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Nanny/ Single parent AU*

Nanny and single parent-Zayn AU

Summary: you are the new Nanny. 

Smut: Yes 

Word count: 2.4k

A/N: I hope you like it 

Help wanted:live in Nanny. Requirements are; at least something of early child care, and first aid. Will be a nanny to a 6 year old girl, you will be doing housework, making meals, laundry, picking/taking up from school, homework help; and if you do go to school we will arrange what will need to be done. Includes room and bored, with a family car and the pay starts off at $20 an hour Thank you, if you are interested please contact me by email.


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(Y/B) takes a lot of pride within his job of waking you up in the morning. He feels that since he’s not able to show you the love and affection that he wants to during the day because of him being at work, he gets some of it out in the morning.

Waking up with you covering over 90% of the bed, is the highlight of his day. Even though he doesn’t have any cover, his legs hurts from where you kicked him last night and he’s going to have back pains all day from being curled into a ball, it still makes him happy to see that you comfortable, so he doesn’t mind it much.

The light from the slightly opened curtains pours into the room, somehow managing to hit him directly in the face. His eyes slightly crack open and instinctively he rolls over to make sure that your still where he left you before he fell asleep, and in his opinion, you look stunning. Your tangled hair creating a bent halo around your head, the small puddle of drool staining the sheets where your mouth lays and eyes slightly open. A recipe for perfection, in his book.

A smile of adoration covers his face while he gently slides his hand across you cheek, caressing the skin lightly. He inches his way over to you and wraps you in his arms, pulling you into his chest, against your will, chuckling when you nuzzle you nose into his neck, your breaths tickling him slightly.

“It’s time to wake up, sweetheart,” he whisper, knowing that you don’t like loud noises in the morning. Tenderly running his hand through your tangle and matted hair to try and tame the mess, while you mentally debate on if you want to reply or not, but he knows your not asleep. “Wake up so I can love you,”…

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this might be an awkward question but Google is not helping me so I am coming to you for professional help, do you know any good lesbian one direction fics?? like GOOD ones (smutty or not idc) thanks pixie xo

oh gosh

i haven’t read lesbian 1d in a good while but off the top of my head here are a few links to get ya started

i think my pal arofic has read more lesbian 1d than me so jax if you want to add to this maybe??? people i know write and like girl 1d are star55 and ariadne_odair (these are ao3 usernames if i rmr correctly), so maybe check them out and see if you fancy something!! good luck friend xx

Preference #10: Your Matching Tattoos






     Y/N: I just wanted to get a few preferences and imagines done today since I’ve really posted much.So yeah I hope you guys are ready for that



Happy Tears. The kind of tears that make others who witness it want to cry also. Harry pulls you closer into his chest, burying his face into the crook of your neck. The water falling effortlessly down his cheeks, the dimples in his cheeks deepen slightly.The smiles on your faces never faltering as thoughts of the future roam through your heads. “I love you Miss soon to be (Y/N) Styles.” Harry whisper into your ear, causing your smile to widen, if that’s even possible, and more happy tears to brim the rim of your eyes. “I love you too Mister Harry Styles.”


Silent Tears. They slowly cascade down his face as he watches you slowly pack your things, the same liquids falling from your eyes. “P-Please… Don’t do this,” he stutters out, his voice breaking and the tears start to fall faster down his flustered cheeks. “I have to,” You say plainly, zipping up your suit case and placing it onto its rollers, and heading downstairs. “No. You don’t,” he whispers, choking slightly on a sob that he is holding back. You stop in your tracks and turn around to face him, “Yes. I do, Liam. I wouldn’t have had to if you could have stayed faithful to me,” You say looking down at your left hand, you diamond wedding ring turning duller, and duller the more you stare down at it, slowly you pull it off your finger and drop it to the floor. “This is where it ends.”


