the blurry bare thighs he could make out were instantly recognisable to him. He hummed sleepily and continued to squint, his vision still taking it’s time to adjust to now being awake. ‘Coffee for you love.’ Y/N said placing the mug on his bedside table and a kiss to his matted brown curls that, despite the cold winter weather, were still stuck to a slightly sticky from sweat brow.

He groaned as he sat up in the bed, resting his back against the wooden headboard and pushing his hair away from his eyes. He stretched out as he watched Y/N looking around the floor at the end of the bed. She had her underwear on from the night before and his t-shirt that he’d worn under a pink spotted shirt the previous night before inviting Y/N back for the third time this week. He’d taken her out to dinner in a quiet London suburb where he could go largely unnoticed and undisturbed.

Harry had managed to keep his budding relationship with Y/N largely under wraps for the three months they’d been seeing each other. However, he knew that could all change now things were getting more serious and she was spending more time at his flat. His life rarely went undocumented and Y/N was just a normal young girl living in London in a flat share with a uni friend. Harry hadn’t been to Y/N’s flat for the exact reason that the last thing he wanted was Y/N and even more so, where she lived, splashed all over the internet, but she had described it as a glorified cardboard box which had Harry laughing as was often the case. She worked for a high-end clothing store in the marketing department but no one who didn’t know knew anything about her. People like that tended to get scared off by seeing their private lives all over the news, Harry really didn’t want Y/N to be scared off.

‘Shut the door love.’ Harry said, his voice huskier than normal as he uttered his first words of the day. Y/N looked up at him, her hair which she’d tied up in a loose bun before getting into bed with him the previous night had fallen from the elastic Harry had given her. Long strands fell around her face and down her back. She looked beautiful stood there at the end of his bed and he had to stop the smile creeping onto his face as she spoke.

‘I’m going once I’ve found my jeans H.’ Y/N said the shortening of his name bringing a smile to his face, it reminded him just how close they’d become in what was really a short amount of time. Harry picked up his coffee from the bedside table and took the first sip, the temperature was just right as always and the taste was even better. Y/N had been a barista during her university days. The first time she went to Harry’s and saw he had a proper coffee machine she’d been very pleased and had promised Harry the best coffee he ever had. Ever since Harry had very rarely felt the need to make his way down to his regular coffee shop to get his morning coffee.

Y/N walked around to what had become her side of the bed and kicked a few things around on the floor. She tucked a few strands of hair behind her ears but as she soon as she looked down at the floor again they fell back in her face. She groaned with frustration and Harry smiled at the cuteness of her annoyance as she pulled the elastic from her hair roughly, letting the vast amount of long hair fall down around her shoulders before pulling it all back up and tying it again.

‘There’s no rush, come back to bed beautiful.’ Harry insisted taking another sip of his coffee. With every mouthful, he felt more and more awake and more able to convince Y/N to stay.

‘No Harry.’ Y/N said bending down to the floor and rising again with her jeans in her hand. ‘I’ve got to go home and have a shower, brush my teeth you know – be hygienic.’ Harry chuckled at her sarcasm as she pulled her jeans around pulling out socks she’d had on and turning the legs in the right way so she could put them on.

‘You can’t go yet I have something for you’ Harry announced leaning over the edge of the bed and reaching under it. Y/N looked at him confused as Harry tried to find what he was looking for whilst being careful not to spill his coffee so it didn’t spill all over the white duvet cover that he’d only washed yesterday, the smell of his detergent still floating off the soft fabric. Harry placed a neatly wrapped gift on the bed, wrapped in brown paper flecked with golden stars and tied with a glittery gold ribbon. ‘Come here.’ He said patting the bed.

Y/N sat on the bed, dropping her jeans back to the floor, facing Harry. She pulled one leg up underneath her and tucked it under her other leg which she let hang of the edge of the bed. Harry’s t-shirt covered her underwear but Harry knew it was grey and lacy. He knew because he’d slid it down from her hips the previous evening, down her legs and off over her feet before throwing it on the floor to join the rest of their clothes.

