captain-miss-1d asked:

Hi! Can I request a date me with Karamatsu? My name is Alma, im 5'7, I like singing and cooking. I play the piano also. I am random. Sometimes im lazy but the next im bouncing of walls lol. I can be saracastic and hot-headed. Thanks,I like your blog!

Alma and her boyfriend, Kara wanted to try out something new today, something a little more chill than a fancy dinner in the 50 story  tower of a 5 star restaurant just to enjoy a crappy night city skyline.  They head to a new cafe that just opened up around the corner. 

Alma: “Look babe, they have a piano here!”

Before Kara can respond, Alma dashes for the piano to sit down and play a song. She falls into the music quickly, closing her eyes as she sways to melody, her fingers hitting key after key, a perfect string of notes.

Kara chuckles and dramatically slides over to piano. He leans onto it, resting his chin on his elbow. He closes his eyes with a smug grin.

Kara: “ Ah, my beautiful cherry blossom, my angel, my flower, you never cease to amaze me I didn’t know your heart aches for music. Your fingers crave the art of music just as i do, our hearts are as one, my love.”

Alma smirks. Her fingers still glued to the keys as she continues to play, she raises her eyelids to see Kara’s grin.

Alma: “You play too Kara?”

Kara: “I do not posses the talent to tickle the ivory keys, but I have some experience in caressing the heartstrings of the guitar.”

Alma: “Play for me some time”

She giggles and falls back into the music, Humming softly as she plays. Kara leans in closer, intently watching her every move. 

Kara: “The song you heart sings, my Alma, is nearly as beautifully heartbreaking as you are” 

Alma blushes, her fingers stop a the sudden  compliment. She looks at Kara, he’s crying, tears rolling down his cheeks.

Kara: “Every second I spend looking at you, the harder I fall for you, the pain it makes my heart feel, it brings my eyes to tears, my angel”

Kara wipes his eyes, he still has a grin on his face like he’s super proud of that line. Alma smiles, the heat from her cheeks spreading throughout her entire body as her ears glow red.  Her fingers twitch, wanting to return to keys but her mind has lost focus.  She reaches her hand up to cup Kara’s cheeks, wiping away his tears. Kara takes he hand, putting soft kisses on her fingers, palms, and wrist as he pulls her closer to him.  The kisses on her face start from the warm apples her cheeks, moving slowly to the corners of her lips. Alma, a little imputation leans in further to press her lips fully against his in a deep and long kiss. She pulls back and sweeps Kara’s hair out of face, her hand refusing to leave his cheeks.

 Alma: “I love you, Kara.”