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WARNING: strong sexual content 

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Authors in Love

Y/N is an up and coming writer.  Her publisher sends her to a convention where she runs into her favorite author, Harry Styles.  Feedback and Requests are welcomed.  Enjoy!  Lots of Love!

           Writing provided an escape from reality.  From age ten, Y/N wrote page upon page of stories. Whenever anyone asked what she wanted to do in the future, she always said the same thing.  She hoped to be a writer.  She studied the greatest works.  Growing up, Y/N read Charles Bukowski, C.S. Lewis, and other famous authors. Now, Y/N emailed the finished copy of her newest novel to her publisher.  Y/N began writing this novel when she entered university, and recently finished it two years after her graduation.  Her publisher promised this novel would take off.  Y/N’s dreams could finally come true.
*  *  *  *

          Y/N enjoyed writing romance novels that involved a supernatural being.  Her recent novel involved a ghoul falling in love with a human.  Y/N found inspiration from her favorite author, Harry Styles. Harry Styles wrote book after book about supernatural love.  Every time Y/N read Harry’s writing, she would giggle and feel her heart pitter-patter. She wondered how Harry managed to write the best love scenes.  Y/N hoped that one day, people would love her work the way that she loved Harry’s writing.
*  *  *  *

          Y/N packed her suitcases, preparing her speech for the convention. Y/N’s publisher promoted her novel, but he mentioned a writer’s convention.  At the convention, Y/N would meet fans and promote her book to new followers.  Y/N lugged the heavy suitcase down the narrow apartment stairs.  Y/N loaded the suitcases and boxes, filled with the signed copies of her book, into the tiny uber.  Y/N glanced out the window, smiling at the glowing sun.  Y/N had a good feeling about the convention.  
*  *  *  * 

           Y/N filled out papers, slipping the author pass around her neck. Writers entered the convention space, discussing their plans for tomorrow.  Y/N’s publisher told her to set up her booth before tomorrow morning. Y/N carried box after box to the large table labeled with her name.  Y/N arranged the banner, which displayed the front cover of her book, behind her plastic chair.  Y/N bought crystals and other mystical items that fit the book’s theme.  She plopped down in her chair, uncapping a pen. Other authors used their free time to check out other books, but Y/N needed to sign a few copies of her book. Y/N didn’t have time to mess around.
*  *  *  *

          Y/N finished signing books, checking the watch on her wrist. She stood up, stretching her cracking bones.  Y/N yawned, rubbing her tired eyes.  She didn’t notice the handsome man strolling over to her table.  The tall, lanky man grinned from ear to ear.  His short curly hair fell in a tousled mess.  His eyes matched that of a crystal lake with flecks of green shining brightly.  Y/N straightened up, smiling at the man.  
“Hello, I’m Y/N.  Are you a writer?” Y/N asked, holding out a hand.
The man shook her hand, “Yes.  I noticed your table, and I had to read the first page of your book.”
She grinned, “Well, let me give you a copy. Why don’t you read the back?”
The man shrugged, pushing the large glasses up his nose, “A synopsis does not do a book justice.  The first page will tell you if you can read the book, or if it does not fit your expectations.”
Y/N gulped, hoping her book satisfied this man’s taste.  The man flipped through the table of contents, smiling once he found the first page. His eyes scanned the text.  Y/N watched in anticipation, did he hate it? He closed the book, staring at Y/N with the coldest look.
“I love it.  You have talent.  There are very few writers that can pull in the audience on the first page.”
Y/N sighed with relief, “Thank you.  Are you promoting a book?”
The man nodded, “It is a sequel to my most recent book.  Do you know Broken Chains?”
Y/N gasped, covering her mouth with her hands. The man before her wasn’t any writer. This man happened to be her favorite author.  Harry Styles read her book and enjoyed the first page.  
“Oh my gosh.  I am such a fan.  I have read every single book you published.  It is such an honor to meet you,” she gushed.
Harry chuckled, waving his hand, “It’s nothing to freak out about.  We are all talented people.  Well, I must leave.  I hope to see you tomorrow.”
Y/N nodded feverishly, “Goodnight Harry.”
Harry walked off, waving one last time at the stunned woman.  Once Harry rounded the corner, Y/N squealed with joy.  Harry Styles complimented her writing.
*  *  *  * 

           Y/N brewed her coffee, shuffling around the cramped hotel room. She dried her wet hair while applying her makeup.  She slipped into her lucky blue dress, draping the black blazer around her shoulders. Y/N sipped her morning coffee, waiting for her uber.  People piled in and out of the convention.  Y/N breathed in, calming the first day jitters.  She passed Harry’s table this morning, but he looked busy with his fans.  She wondered if Harry would laugh if she asked him to sign a copy of his book for her. Y/N pushed the thought aside, using her charm to attract attention to her table.  
“Do you enjoy reading supernatural stories? Do you love romance?  Well, I have written a new book about a ghoul falling in love with a human,” She stated.
People rushed to her table, waiting in line for a signature.  Many people complimented the writing, the book cover, and the neat knick-knacks on her table.  
Y/N laughed with each fan, told stories about her journey to new fans, and read the first page to a large group of people. Y/N’s smile seemed permanently etched on her face.  Y/N’s dream was coming true.
*  *  *  *

           “I love your writing.  Can we expect to see more from this couple?” One fan wondered, bouncing on her toes.
Y/N smirked, “I cannot confirm anything, but I think this couple has more trials to undergo.”
The fan squealed, leaping across the table to hug Y/N.  Y/N chuckled lightly, acting as though she wasn’t about to cry.  She didn’t know how other authors survived today.  Every time someone commented on her writing, Y/N’s heart soared.  Tears pricked her eyes out of happiness and thankfulness.  The first day ended later than Y/N thought it would.  Y/N packed her items up, groaning as she lifted the heavy box onto her table.  
“Hey, how was your first day?” Harry asked.
She grinned, “I couldn’t be happier.  I almost cried all day.”
Harry chuckled, knuckling at his bagged eyes, “Yeah, during my first convention, I had a box of tissues by my side at all times.”
Y/N giggled, glancing down at her box, “Well, I should head home.”
“Wait, I know this might sound lame, but would you sign my book?  I know you are going to make it big, and I want to say that I got this signed before you became super famous,” Harry rushed out.
Y/N blushed, “Sure.”
Y/N uncapped her pen, signing a special message for Harry.  Harry looked over her signature, “To Harry, the man who inspired me to publish this book.”
“Wow, thank you.  I didn’t know that I inspired you,” Harry mumbled in awe.
Y/N nodded, “I love your writing, and I figured if you could do, then I could too.”
Harry nodded, “You can do it.  You are talented.”
“Thank you, by the end of this weekend, can I get a signed copy of your book?”
Harry agreed, “I promise to make it special.”
Y/N grinned, saying her goodbyes to the curly haired man.  Y/N didn’t know what the last day of the convention had in store for her.
*  *  *  *