‘Why?’ She asked smiling but clearly confused. He smiled back at her and pushed the gift closer to her over the duvet.

‘Christmas.’ Harry said simply as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. He looked big and bright at Y/N a lot like a puppy looks at its owner when they bring them the morning newspaper. Y/N chuckled at her sweet boyfriend, shaking her head at him in disbelief.

‘It’s the first of December H.’ She told him as if he didn’t already know. He nodded and took a sip of his coffee, still continuing to wake him up as he drunk.

‘I know but I wanted to give it to you now.’ He explained tapping the box. ‘Open it.’ He insisted. Y/N sighed giving in and picking the box up. It wasn’t a small box, but it was big enough that it was slightly awkward to hold and unwrap at the same time. She placed the present back on the bed and carefully untied the ribbon that was sparkling in the bright morning light and pulled the corners of the package trying to be careful not to completely destroy the paper that Harry had picked himself just after purchasing the gift inside. Harry was pretty proud of his wrapping skills. It was the best wrapping he’d ever done and he was actually a little hurt that she hadn’t mentioned it but then he could imagine her wrapping skills were pretty impeccable.

Y/N pulled the box from the paper and looked up at him confused. He knew she would be but the look on her face was one he’d never forget. She looked down at it again. An electric toothbrush, the same one that was by the sink in Harry’s ensuite, the same one she’d helped him choose just a month or so earlier. She was grateful, she knew how much it cost but she was confused and Harry could see that on her face.

‘Thanks, I think.’ Harry chuckled. What was he trying to say? Was he trying to tell her, in the nicest way possible, that she had bad breath.

‘Open the box.’ Harry said still smiling before taking another sip of the wonderfully made coffee. Y/N pulled of the tape that was securing the box, the tape Harry had put back after opening it himself before wrapping the gift. She pulled the cardboard carton from the box that held the toothbrush and its charger and then she saw it. She furrowed her brow at took it in. The silver key that sat on top of the brush that she knew wasn’t an added gift from Oral-B.

‘Harry?’ She questioned as confused as he’d anticipated her being. He’d given her an electric toothbrush as an early Christmas present and a key. ‘What?’ She asked simply a little lost for words, what did you say to someone giving you that as a gift?

‘It’s a front door key.’ He told her she looked down at it, everything suddenly clicking together. He was slightly nervous. This wasn’t something they’d discussed but something he’d been thinking about for a while and he wasn’t sure how he’d take it. ‘For here.’ He told her just to be sure she was following. She picked it up the bright sunlight that was coming through the slightly open blind reflecting of the metal.

‘Why?’ She asked looking up at him. Her mouth was agape and her eyes showed Harry she was happy but a bit shocked. He took her hand with his free one.

‘I want you to be here more.’ He told her. She closed her mouth and swallowed hard as she prepared to take in what Harry was saying. ‘I know you can’t move in here completely, and I don’t think we’re there yet anyway, but I want you to be able to come and go as you please even when I’m not here.’ He explained. A bright smile took over her face and it made Harry relax for a second. He placed his coffee on the side and let her come in for a kiss. She peppered his lips with a few gentle kisses to show him how much she appreciated the gesture and what it said about them as a couple.

It reminded him of when he’d asked her to be his girlfriend. He’d felt as much like a love-struck teenager as he’d ever felt and probably ever would. She’d giggled when he’d asked if they could make it more official and if she’d be his girlfriend before nodding and kissing him like she was now. The feeling he got when she nodded then was completely new to him. He’d never felt like he had when she nodded, no one else had made him feel as, what he thought was complete but he knew that sounded corny but he knew they were just good together in a way he’d never been good with anyone previously. It was relaxed and easy and that’s what he loved most about the whole thing apart from the fact Y/N was stunning, and everything he wanted and needed. He felt so at home and complete, no matter how clichéd it sounded he couldn’t deny it’s what he felt and it was washing over him again now. He wanted to know how special she was to him and how she made him feel like he’d never felt before and this was just a small way of showing her that.

