Can u write a smutty blurb where H makes his missus squirt for the first time and he’s fascinated by it and wants to try it again but the missus is tired? Love your writing xx

* Warning: NSFW, mature language, sexual content, sexual scenes. It’s all in the tightly - please don’t read if you’re uncomfortable with this concept. *

Thank you for the request! This one has been stuck in my ask box for some time, and, it’s been on mind for a while about how Harry would react in a situation like this. Here we have my little interpretation on how I he’d be in this particular situation. 

Can I also say, I wrote this whilst surrounding myself in my Harry shrine (my bedroom!) and I’ve never been more turn on in my life - wow. Where is Harry when you need him to suffice your sexual needs? I need my own Harry; preferably Harry himself. 

Can I also, also say … I’m not so sure how I feel about this one as a whole because this is being written by someone who’s never done this or experienced the feeling of something of the sorts. I’ve gone off of the internet and research with this, haha. Enjoy. xx

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That Moment

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What do you smell when you think of That Moment?“


“What does love smell like?“


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Liam Payne Imagine

The water was hot, a soft steam floating off of the surface. Liam sat in front of you, leaning up against your chest with one of your legs on either side of him. Your arms were draped over his shoulders, picking up some of the water and letting it drip down the front of his chest.

Liam let out a sigh, something mixed between tired and thoughtful. He dropped his head back against your shoulder. The bath mat have been a little bigger than average, but his knees were still bent and above the surface of the water so he could fit in front of you.

“What’re you thinking about?” you asked him in a soft voice, leaning back against the tub.

“Nothing,” he replied quietly.

He grabbed onto one of your hands and slipped his fingers in between yours. You pressed your cheek against his and continued dripping water over his chest with your free hand.

“Do you ever think about how different things would be if like…” he paused for a moment and shook his head.

“If what?” you asked softly.

“If…” he dragged out.

“Liam,” you cooed next to his ear, trying to soothe him the best that you could.

“I just wonder if things would be different if I could be stronger for you…” he finally got out and your face fell. “If I could just, put all my problems to the side and just be there for you.”

“Liam, no,” you shook your head quickly and gave his hand a tight squeeze.

“What?” he turned his head slightly so he could see you better.

“You’re so strong, but you can’t just do it for me. You have your own problems and when they get bad, it’s my turn to be strong for you. We have to be able to support each other… it’s not just up to you to keep me okay…”

“But… I should be able to deal with it all on my own. The anxiety, the panic, the sadness, that shouldn’t be your problem…”

“But that’s just the thing. It’s not my problem, you are not a problem. You are a human being and you need someone to be here for you sometimes. I don’t always need you to be strong for me. Sometimes you need me to be strong for you okay?” you murmured out softly, kissing under his ear. “I love you and I want you to be okay too…”

He let out a quiet sigh and closed his eyes, turning his head back to face away from you and against your shoulder. You brushed your wet hand over his forehead and slicked his hair back, kissing the back of his neck.

“You make me feel so safe…” he murmured out.

“Good…” you replied quietly.

“Do I make you feel safe?” he asked quietly.

“Always…” you replied instantly. “I have never felt scared to be myself around you.”

“Good… me too,” he smiled softly.

The steam had stopped rising up and tickling your face. Things were starting to cool down, but having Liam resting against you, you were still comfortable. However, Liam shifted slightly and sat himself up a little more.

“It’s getting a little chilly…” he said looking back at you.

“Let’s get out yeah?” you rubbed your eyes.

Liam nodded his head and reached forwards to pull the plug. The water began to drain as the two of you stood up. You got out first and grabbed a couple of towels, handing one over to him. Wrapping in around his waist, he gave you a warm smile and turned to look in the mirror, yawning out deeply.

“Bed time?” you giggled out as you grabbed your toothbrush.

“If I fall asleep now I’m gonna be up at like… 4 in the morning,” Liam shook his head.

“But you’re sleepy,” you mentioned.

“I’ll sleep later,” he waved off, cutting himself off as he put his toothbrush in the mouth to brush his teeth.

Smiling to yourself you two brushed your teeth and headed into the bedroom, changing into your comfortable clothes for the evening. Once you were all dressed, Liam wrapped his arms around your waist, pressing his lip against your cheek and let them linger for a couple seconds, leaving you two swaying slightly in the middle of your dimly lit bedroom.

You put your hands over his arms and closed your eyes, leaning into his kiss. He tightened his grip on you slightly and tugged you back to the bed.

“I love you…” he hummed, laying both of you down on top of the quilt.

“I love you too,” you replied honestly and genuinely, throwing one of your legs over his hip and pressing your body against his.

“So, so much?”

“More than you could ever know Liam…”

You grabbed his chin gently and turned his head towards yours, pressing your lips against his softly yet with a deep amount of emotion. His hand held the back of your head so you stayed close to him, even when you pulled away. The look in his eyes when you kissed him was one of love and a sense of relief. He knew he wasn’t alone and he knew that he was safe. Some people just needed to be reminded.

Daily Update- 21 October 2016

Today’s update includes a new video of Liam today, a new video of Niall’s appearance on Celebrity Gogglebox, a new video of Niall, twitter activity from Niall, Instagram activity from Niall, Liam and Harry, social media mentions of the boys, a press round up and an update on c4c’s charity drives for the boys. That’s it. 

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1D Hiatus: Day 314

* Louis posts a selfie on Instagram, he’s wearing a t-shirt with a rose on the pocket and showing off his dagger tattoo, kills us all as usual

* Niall posts two pictures and a video on Snapchat

* Niall meets fans in London

* Liam posts a picture on Instagram

* A fan spots Liam out in LA

* #OneYearSinceHome trends on Twitter

* Tom Atkin posts a throwback picture of Harry and others on Instagram

It’s Oct 22nd, 2016.