           Harry knocked his alarm off the nightstand.  Harry groaned, slipping from the comfort of his hotel sheets. He turned the alarm off, shuffling toward the bathroom.  After Harry’s morning routine, he packed his items for his last journey to the convention. Harry cleaned his dirty lens while he waited for a taxi.  The second day of the convention was crazier than the first.  The last-minute fans darted in, hoping to catch their favorite authors.  Harry noticed Y/N’s table packed with people.  Harry grinned, plopping down at his table.  
“I love your writing.  You inspired me to write,” One young fan mumbled.
Harry grinned, he loved helping someone find their path, “That’s amazing.  When you finish writing the book, you can email me.  I would love to read your writing.”
The fan nearly fainted, sobbing uncontrollably in front of Harry.  Harry hugged her, giving her a tissue to wipe away her tears.  
“What is this one about?” Another fan asked, skimming the synopsis.
Harry tutted, “You should read the first page. The first page will make it or break it. The book is about a teenager discovering their supernatural abilities in a dystopian world.”
The fan nodded, reading over the first page, “This sounds amazing.  I can’t wait to read it.”
Harry grinned, “If you want another great author, check out Y/N.”
The fan nodded, “I’ll keep that in mind.”
Harry recommended Y/N’s book to everyone that stood before him.  Sure, Harry had a tiny crush on the beautiful woman, but it was so much more than that. Harry read too many authors that followed the same format.  Y/N broke the rules and wrote with passion.  Harry supported anyone that was passionate about their dreams.
*  *  *  * 

           Y/N’s heart sunk, realizing her first convention was over. Y/N felt happy with the turnout, but she would miss everyone she met.  Y/N related this depression to that feeling every child felt at the end of summer. Y/N sighed, packing her box for the last time.  
“Hey, are you busy tonight?” Harry asked, jogging up to her table.
Y/N shook her head, staring into Harry’s bright eyes, “I planned on sleeping.”
Harry chuckled, “Well, would you like to grab a coffee before that?”
Y/N smiled, nodding eagerly.  Harry nodded once, turning to his messy table.
“I have to clean up, but I’ll pick you up at your hotel.  Does that sound good?” Harry asked, nervously wringing his hands.
“Yeah, I’ll see you later,” Y/N grinned, buzzing with excitement.  
Harry sighed dreamily, watching Y/N leave the convention.  Y/N danced around a bit, freaking out that Harry Styles enjoyed her company.  Y/N was about to grab a coffee with her favorite author.  
*  *  *  *

           Harry wandered the empty halls, searching for her room.  Harry’s heart thudded against his chest.  Harry stopped at her door, clearing his throat before knocking.  Harry ran his fingers through his hair, feeling anxious about tonight.  Y/N dressed up hours before Harry’s knock, so when he finally knocked, Y/N jumped up quicker than a flash of lightning.  She slid across the carpet, opening the door for Harry. Her stomach fluttered with nerves.
“Hey Harry, are you ready to go?” She asked, squeezing her feet into her shoes.
Harry nodded, “You look beautiful.”
Y/N blushed, glancing at the carpet, “Thank you.”
Harry held out his hand, smiling when he felt her hand slip comfortably into his.  The couple waltzed down the hall, feeling like two teenagers in love.
“Did you finish packing?” Y/N questioned Harry.
“Yeah, I leave for London tomorrow,” Harry mumbled.
“You don’t sound happy,” Y/N stated, frowning at Harry’s solemn mood.
Harry shrugged, “I’ll miss everyone. I’ll miss you.”
Y/N’s heart skipped a beat as she smiled a lopsided grin at Harry’s dazzling eyes, “I’ll miss you too.”
Harry smirked, removing his hand from her so he could pull her into a hug.  Y/N wrapped her arms around Harry’s warm body, relaxing in his hold.  Harry melted into the hug, feeling as though he were meant to embrace her all the time.  Once the elevator dinged, Y/N reluctantly pulled away.  Harry and Y/N walked down the street to a nearby café, discussing their lives.  Harry opened the door for Y/N like a proper gentleman.  Y/N read over the board, wondering what wouldn’t keep her up all night. Harry wrapped his arms around Y/N’s waist, nuzzling his nose against her neck.  Y/N blushed, holding onto Harry’s hands.  Y/N ordered a hot chocolate while Harry ordered a tea.  
“What are you going to write next?” Harry asked Y/N.
Y/N shrugged, sipping her drink, “I’m working on a sequel to this book.  Does this book mention Jenna?  You know, you nearly killed me when she died.  She’s my favorite main character, and now, we will never hear from her again.”
Harry leaned his cup at Y/N as he shook his head, “You know, a character never dies.  A person never dies.  We all live on through the story.  Jenna may have died, but her spirits and attitude will impact that world forever.”
Y/N grinned, “How did you become so philosophical?”
Harry chuckled, “I read a lot about philosophy. Didn’t you read any Plato?”
She snorted, “I read it, but did I understand it?  No, I passed university by pure luck.”
Harry laughed, “I like talking to you. You are very passionate.  You don’t write like most authors, and I love that.”
Y/N blushed, “Thank you.  I guess I never fit into that mold.  I created my standards, and I go by those.”
Harry and Y/N finished their drinks, leaving the cozy café.  Harry held Y/N’s hand until they stopped at her hotel room.  Harry’s heart fluttered, begging him to kiss her.  Y/N toyed with her fingers, hoping Harry would kiss her.
“I hope we keep in touch,” Harry whispered, staring at her lips.
Y/N nodded, leaning into Harry’s body. Harry cupped her cheek, running his thumb under her bottom lip.  Y/N’s eyes fluttered shut while she rolled onto her toes.  Harry smirked, closing his eyes as he captured her lips with his. Y/N wrote many kissing scenes, but she couldn’t put into words the feelings she had when she kissed Harry. Harry swore he saw fireworks in his mind when her lips touched his.  Harry pulled away, smiling largely at Y/N.  
“I think I’ll keep in touch with you,” Harry purred.
Y/N giggled, wrapping her arms around Harry’s neck, “Me too.”
The couple shared another kiss, declaring their love in front of that hotel room.  Y/N never expected the convention to end with Harry as her boyfriend, but Y/N couldn’t be happier.  All of Y/N’s dreams came true.

