i’ve been in this fandom for over 4 years and i think my favorite time in this fandom was the first night of the no control launch

I didn’t get to watch the live stream, but what I’ve gathered from posts on my dash is this:

  • Fanfiction is a disgrace even though the fans work their asses off to put their feelings and soul into words.
  • Fanart is a disgrace even though the fans work their asses off to put their feelings and soul into pictures.
  • We still hate Ben Winston
  • There’s a full album of unreleased songs
  • They know about everything we do and talk about
  • We still hate Ben Winston
  • They know we leaked FOUR, but know we’re 1D af and will buy the album anyway.
  • Did I mention we still hate Ben Winston?

remember 1d live streams when they were literally told what 2 do/say but they disobeyed every single time and jus had fun and made jokes w one another as if they weren’t being recorded for the whole world 2 see like remember when i was actually happy 2 be alive

Liam's Tattoo

Like bear with me, I bet that lyric is actually from the song Zayn did with Naughty Boy that didn't make the cut. after Zayn found out that it didn’t make it, he was pissed and wouldn’t talk to Liam. Liam being the good boyfriend he is would try his hardest to get him happy but Zayn wouldn’t budge. then one day Liam straight up asked him what did he do an Zayn snapped saying that management liked Liam best that if Liam had tried harder to get his song on the album it would’ve been on but he barely tried leaving Zayn to fight for it an lose. Liam tried apologizing but Zayn wasn’t having any of it and said what’s done is done. Liam knowing he had to do something spectacular to win Zayn back went out and got that tattoo of the lyric that ZAYN wrote and told Liam about how much he liked it. he hurried home to show Zayn and tell him that next album he’ll get it on no matter ho hard he has to fight it. Zayn forgave him and they spent the rest of the night listening to the song cuddling