‘Not too much?’ Harry asked. Y/N shook her head giving him kissing him again. ‘The toothbrush is just a bit of fun but at least you can brush your teeth now.’ Y/N giggled at Harry’s attempt to lighten the mood a little but also how expensive his idea of a bit of fun was.

‘I really appreciate it thank you.’ She said sitting back on the bed again but allowing herself to sit closer this time. ‘You didn’t have to go out and buy an expensive toothbrush to do it though.’ She laughed and he shrugged taking her hand and picking his coffee back up in the other hand, taking a mouthful before going any further. He wasn’t expecting it be easier but it couldn’t be any harder than presenting her with a key to his flat.

‘I was also thinking,’ He began, his thumb circling on the back of her hand. ‘It’s time to introduce to the family.’ He said it quickly and Y/N’s eyes dropped to their hands but not before he saw the panic wash over her face only adding to his nerves. He daren’t take his eyes of her. He saw her swallow on nothing and he clenched his jaw now very unsure of how this would end and wanting to be careful. He didn’t want to come on too strong and he didn’t want her to get freaked out.

‘Harry I-‘

‘No wait,’ Harry interrupted not wanting her to convince herself out of it before she’d even heard him out. ‘Mum’s having an early Christmas because she’s away with Robin for actual Christmas’ Harry begun and although Y/N didn’t look at him he knew she was listening. ‘It’s only going to be Mum, Robin, Gem and her boyfriend and I’d really like you to come with me.’

‘I dunno.’ Y/N admitted Harry’s thumb not ceasing movement. He put the coffee on the side and placed his now free hand on her bare thigh and gave it a gentle squeeze trying to comfort her into the idea.

‘Y/N love, I want people to know I’m with you, I want people to know your mine.’ That’s all he’d wanted from the day she agreed to be his boyfriend but he knew he couldn’t rush it. When it came down to it, he wasn’t just asking her to meet his family he was asking her to be prepared for the world to know about her and about them. Harry was so happy with her though and he was sure it wouldn’t be for nothing. He wanted people to know she was his, his to adore and worship the ground she walked, his to make happy and look after and his to be hers. ‘I want our families to be the first to know.’ Y/N nodded she understood, she wanted that to. Her biggest fear in all of this was that her loved ones would find out from some reporter who knew nothing about her who was simply trying to make some money with some gossip about Harry Styles.

‘We’re not going to be able to keep this hush hush forever, I know you don’t like the idea of the paps and everyone knowing about you, and us but-‘

‘It’s not that I’m worried about.’ Y/N admitted taking her chance to cut him off before he got too carried away with trying to convince her it would all be ok. Since she first let him in she’d been honest and told him she was unsure about people knowing everything about her and her personal life and his relationship with him. Harry had done everything he could to make sure they weren’t found out, he’d gone out of his way to keep their budding relationship private and she was more grateful for that then he probably realised and she knew he’d continue doing all he could to keep that part of his life, the part for her, as private as possible if that’s what she wanted but she knew it would be difficult. But that wasn’t what this was about.

‘Then what are you worried about?’ She didn’t look up at him still even though she knew Harry hadn’t taken his eyes off her for even a second so far.

‘What if they don’t like me?’ Y/N mumbled to which Harry laughed. Finally, she looked up at him but probably not how he’d hoped she would. The glare she gave him cut his chuckling short.

‘I’m sorry love, I thought you were joking.’ Harry told her squeezing her thigh gently. Y/N simply shook her head looking back down at their hands where she was now returning the favour of comforting Harry by tracing delicate small circles on the back of his hand. ‘They’ll adore you Y/N, I can’t wait for them to meet you I mean it.’ Harry reassured as best he could.