The Boxer

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 10k


“You’re supposed to be in the hospital gown, it’s why we laid it out for you,” Y/N stated, pointing the pen in her hand at the white gown by his feet.

“I’m not wearing that paper shit,” Harry grumbled, “and I’m perfectly fine to leave.”

“That cut says otherwise,” Y/N says.

Harry watches as she sets down the clipboard and turns on the sink to wash her hands, she’s cute. She’s nothing like the kind Harry would go for. His usual prey would be at the bar, lonely, maybe going through a breakup, but he knew for sure that by the end of the night she would be in his bed. Y/N on the other hand looked like too pure for him, and he hated that look.

From his experience Harry had learned that girls like Y/N believed that they were too good for a guy like him. Girls like Y/N, with an innocent smile, soft skin, and soft voices, tended to only use him for one thing, to make their parents upset. Harry had seen it time and time again, it was only a matter of weeks before the girl would crush his heart and move on to someone better.

“I don’t feel anything,” Harry stated.

Harry had grown numb to just about everything. He couldn’t feel the punches thrown at him, he couldn’t feel his emotions, it all just seemed gone to him. He didn’t mind though, no emotions meant he couldn’t get hurt, and no pain meant he was unstoppable.


Boxer Harry Styles highers, incredibly perky Y/N as his on-call nurse.

“I hate the graveyard shift,” Y/N stated, slumping into the chair.

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Harry bursting out loud laughing is my new aesthetic.


Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 4k


“She’s the sweetest thing Harry, and smart too. You know she’s in medical school? She could save your life, though she’s clumsy so I don’t know if I would trust her giving me surgery, I would want someone steady. But she’s smart and beautiful, you would just love her! At least let me introduce you,” Anne pleads.

Harry lays on the couch in his room, groaning, “I’m seeing someone,” he reminds her, “Trish, remember?”

“Well I’m not saying you have to date her! I’m just saying you should meet her,” Anne says.

“She doesn’t even want to meet me. You said so yourself, and when I’m home I want to hang out with you and Gemma, not spend it with some stranger.”

“She’s not a stranger, she’s Y/N from the flower shop, and she would like to meet you she’s just being shy, I’m sure of it! Why are you kids being so damn difficult? Can’t you just meet her? I’m not saying you have to marry her or anything, I’m just saying I would like her to be the mother of my grandkids.”


Anne plays matchmaker and tries to set up Harry and Y/N, a girl who works at her favorite flower shop.

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Not Worth It

- Part 2 of the one where you’re in love with him but he likes your best friend

Part 1

Masterlist linked in bio.

“Are you ever going to speak to me?”

Y/n freezes as she hears Harry’s voice ask her the question she’s been dreading to answer.

It’s been two weeks since she’s heard that voice. It may sound rougher now, more stern and harsh than it normally is as it growls behind her at the counter of Lexi’s bar, but it’s still the first time she’s heard it in two weeks.

After her sober confessions to a very tipsy, slumberous Harry, Y/n had to understand what it truly meant to move on.

At first, she thought she would still be able to be around him as she searched for ways to rid her feelings. She distracted herself, mostly. She would interact more with Savannah than she would Harry, and even started picking up new habits whenever she felt her emotions creeping in. Anything that reminded her of him was disregarded entirely so that the only time he was able to consume her thoughts was whenever he was near her.

For the first couple weeks, she was holding up quite well, considering the circumstances. She was able to contain her emotions and take her mind off of the raging heartache that kept burning in her chest.

But it wasn’t much long after that night when Savannah and Harry finally became official, and if Y/n wasn’t anguished before, she surely was then. She was forced to witness the transition of their relationship in hindsight. What was once casual flirting and innocent touches turned into secretive giggles and loving hand gestures.

It was as if her heart broke all over again. What seemed to be almost completely mended was destructed all at once. The chase between Harry and Savannah was over, and reality set in that Harry was happy and in love with someone that wasn’t Y/n.

Watching them together was Y/n’s most devastating nightmare, and the thought of that alone meant she couldn’t mentally handle being alone anymore. With all of the emotions built up inside of her, being alone for Y/n meant enduring the pain and suffering she didn’t want to feel anymore. She just wanted it all to end, everything.

The earliest hours of the morning wrecked her the most. With only the moon illuminating the room and the radio silence throughout her house gave Y/n no choice but to be alone with her thoughts. She wasn’t loved, and no matter how many nights she’s tried to convince herself that this wasn’t the end, it was.

She had to let Harry go, completely this time. She gave up on him entirely because she couldn’t keep loving him when he didn’t love her. Not anymore, not like that.

She keeps her back to him as he heaves heavy breaths, eyes sending daggers and teeth clenched from his crippling frustration. 

“It’s Thursday, I see,” Harry grumbles before giving her the chance to answer, jaw locked as his fingers grip harshly around a stray, unfinished glass of alcohol. “You never work Thursdays. ’S this where your Friday shifts went?”

There’s an unpleasantly rough tone in his voice that makes Y/n’s breath hitch in her throat. She’s never witnessed this side of him, filled with anger and exasperation. He’s always been so soft and gentle, never having the heart to speak down to someone. But here he is, eyes dark with anger and words spewing venomously from his lips.

