Instagram photo by salad days pins • Jul 11, 2016 at 10:29pm UTC
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Hello my lovely ones, Cassie here. So, forgive the non-1D content, but my friend is a stupidly talented artist and designs top notch enamel pins. Her last two collections have been gorgey, but I am OUT OF MY MIND IN LOVE with these historical badass women.

If you’re into collecting enamel pins (as they are quite de rigueur) or just love how beautiful these are, click through for her Etsy page: SaladDaysPins 

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And she also posts her other art occasionally to @ohsaladdaily and is, as I said, viciously, stupidly talented.

And I guess I should mention I am in no way sponsored by her, shes just a) a friend but more importantly b) I’m SO jazzed about these and I know these will appeal to many of you and your varied, exquisite, intellectual and aesthetic tastes. Aka y’all are smart and cool and pretty, and so are these pins.

xo Cassie