St. Louis, MO, 08/27/2014

Alright, let’s talk about this. The most important thing to know is that many of the designs were overlapping. Some of them were repeated, so I tried to locate each object at its clearest. The flower/dagger combo was only in one place that I could find, though, and was very obscured. Tell me what you think, please.

From top to bottom, left to right:

1. Two hearts with arrows. BUT…*Rafiki voice*…look harder. Behind the hearts: a flower/sun thingy with a dagger through it?

2. The rose, which - if you look in pic 7 - is actually a dripping ice cream cone with petals. Cool.

3. Happy skull and crossbones. That one was everywhere, seemed like.

4. The hanger. It’s a hanger, people. It was big. ‘Nuf said.

5. Two anchors side by side. Those were all over too.

6. I was confused by that one throughout the evening. On the left, it’s a pair of boxing gloves dangling with something else in front of it. On the right, is that a hand protruding from a shirtsleeve, ready to shake?

7. There were dice throughout the stage art. A fair number, and all in pairs. In this pic from the concert program, it says, “PAIR A DICE” around a little cabin in the snowy woods. Hmm. Ski trip for two, anyone?

8. This is a star/web combo. It was onstage, though it’s hard to decipher in the pics, so I used a photograph of the program’s back cover. It’s a star - a five-pointed star - on top of a circular web. Please, someone, tell me I’m not going crazy. No, really.

External image

External image

9. Here’s the anchor + rope. There was one onstage, but it was on the frame around the screen, so it wasn’t lit. I found it in the program too. They really covered that one good.

10. The shark man in heels, dagger to his left. Bonus skull in a backwards snapback and sad, knock-kneed apple.

Oh, and the ship was there too, buried in the dark part at the top of the stage. There were two lovely animated ships, tied together, on the screen during Strong, followed by a procession of hearts, arrows, and stars. *facepalm*