And as much she hates to admit it, she can’t blame him for being so angry with her. She knows she means the most to him—even if it’s not in a romantic sense—she’s become such an important part of his life. Ever since they met, she took in the truth about his past, understood the feelings and thoughts he’s carried all through his years, and was able to provide him with anything she was able to when he needed her most. She was one of the very few people he trusted and felt most comfortable with in his life. She was irreplaceable, he’d always tell her, nobody could compare to her. She meant everything.

And then, she left him. She distanced herself so far away from him until it was as if she was never apart of his life. She ignored him and all his attempts to reach out to her again. It hurt her tremendously, knowing that what they had together was completely and utterly helpless, but she never questioned how Harry felt about it. She did what was easiest for her and never thought about it twice. She left him so that he can be happy, but as he stands so tensely and confused before her, she can’t help but blame herself what’s happened between them.

She nods her head softly, still refusing to look up at him as she gathers all the used glasses in front of her, making herself seem distracted so she doesn’t have to make much effort into speaking to him.

“I—uh, yeah. Friday nights were getting hectic and I couldn’t keep up with the late hours. I thought Savannah told you.”

It’s a lie. A shitty, impulsive lie that Harry almost finds humorous. Of course, Y/n switched her Friday night shift. She felt as if she had no choice. She couldn’t bare to look at him with Savannah another goddamn second, and he thought of spending Friday nights with Harry without being alone with him and going to the 24-hour movie theater together was enough to make her sick to her stomach.

“She did,” he clicks his tongue, eyes narrowing as he watches her scramble around the bar, “didn’t have to, though. I knew she was lying.”

Y/n’s actions halt for a moment, a feeling of dread flowing in her veins before she goes back to cleaning off the bar, disregarded his statement completely.

Harry knows Y/n’s been avoiding him, she hasn’t exactly made it as subtle as she thought. Their entire friendship changed, and Harry knows he wasn’t the one ruining it.

The morning after Y/n drove Harry back from the bar, all he could really remember clearly was falling asleep with Y/n. There were other bits he remembered, but that was really the only moment that came to him when he woke up. And he was confused when he woke up alone because, in all honesty, he was looking forward to waking up next to her. It was all his drunk mind thought of, and that terrified him.

When Y/n started distancing herself from him, Harry kept wondering what he had done wrong. She was fine with Savannah, keeping up with their lives as usual. But she was different with Harry—closed off, in a way, and it made him feel something he’s never felt in his life before.

He was confused, to say the least. Because when he was kissing down the bare chest of the woman of his dreams, he couldn’t stop daydreaming about Y/n, and how he hasn’t heard her voice and how he hasn’t felt her in so long.

He had Savannah wrapped around his finger, yet he still felt as if everything about it was wrong. He changed when Y/n left him, because even when he was around the most loving company, he felt alone.

He was helpless. As much as he tried to love Savannah, Y/n was always in the back of his head. She was there, all the time, trapped in his mind with no escape route. 

At first, he was confused—upset and lost without Y/n. He didn’t know life without her would feel so lonely, so empty and incomplete. It was strange, not knowing how to live his life without her. He’d never expected her disappearance to be such a hindrance to him, but it was. Oh, how it was.

Then, he was angry—angry because as many times as he tried to get her to speak to him again, she never came back. She was gone, forever.

Now, he’s hurt. So damaged by her leaving his side, so incomplete and destroyed without her with him anymore. His heart is heavy with sadness and he couldn’t let himself feel this way anymore. 

He needs her, no matter how wrong and pathetic it sounds, he needs her. 

“So you gonna tell me why you’ve been avoiding me, or am I gonna have to force it out of you?” he seethes, nose flaring as he tries to steady his uneven breath.

Y/n shakes her head ignorantly, a flash on innocence in her eyes as she does so. But she damn knows well what he’s talking about, and her oblivion drives him crazy.

“I don’t—I don’t know what you’re talking ab—“

“Oh, fuck off with it!” Harry spits, slamming his closed fist down on the wooden counter.

He doesn’t seem to care about how sudden the bar falls silent, or the glisten of fear in Y/n’s eyes when she finally looks up at him. All he can seem to care about is how much pain he feels, all over. All he can think about is how now, after the last two weeks of not being able to understand why he cares so goddamn much, he’s finally able to feel some sense of sanity being in front of her now.

“You know what you’re doing to me, Y/n! You know damn fucking well what you’re fucking doing and—“

“Harry, please.” Y/n whispers and she isn’t sure as to whether or not she’s begging him to lower his voice or begging for him to understand.

“And it’s not fair!” he cries out, tears of frustration overflowing from his eyes as he grips tightly onto his hair.

His breaking point is approaching, he feels it. He feels it with every breath he takes and every word that emits from his mouth. His heart twists and breaks as he expresses every feeling that’s been consuming him for the past two weeks. He needs her to know what she’s doing to him, needs her to know how he feels in this moment.

“I did nothing to you and you keep pushing me away and that’s not fair because I don’t know how to live without you. Isn’t that something?! I don’t know what to do without you, and you know that!”

Suddenly, his head falls in his hands as he begins to sob. Complete heart-wrenching sobs, making his chest tight and breathing shallow.

Y/n reaches her hand out for him, her fingers clasping harshly around his wrist. Her own eyes start to brim with tears as she watches him sob below her, his body shaking with undying cries. She swallows harshly when he grabs ahold of her hand, bringing her palm against his forehead. His lips reach to kiss her wrist softly, quickly refraining from keeping them there longer.

To touch her, for the first time, is every answer he needs. She’s the only one to make him feel this way—she’s the only one to drive him to the brink of insanity and resurface him back to clarity. She has power over him he never understood until now, after he’s lost her.

“I don’t know why it hurts this much, Y/n,” He cries, his eyes squeezing shut as he inhales sharply, “I’ve never been more confused in my life.”

She chokes on her cries as she nods her head softly, her free hand reaching up to rake her fingers through his hair. Her lips shake from their craving to touch him, watching as he weakens beneath her. 