‘I hope you’re right.’ Y/N said mumbling again. Just the thought of being introduced to Harry’s family made her nervous. She was sure they were lovely but Harry wasn’t a normal person, what if they thought she was only in it for the money and she didn’t really have any true feelings for him as a person but just for his name and what came with that.

‘I know I’m right,’ Harry said proudly, he’d never been more sure of anything. ‘They’ll love you just as much as I do.’ They both froze. Both of them stopped drawing circles on each other hands and Harry saw Y/N’s eyes go wide. There had been no warning for either of them, even Harry, the words had just fallen from his mouth. He silently begged for Y/N to say something because he didn’t know what his next move was.

‘I’m sorry?’ Y/N asked quietly not looking up at him still shocked slightly but breaking the silence that had overtaken them.

‘They’ll love you just as much as I do.’ Harry repeated quietly but due to the complete silence that had fallen over them it was perfectly loud and clear as he said it. Harry had taken her chin and lifted her face so she had to look him in the eyes and see the sincerity in them as he said it again.

‘Do you mean that?’ Y/N asked quietly. He nodded and a slight smile made its way onto her face. Harry realised now he’d never been more sure of anything.

‘You don’t have to say it back.’ He told her his voice quiet. For a few moments, it felt like the whole world must be silent. Everything felt still and frozen like it was just the two of them as their worlds shifted around each other. Y/N crawled closer to him letting go of his hand and letting his other hand fall from her thigh. She sat on his lap and looked deep in his green eyes that she’d been falling for more every day.

‘Well you win best Christmas presents this year and it’s not even Christmas yet.’ Harry chuckled against her lips as Y/N pressed a sweet kiss to his lips. The happiness that was radiating from her made him feel relieved but more than that it made him feel the happiest he’d ever felt. This was new for both of them but they were revelling in it. As Y/N kissed him he knew they were both saying they didn’t want this to end. He knew he wouldn’t have to ask her to stay over anymore, he knew she’d spend the night.

‘What was your favourite?’ Harry asked breaking the kiss and letting her forehead rest against his. His hands made her way up under the t shirt she was wearing and settled on her bare hips, the warm skin soft under his touch.

‘Definitely the toothbrush.’ She said with a cheeky smile, she poked her tongue out and Harry laughed. Y/N pressed her lips against Harry’s once more. It was deep and heated, she wanted to show him exactly how he was feeling. He squeezed her hips gently which made her moan lightly against his mouth from the sudden added pressure.

‘I love you too by the way.’ Y/N said breaking the kiss for just a second. It was Harry’s turn to smile, he felt completely relaxed now. It couldn’t have gone any better and now everything was out there. It was a bigger step than Harry had planned to take that morning, and definitely a bigger one than Y/N had planned to take but he was glad it had happened.

‘Maybe we could put the tree up later?’ Harry suggested with eyes closed, in between kisses. Y/N rolled off him and pulled him over on top of her, his naked body covering her, his warm skin a delight.


Prompt: Late Night Love.

Harry doesn’t really know how they ended up outside when the temperature was in single digits but he wouldn’t change it. Not for anything in the world.

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Lavender and Vanilla

Anon: Could you please do one of y/n coming home from work really tired and Harry cuddles her. Thank you x
Hope you like it!! 
Word Count: 1058
No warnings, just cute-as-hell Harry.

You sat in the driveway, for how long, you did not know. It seemed as if your legs were not attached to your body, or at least your brain wasn’t sending signals to them to make them move. You were exhausted: your body had been worked harder than it had in a long time, and it was all because of your new manager. It wasn’t that your previous manager didn’t work you hard, because she did, but nothing compared to this new guy. You worked at a catering business, which you liked…most of the time. The workload was normally evenly distributed, but because you were the youngest one on staff, your new boss thought that you could and should be pushed a little bit harder than everyone else, which led to very sore muscles and a tired body.

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