Also I’ma just say Harry Edward Styles is so aware of the fandom. He KNOWS. That’s why I don’t get why people say he doesn’t care or whatever. He knows that people love and support him as a solo artist and he appreciates it, but he /also/ knows that the only reason people were even here in the first place was because of 1D. He knows what people say about him; that he hates the band, that he’s selfish/ungrateful of where he comes from. And he’s just… Out there playing 1D songs on the Today Show – 1D songs from FOUR NO LESS, which was a masterpiece album, and any 30-50 year old who wasn’t familiar could look it up and see that – to show just the opposite and to simulataneously say that he hears what we’re saying, that he knows what we want, and that he’s NOT erasing 1D from his history just because he’s solo… This was just a genius move for so many reasons and I don’t know who made it but Bravo

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Harry Styles performed a 1D song solo for the Today Show. Do you think CC will ever do that? And if so, which song do you think would be good for her? I'd honestly like for her to perform 1000 Hands if that were to ever happen.

Nope, I don’t think she’ll ever do that, just like Zayn probably will never sing 1D songs - because they’re the first ones who left, while the rest of the group stayed, they don’t have the rights to the songs anymore I think. But I’d kill to hear Camila properly singing 1000 hands live