She’s missed him, in the most desperate of ways. She’s missed every part of him, and every atom in her body yearned to feel him again. Whether it was to feel the warmth of him from a distance or to feel his skin ignite her, she wanted every part of him against her. If she wasn’t with him, she was missing him, and craving him with every breath she took. 

Her lips press tentatively to his forehead, her breath fanning through his hair as she does so. The action is quick, leaving just as quickly as it comes, but it carries sentimental meaning for the both of them.

Harry frowns, his heart thumping in his chest. He looks up into her eyes, filled with concern and sanity as she maps his features.

“It’s been ever since me and Savannah got together.” He mumbles, eyes watching her face as it pales slightly at his words. “You haven’t spoken to me since.”

Her eyes flutter shut as he speaks, finding it completely pointless to try and make him believe otherwise. He deserves to know, one way or another, and even if it’s now, she feels like she’s already lost him. There isn’t much she’d be losing now, anyways. He was never hers.

“Please leave, Harry.” She whispers.

She backs away from him, her touch leaving him was like a gunshot to his chest. It’s a feeling he’s felt all too much that he can’t bare to feel again. 

His heart breaks as he watches her begin to cry, her usual glistening eyes now filled with tears of sorrow. He shakes his head, squeezing his eyes shut as he tentatively takes a step closer to her.

He’s desperate, and he doesn’t care how weak he seems. He’s desperate to see where he’s missed it all along, to know how long he’s been making her feel this way. He’ll never forgive himself for all the pain he’s caused her, for all her nights alone when all she wanted was to be with him.

He could have done so much to change this. If he had just listened to his heart from the beginning, this would all be different now. If he hadn’t been so blind, they would both be happy right now.

“Love, I—“

“Don’t.” she whispers, her voice cracking as she speaks, “Please, don’t.“

She isn’t exactly sure what she’s saying—isn’t quite sure what she’s begging him not to do. Maybe it’s the nickname he’s always called her that makes her stomach twist a bit more, or how he’s trying to make her feel better that makes her eyes sting with a fresh new wave of tears, or how he looks at her now the way he never did before that makes her throat tighten around a sob. Whatever it is that makes her beg, she can’t  handle it anymore.

“I’m trying, Y/n,” He whispers, “please.”

“Please just—“ her eyes flutter shut as she speaks, “just leave me alone.”

Harry lets out an unsteady breath, his green eyes brimmed with red as he watches her begin to sob. 

He nods, because he can’t let himself keep doing this to her. If he keeps trying with her in her current state of mind, she won’t be able to think properly. She’ll be a wreck, more so than she is now, and he can’t find it in his heart to do that. Even if it means fighting for her.

“It’s not worth it, you know.” He whispers, his eyes staring lovingly into hers, “Being with her, it’s not worth it if it means losing you.”

The One

Hey! It’s been a couple of days and I’m sorry, I’ve been mostly working on my summer work but I wrote this request this morning. There’s so much bloody fluff! So, thank you to whoever requested this and I hope that you enjoy. 💛

The One - An Imagine in which Y/N and Harry talk about the future, and Anne and Gemma can’t help but eavesdrop.

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The Boxer Part Two

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 5K



“You’re supposed to be in the hospital gown, it’s why we laid it out for you,” Y/N stated, pointing the pen in her hand at the white gown by his feet.

“I’m not wearing that paper shit,” Harry grumbled, “and I’m perfectly fine to leave.”

“That cut says otherwise,” Y/N says.

Harry watches as she sets down the clipboard and turns on the sink to wash her hands, she’s cute. She’s nothing like the kind Harry would go for. His usual prey would be at the bar, lonely, maybe going through a breakup, but he knew for sure that by the end of the night she would be in his bed. Y/N on the other hand looked like too pure for him, and he hated that look.

From his experience Harry had learned that girls like Y/N believed that they were too good for a guy like him. Girls like Y/N, with an innocent smile, soft skin, and soft voices, tended to only use him for one thing, to make their parents upset. Harry had seen it time and time again, it was only a matter of weeks before the girl would crush his heart and move on to someone better.

“I don’t feel anything,” Harry stated.

Harry had grown numb to just about everything. He couldn’t feel the punches thrown at him, he couldn’t feel his emotions, it all just seemed gone to him. He didn’t mind though, no emotions meant he couldn’t get hurt, and no pain meant he was unstoppable.


Boxer Harry Styles highers, incredibly perky Y/N as his on-call nurse.

Part One

Harry wasn’t sure which he hated the most, expression his emotions, or having to handle them.

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Champagne Mixed with a Bit of Adrenaline [h.s.]

A/N: this was a request from an anon and I finally got it done! It’s meant to go with this amazing piece of art. :-)  this piece is dedicated to the amazing @tiostyles because Brianne kept it from getting lost in the void LMAO. her support inspired me to finish it so thanks Brianne ilyvm :-) sorry for any mistakes or typos! Drop by my inbox with opinions bc I’m kinda?? Iffy on it?? Anywho, enjoy!

Harry likes to think he has stamina. He’s proven it countless of times before and he’s sure he will continue to prove it until the end of his days.

A great example would be that one time on the tour bus when he had popped a stiffy around 9 PM and couldn’t do anything about it, since no one was planning on going to bed yet, so he couldn’t sneak away to handle it. He’d had to wait until well after 1 AM, when the snoring elephants known as his band mates were conked out cold, to sneak into the bathroom with his Astroglide and rub out a quick one to a picture of Y/N wearing nothing but a pink, sheer silk button-up with the word “Styles” embroidered on the chest pocket.

Or the time when he and Y/N had attended a family get-together that his mother had thrown at his old house in the new pool she’d had built. Y/N had gotten the brilliant idea to grope him during a game of water volleyball and he’d had to play actively, all whilst doing his best to make sure no one saw the raging boner tenting his Gucci lion-printed swim trunks. After the underwater fun was over and the barbecue was done, his mom had condemned him to stay and help clean up. Washing dishes with his dick leaking wasn’t exactly his idea of a good time.

After that long night, Harry had given his mom a quick kiss goodbye and ignored her comments about how it was odd for his jacket to be tied backwards around his waist. He’d dragged a grinning Y/N to his car, setting route to their apartment but somehow ending up in an abandoned mall square, fucking in the backseat of his Rover.