Frustrated Tears. They always happen to appear when he’s on tour, when he lays in his bunk late at night after a show. He’ll toss and turn, in search of the one thing that makes him fall into the pleasant darkness of unconsciousness, but when he reaches over for it and remembers that its not there, his vision becomes slightly blurry. His hands quickly wiping away the liquid that had formed, trying to keep them from falling.Thoughts of you swirling through his mind as he mentally counts down the days until he can have you in his arms again.


Angry Tears. Thick, hot drops of liquid falling down both of your red cheeks as you glare at each other intently. His nostrils flare as he stares down at you, his hand quickly wiping away the ‘sweat’ (as he will later call it) from his face. “Why are we doing this to each other,"he speak, closing his eyes tightly, trying to push the anger away, "This has got to stop.” Your glare slowly fades and is soon replaced with your usual gentle eyes,“Your right… I’m sorry,” you apologize softly and wipe the tears from your cheeks, slowly approaching your blonde headed boyfriend. He smile slightly and opens his arms for you to enter, which you willing accept, “Me too Princess,"he sighs, "Me too.”


Proud Tears. They slowly roll down his face as he stares down at the small pink bundle in his arms. “She’s gorgeous,” he says quietly in awe, his eyes never leaving from the baby’s peaceful, sleeping face. He slowly walks toward you and sniffs, a watery smile comming onto his face, “Thank you,” he whisper, staring down at you lovingly, the same expression covering you face. “I love you Zayn,” you say softly, your eyes slowly closing as exhaustion starts to overtake you, but as you fall asleep you hear him faintly reply back, “I love you too, darling.”

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Food Posioning


You stuck the spare key that Liam had given you into the door, walking into the seemingly empty hotel room. “Harry?” You call out softly, frowning in confusion when you get no reply. Liam had said that he would be here, so you place your things at the door and walk further into the room. You check everywhere and once you get to the bedroom door you knock softly. “Harry?” I say quietly, not expecting an answer but receiving a low and painful groan. You twist the knob and enter the bedroom, shocked to see your boyfriend curled into a ball in the center of the bed. “(Y/N)?” Harry whisper, attempting to turn his head my way but groaning in pain at the sudden movement. “Oh Haz,” you whisper and walk toward your curly guarded boyfriend, softly sitting beside him and gently caressing his forehead. “What’s wrong baby?” He sniffs and looks up at you slowly, you take a mental note of the fact that he is death pale and that his eyes are red. “Food poisoning,”he croaks out, causing you to sigh sympathetically. This was going to be a long few days.


3:09 am. 3 freaking 09 am! Is the time that the clock reads as you wake up to the sound of heaving in the bathroom. You glance over to the other side of the bed and see that Liam is not in his spot beside you. You groan and slip out of bed, trudging slowly to the bathroom door, a frown on your face. You knock softly on the door, “Liam, are you okay in there?” You say gently through the hard wood door that’s separating you from your fiancé. You hear him clear his throat before replying, ” Yea baby, I’m fine, I think that it the food that I ate last night” he says and continue what he was doing. You sigh and twist the door knob and pout when establishing that it’s locked, so you walk into kitchen and grab some ginger ale, crackers a nd some aspirin. Returning to the room and placing it on Liam’s dress from his side of the bed. Along with an empty trash can, before laying back down and closing you eyes.


Your hand tenderly strokes the hairs off of Louis’ sweaty forehead, while his head lays in your lap. He had been complaining about his stomach hurting since the plane ride and now you two are in the limo on the to the hotel. “Mate, you don’t look so good” Harry points out causing the other boys to nod in agreement. Louis groans softly and bite his lip, his arms wrapping tighter around his stomach, he then shoots up Rom your lap, startling you slightly. “Driver! Pull over!” He shouts through the open partition, causing the driver to instantly pull over onto the side of the road. Louis gets up and quickly exits the limo, leaning over and spilling his meal out onto the grass. You sigh and exit the car too, rushing to his side to comfort him. You hand slowly rubs circles into his back while he empties his stomach completely. After he is finished, he spit and stands up strait, trying to get his breathing back to normal. You smile sympathetically up at him and lead him back into the Vehical, Liam handing him a water bottle as soon as he is seated. “We’re almost there, baby. Hold on.” You whisper softly into his ear, causing him to smile thankfully at you and lean his head on your shoulder. He doesn’t say anything, but you don’t need words to know just how much he loves you.