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They take a shortcut through a kind of run down neighborhood, meaning that the streets are narrow and the roads are all bumpy. It’s one broken segment of pavement after another. The driver apologizes but says the route is ten minutes shorter and traffic-free, despite the conditions. Harry tells him not to worry about it.

“S’alright, mate.”

Y/N first worries briefly, if it is alright because from where Fionn’s got his arm around Y/N’s waist he digs his fingers into her skin through her clothing and it triggers something carnal inside of her. Her thoughts drift to ones that verge inappropriate, nearly have her cheeks heating. It would all be fine if she wasn’t intimately in Fionn’s lap and his grip wasn’t verging possessive.

And then YN worries, again, because she realizes these thoughts triggered by Fionn’s tight grip are mutual. There is an undoubtedly existent bulge budging against Y/N’s bum from Fionn pants.

She swallows and looks at Harry, instinctively, almost, and because she’s a bit overwhelmed, frozen because she doesn’t know how to proceed with this information.

or, Y/N’s a film student working on the set of Dunkirk and Harry’s her sugar daddy who likes to watch her have sex with Fionn.

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Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 6k


He lays there, blanket pulled to his torso, eyes shut, he looks like the rest of them, and she feels her heart ache. She can’t help but notice how young he is, he can’t be any older than twenty-six, and here he lays with no one around him.

“Hi there,” Y/N whispers, bending down to height of his ear, “I’m your nurse Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N, and I’m here to take care of you. Make sure you stay healthy for when you wake up, make sure you don’t get any bed sores yeah? I’ll keep you company, keep you updated on what’s happening in the world, tell you some funny jokes, I’ll even let you in on the latest company gossip, but you gotta do me a favor,” she whispers, placing her hand on top of his. It’s a cold hand, rough, and she knows it’s supposed to feel that way, but it maker her heart ache even more. Y/N closes her eyes, taking in a shaky breath, “you have to pull through this and live, yeah? Because when you wake up, it’s going to be your turn to tell me all about yourself, yeah?”

She opens her eyes and sighs.“It’s late now, one a.m., but I’ll be back later to check in on you,” she gently brushes the hair out of his face and stands, “we’ve got a deal. You can’t fail me.”


Y/N is Harry’s beautiful nurse who he can’t stop thinking about, to the point that he’s willing to give up his old memories and life to make a new one with her.

“Good morning!” Y/N sings.

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Steele Rose

Where you’re his ex-girlfriend and you see his new girlfriend wearing your t-shirt

Part 1

Masterlist linked in bio


Growing up, people told Y/n that you could die from a broken heart—that the stress on your heartstrings could weaken, and all that’s left is the pain in your chest.

Y/n thought her heart would fail her, rupture all that’s left of her and leave her body to decompose. She believed that, if her broken heart wasn’t going to kill her, loneliness and lack of sleep would push her towards her end.

Moving on—something that seemed so simple yet so impossible for Y/n to do.

When the hurt in her chest and the hallucinations from exhaustion started to become too much for her to handle, she was willing to do anything to help herself. She started taking up yoga sessions, started writing music, even started cooking in an attempt to bring herself back from whatever hell she was in.

She even considered moving on—meeting a man at a bar and getting to know more about him rather than his drink order. But something seemed so wrong about that—something was unsettled inside of her at the thought of being with someone who wasn’t Harry.

The image of Jessica in Harry and Y/n’s t-shirt was enough to haunt her nearly every hour of the day. She started going mental, constantly wondering what they were doing together in the moments she was most vulnerable. She wondered about their love life, their future, their interests. She thought about everything.

It wasn’t until Gabby was determined to mend the broken girl raiding her house, finding any possible excuse to give her a sense of life again, that Y/n found the slightest bit of hope.

Y/n was losing it entirely, and Gabby refused to continue being a bystander.

Gabby had set Y/n up on a blind date only a couple weeks back, practically begging her to seize every opportunity she possibly can to get over Harry. It was all Gabby could do to help her, considering nothing quite helped Y/n’s well-being since the breakup.


“Oh, he’s just so perfect!” Gabby squealed, clapping her hands before gripping tightly around Y/n’s wrists in excitement. “He’s gorgeous! Amazing blue eyes—breathtaking, really! And he’s so sweet, Y/n! I haven’t met a single person who’s disliked him and he’s such an amazing photographer! And his teeth! His teeth are marvelous! Do you know how hard it is nowadays to find a man with nice teeth? I mean—“

By then, Y/n had dozed off, and it wasn’t for any personal reason against Gabby; she’s appreciated every bit of hard work to help her through the heartbreak Y/n’s been dealing with nearly half of a year now. It’s just that she wasn’t ready to move on, not that she didn’t want to.

It had been nearly five months, which may seem like such an abundance of time to rid feelings for somebody, but did time really help moving on from someone she’d planned to spend the rest of her life with? It seemed nearly impossible. She could barely see herself looking at other men in a romantic sense, how could she see herself going on a date with somebody? Especially when she was still in love with somebody else?

She was biting the bullet with letting time heal her, but she felt that was the only way. Nothing more could help her. If anything, she believed dating would make it worse, if she were being honest.

But the look of excitement Gabby had at the mere thought of Y/n being happy again was something Y/n found nearly impossible to resist. Besides, she had definitely been overstaying her welcome at Gabby’s house no matter how much Gabby’s tried to deny it and has put so much stress onto her that maybe, just maybe, doing this one favor for all that she’s done for her.

“So, what do you say?”

Y/n blinked harshly when Gabby’s voice drowned out all the scrambled thoughts in her head, shaking her head slightly to regain her understanding of reality.


“Monmouth Coffee Shop at noon tomorrow. Dan really wants to meet you, Y/n! Please!”

Y/n’s eyes widened, snapping her head up to meet Gabby’s hopeful eyes.

“The Monmouth?! Are you crazy?! That’s Harry’s favorite coffee shop, you know that!”

Gabby’s eyes narrowed as her lips pursed, gaze directing toward the ceiling in thought.

“Harry? Harry who? I don’t remember who that is, never heard that name in my life.”

Her tone reeked with sarcasm, which made Y/n’s eyes nearly roll to the back of her head. As much as she wished Gabby’s negative remarks about Harry were comedic, there was always something about them that infuriated her. She always supposed it was the instinctual aspect of loving someone so much.

Gabby sighed as she reached her hand up to rub Y/n’s shoulder gently.

“Look,” she began, “you’re my best friend and I hate seeing you like this. You’re not the same Y/n I always knew, and I think you see yourself that way, too. And in all honesty, I don’t give a fuck about Harry anymore. As sadistic and twisted as it sounds, I don’t care about his emotions, or how he feels. He did this to you. He killed a part of you and I feel it’s my obligation to help you through this. So, please, go out with Dan tomorrow. He works at Monmouth, he’ll meet you before his shift starts at 1:30.”

Gabby’s arm slid off of Y/n’s shoulder at the shadow of uncertainty behind her eyes. Even though Gabby understood all the pain and hesitation, she didn’t want to see Y/n suffer another day. She just couldn’t.

“Please,” she whimpered, “Dan has been the only sense of hope I’ve gotten to make you happy again. Just do this one thing, please? And if it doesn’t work, then you can blame me. I’m just trying here.”

Y/n coughed slightly, her inability to say no wearing off of her at Gabby’s desperate pleads. It was an opportunity to turn things back around in her life, and if it didn’t go as planned, she really didn’t have anything more to lose.

She nods her head softly.

“Yeah—yeah, okay. I’ll meet him.”

Maybe this would be good for her.


Dan is lovely, always caring for Y/n and making sure she feels like royalty whenever she’s around. He puts her first, in everything, and made her start to feel somewhat alive again.

It’s cute, really, how effortless he is at giving someone so much attention. Y/n likes it—loves it, even, but it still never feels right to her. She sees something with him, but nothing long term, not in the way she sees Harry.

But he’s good for her now, when she’s at her worst and needs someone to be there for her. He’s able to provide her with the company she desperately needs in order to cure the possible fatalities that came with her broken heart.

“Thank you for the coffee, it was great.” Y/n smiles softly, her cheeks blushing slightly as she traces the rim of her coffee cup.

It’s nearly their tenth date, and they still meet at the Monmouth in the afternoon right before his shift starts. It’s become a routine for them, going out together before Dan drops her off at the parking station. It became something they both looked forward to throughout their week, and soon became more of a tradition between them.

Dan grins, almost instinctively wrapping his arms around Y/n’s shoulders so that her head makes rest on his chest. He sighs, pressing a small kiss to the top of her head before resting his chin where his lips once were.

“Of course. I’ll be getting out at around 6 o‘clock so maybe I can stop by for a few? Maybe watch a movie?”

He knows the answer before she says it—his constant attempts to get closer to her always seeming to fail. There’s always a hesitation, or always an excuse to prevent them from being alone together.

He’s well aware that there are parts of her that need to be fixed, still being completely destructed by her ex-lover. He’s tried tirelessly to get her to open up and to trust him, but there’s a thick barrier still in their way of each other. It disheartens him, to know she refuses to let him in.

She sighs, guilt evident in her breath as she softly pushes away from him.

She does that often, he’s noticed it.

She feels horrible for doing so every time. Everything between them has remained stagnant, nothing being built so that nothing could be knocked down. It’s not that Y/n doesn’t trust him, it’s that Y/n doesn’t trust herself. She’s still in love with someone else, and she can’t hurt Dan—not in that way.

“I think I’m just going to—“

“Yeah, I know.” Dan nods, arms moving to cross at his chest, “I get it. Just like every other time.”

Y/n reaches her shaking fingers to brush her hair behind her ear, guilt flashing in her eyes as she refuses to meet his gaze. She’s familiar with the look he has on his face well enough to know he’s upset again, being constantly shut down by her.

“I’m so sorry, Dan.” She whispers, “But I’m trying. I want to keep trying with you. If you let me.”

He looks unconvinced, as he’s been hearing this for a while now. But something inside of him can’t quit her, no matter how much his intuition tells him she’s a dead end. Maybe he feels sorry for her on a level he’s never felt sorrow for somebody else. No matter how much she hides it, she really does need him. Not in a romantic level, but she does need him to show her that he cares for her and that he’ll always be there. She needs that sense of security, and he’s the only one that can provide it for her.

“Yeah,” he nods, “we can keep trying. It’s okay, I’m here for you.“


Harry had been living in his studio for the past couple of weeks. It certainly wasn’t ideal, but it was much better than sleeping on his and Y/n’s bed—alone.

That’s all he’s felt since their break up—lonely. It’s quite strange, considering Harry had millions of supporters, an entire band throughout his solo career, and producers around him nearly every hour of the day. He used to complain that he never had alone time anymore, that between all the constant traveling and being at the peak of his career, it was hard to find time for himself.

But now, in the midst of everything happening in his life, he wishes to feel that sort of hustle again.

Y/n was the person that kept him grounded through everything. She was the one consistency in his life, which gave him all the more reasons to love her. Whenever he was overwhelmed with the pressure put on him, or feeling homesick during his travels, she was always the one to keep him at bay and give him a sense of clarity.

Home hadn’t become a house, instead, Y/n’s heart. Wherever she was, he felt at home. Even when she was half-way across the world, it was her voice that brought him back and reminded him that, no matter how much he missed the walls of familiarity, home was always a phone call away. She gave him that sense of comfort everywhere she went, it was truly amazing.

And when he broke up with Y/n, he didn’t think of how much everything around him would be affected. He thought time would do them best—would help mend the relationship that seemed to be collapsing beneath their feet. Their connections were lost, replaces by uncomfortable silences and unbarring arguments.

He didn’t think of the consequences when he did it. He didn’t think about how lost he’d become, or how he had no place to call home, or how there was no consistency in his life anymore. There were so many aspects of his life that Y/n had given him—so much of them that he didn’t realize until she moved out.

It was the exact reason he started seeing Jessica. She was a great distraction, a beautiful woman to take his mind off of everything.