You shiver slightly as you don’t feel the warmth of you Irish boyfriends chest against you back. Your eyes crack open slightly and you shift onto your other side to face his side of the bed to see that it’s empty. Frowning, you slowly slide out of bed and wrap a blanket around your small frame, trudging out of your room into the hall way, and see that the tv is on. You walk filling into the living room and see that Niall is wide away watching the tv with a small trash can beside him. “Ni?” You whisper, causing his head to snap toward you. “Hey Beautiful,” he says groggily, and you gasp at his appearance. Dark circles lined the bottom of his eyes, and his skin was paler than usual. “Niall… why are you up,” you ask walking closer to where he is seated. “I wasn’t feeling to well, and I didn’t wanna wake you so I came out here for a while,” he says causing you to smile and lean down to kiss his cheek. “Come to bed so I can take care of you,” you say, fully awake now and g r an his hands softly, causing him to smile brightly. You lead him back to the bedroom where you spent the rest of the night and the next day taking care of him.


When you two left the restaurant, you could instantly tell that something wasn’t right with Zayn. He was quieter than usual and he looked deathly pale, he even asked you to drive uhome, but I didn’t object seeing his state. As we drove home, Zayn cleaned his head against the window the whole time, with his eyes closed tight. “Z… Are you okay?” You finally asked, he opens his eyes slightly and nods stiffly. “I don’t know,” he whisper, “my stomach doesn’t feel to well.” He croaks and slams his eyes shut once again in. You bite your lip and watch his expression out if the corner of your eyes, seeing that he is close to blowing chucks all the inside of the car. Within minutes you two are back home safely, and instantly Zayn takes the little bit of strength he has and rushes to the front door, unlocking it and bolting to the bathroom. You quickly rush in after him and rub circles onto his back while his whole meal is exposed to you. “Babe, you don’t have to be in here if you can’t take it,” He says in between pant, noticing your gags that you’ve tried to hold in. “N-no, I’m fine.”

Change Your Ticket

Change Your Ticket


“Watching you get dressed, Messes with my head. Take that bag off your shoulder. Come get back in bed, We still have time left. This dont have to be over.”
“Where do you think your going?” a voice calls from the behind you, causing you to jump slightly. Quickly you whip around, your eyes landing on the green orbs of the one and only Harry Styles. Just a few moments before you turned around, his figure layed motionless upon the matress, sound asleep, but now he’s in a completly different position. His back is now pressed agaist the headboard, while his arms are crossed. Eyes wide open. “N-no where” you stutter out lamely, causing Harry to raise his eyes brow slightly and cock his head to the side in confusion. “No where?” he repeats, but his eyes then train directly on the bag that you have slung over your shoulder, “Then why are you packed?” When the questiopn leaves his lips, instantly it makes you question your own reasoning, and frown. “Take that bag off your shoulder, love. Come back to bed… your spots getting cold,” as the words leave his lips, he swings the covers back for you to climb in and you quickly oblige, letting the bag fall to the floor. You quickly oblige, wobbling back to the bed, stripping from your clothing until you are just in your undergarents. As soon as you reach your side of the king sized matress, you plop down, instantly being pulled into the chest of your beloved boyfriend. “You really didn’t think that i was going to allow to leave, did you?” he mumbles into your hairs softly.


“And you say, it’s hard to keep a secret. Girl dont leave me all alone in this hotel…”
“Niall, we cant keep doing this. The secret is going to get out about us creeping around and who know the mess that were going to be in.” The words spill from your mouth like word vomit, as you clasp your bra back together, adjusting your boobs within the material. You stand up from the bed, in search of your shirt that had been carelessly flung around the room. After about thirty seconds of looking for the article of clothing, Niall’s voice rings through the room. “Looking for this,” he say, causing you to turn around and see him smirking, holding your shirt within his grasp. From the look on his face you know that he is not going to give it back willingly. “Give It,” you growl out, causing his eyes to twinkle in amusment. “Nope. You’re staying here with me,” he states, falling onto the couch, and deciding to place the fabric under his butt. Groaning in frustration you walk toward him, causing him to have to stare up at you from his position on the couch. “Niall, i dont have time for this. Give me the damn shirt,” You warn, and instantly his face contorts into amusment. “(Y/N), i said no. dont leave me here alone… i’ll get bored without you here,” he whines, and instantly you sigh in defeat plopping down beside him. “And besides… the view from here is amazing,” he states cheekily, causing you to snap your head to his direction and shoot him an icy glare, but you cant help but let a smile slip onto your face. “Fuck You.”


“You should probably stay, probably stay, a couple more days. Come on let me change your ticket home…”
“Baby please dont cry,” Liam says softly, walking up to you and wrapping his arms around your waist securly. Slowly he runs his hands up and down your back while swaying from side to side comfortingly. Today way the day that you would be leaving the glourious tour life to head back to your shared home back in London, and today was also the day that both you and liam had been dreading. “But i dont want to go,” You sob, causing Liams heart to clench. In his opinion, seeing you cry was one of the most awful things that could occure. Every tear that falls from your eyes is a small fracture into your heart, and hearing you sob like that, put a tear in it. He takes in a sharp intake of air, getting a brilliant idea. “How about this,” he starts, causing you to pull away slightly and stare up at him, urging his to continue on. “How about we change you ticket, letting you stay for a few more weeks, no only will i be able to sleep better at night, but we could be together,” he proposes with a smile, causing you to mimic his expression. Your eyes lighting up in excitment, “Can You?” you ask hopefully. “I can.”


“… And these shades, can hide of from the streets yea. When we can, i promise that i"ll, never tell.”
“Here put these on,” you say quietly, not wanting the hoard of girl to discover your location, even though the headline, ‘Trapped in Hot Topic’ would make a good story to tell when you get older. Louis looks down at the item in your hands in confusion, “(Y/N), right now is not the time to set a fashion statement,” he frowns causing you to roll your eyes at his stupidity. “No dummy, put them on, and we can try and hide from the fans,” you explain, causing him to smile, and take them from you, sliding them onto his face slowly, before taking a deep breath and opening the door to the fitting room. “Ready?” he whispers, you nodding in reply as you walk out of the store as casually as possible and make your way out of the mall, and to your car. “Oh my god… that work..” He says once you reach the safety of his car. You only lean back into your chair, with just as much shock written on your features. “I can’t believe it either.”


“Why we dont we take some time, why dont we take just a little more time…”
“Zayn, hurry up, we’re gonna be late!” you exclaim, re-appling your red lipstick, before doing one more check over. Today you where going to be having dinner with his parents, and the last thing you wanted, was to be late for your first meeting. “I’m coming, babe, give me a moment,” he yells back, while adjusting his tie, before coming downstairs. When he is almost at the bottom step, he stops, eyeing you carefully. You see him staring at you through the mirror and instantly you frown, “What? Is something wrong?” You ask worried that something was on your dress. “I can’t let you leave in that…” Zayn say lowly, before walking toward you, his lip caught inbetween his teeth, “It’lll be to distracted tonight”. You turn around and your eyes widen as you watch his eyes darken with lust, “Z-zayn, we dont have time for this, ” You warn, backing up into the wall while he proceeds to get closer and closer. ” Baby, all we have is time… maybe a little more than i actually need,” he smirks, undoing his belt..

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Personally I think Louis would be a Gryffindor bc while he is mischievous he's also brave and loyal

i can definitely see that!! i also think it’s important to consider that the sorting hat lets you decide a bit yourself, and i personally could very easily imagine louis choosing gryffindor. but i like slytherin louis too.

a note to other people seeing this: please do not yell at me and this anon about how louis definitely is a slytherin. we all know that’s the popular headcanon, all right, chill. let people have their imaginations. no one’s trying to take slytherin louis from you.