They weren’t much of anything. Nothing about them was exclusive besides what the media saw of them: boyfriend and girlfriend moving in together in London. It was far from the truth, really. He was with her to terminate his dry spell and rid his loneliness, and she was with him because he infatuated her.

He ended it all, though, that same morning Y/n found Jessica wearing their shirt. The entire incident gave him a realization—that nobody could fill his void like Y/n did.

The fear of losing her forever and making her believe he was in love with somebody else was enough to break him out of his selfish ways. She had been waiting for him for months, and when he returned, he wasn’t the same man he was.

Not only did Harry know that Y/n lost all her faith in him—he lost all faith in himself, as well.


“I’m so screwed, Nick. I fucked up everything. Everything.

Harry was laying with his back flat against the studio couch, hands rubbing down his face as he tried to steady his harsh breathing.

It was just after he had run into Y/n at the grocery store, where she had seen Jessica wearing Harry and Y/n’s t-shirt. Although he was practically mute during the encounter, everything hit him at once after Y/n and Gabby walked out.

He called Nick in a hurry, incoherent and completely disoriented from the tears he’d broken down into. Everything he thought would be mended completely fell down on them—all because of him.

“Jessica was wearing the shirt with the—fuck, you know the shirt, and Y/n saw and she was such a mess, Nick. I didn’t even say anything to her, she was practically begging me to say something and I didn’t say a word.”

Nick sat cross-armed on one of the chairs, directly across from Harry. He wished he could have felt remorse seeing Harry in such distress, however, he never agreed with Harry’s actions and made it clear numerous times. In his eyes, this was karma’s ticking time bomb.

“You tend to be a real jackass sometimes, you know that?”

Harry lifted himself up so that he could sit properly. His body slumped against the back of the couch, head rested in his palm as he coughed uncomfortably at Nick’s choice of words.

“You let go of the best thing that’s ever happened to you and then you just move on, as if she meant nothing, and you think you just fucked it all up now? Over a goddamn t-shirt?”

Harry scowled at him.

“I haven’t moved on, and it’s more than just a t-shirt, you know that. That was ours.” Harry defended, glaring over at his direction.

“So why was Jessica wearing it after you fucked her on the bed you and Y/n shared every night for the past three years?”

Something about Nick’s words gave Harry a foul taste in his mouth. As much as he wished Nick didn’t say it in that way, that’s exactly what Harry did, and knowing he had to live with that for the rest of his life made his stomach flip inside of him.

He really did fuck it up. Nothing he did was excusable, nothing he did was forgivable. He betrayed the one woman he loved so dearly—the one woman he’d always consider his soulmate. He really, really fucked it up.

He gulped as he tried to find words to justify himself. There was really nothing he could say.

“She—she had just put it on while I was sleeping and when—when I noticed she just wouldn’t shut up about breakfast and I couldn’t just be like ‘Hey, Jess, could you take off that shirt? That belonged to me and my ex-girlfriend and I don’t appreciate it?’ How could I do that?”

He sighed, leaning his face into the palm of his hands as he looked back onto his experiences with Jessica. Was it all worth it? Was she really worth all of this?

“She means nothing to me, Nick. I lost the girl I love for somebody who doesn’t mean anything to me.” He whispered, “How do I live knowing that?”


It’s nearly two in the afternoon when Harry finally decides to leave his studio. He’s been working on some songs he found himself writing during his free time, something he found therapeutic throughout the past couple of months.

Recording and writing have become the only distractions that seem to work for Harry. Everything else became temporary. Writing out his emotions and singing the words he wishes he could say has been the only sense of closure he’s had in a while.

“Dan! Long time no see!” Harry smiles when he enters Monmouth, a familiar face being something he finds so relieving.

Dan looks up from his register, reaching over the counter to give Harry a hug as he greets him enthusiastically.

“Haven’t seen you in quite a while. On your lunch break?”

Harry nods as his eyes squint, reaching for the back of his neck as he reads over the menu.

“Yeah, kind of in a hurry today if you don’t mind. Can I just get a medium coffee with almond milk, please? And a slice of apple pie, feeling kind of brisk today.”

Dan works his fingers across the cash register, yelling out his order to the barista before making small talk about the weather. Considering Harry hasn’t been seen in Monmouth nearly as much as he used to, they both found it nice to catch up with each other for the short while they’ve been distanced.

When Dan reaches over to give Harry his spare change, an all too familiar silver ring catches his attention immediately. At first glance, he swears his heart stopped beating.

There’s no way, there’s just no way that could be the ring Harry gave to Y/n. Dan and Y/n have never met before, considering she had only visited here a handful of times during Harry’s lunch break. And even then, she would just stand patiently by the door while Harry waited to retrieve his order.

There’s just no way, but the top of the rose has a particular rust on it that resembles Harry’s perfectly—and no matter how long it’s been since he’s seen it, he’ll never forget what it looks like.

Harry’s hand grips onto Dan’s wrist instead of reaching out to grab the spare change laying upon his palm, flipping over his hand to inspect the silver ring snug almost too perfectly around his finger. He’s aggressive, movements harsh and face tight with anger, but at this point in time, the last thing Harry’s worried about is Dan’s slightly intimidated composure.

“Where did you get this?”

Unlike his demeanor, his voice is soft and breaking between each word. There’s an unrecognizable shift in his eyes when he sees the wear and tear Harry knows he caused before gifting it to Y/n. This is most definitely his, and knowing Y/n was the one who gave it to him makes him nearly throw up all the contents in his stomach.

“Girlfriend gave it to me,” Dan smiles “well, not really my girlfriend yet. But you know how they are. I told her I liked it and she insisted I have it.”

Harry swallows the lump in his throat, making him nearly whimper when he opens his mouth to speak.

He’s never felt so much pain before. The breaking that was once only in his heart spread like wildfire across every bone and ligament in his body. It burns, the sudden realization that Y/n has a boyfriend, that Y/n is no longer going to be there—waiting for him—the way he always expected her to be, that Y/n has taken it upon herself to seek revenge on him so that he can feel everything she felt that one Sunday morning at the grocery store.

And it’s then he realizes that this is nothing compared to everything he’s put her through. In his favor, this is just a stupid ring her gave her for her birthday because he loved the way she twisted it around his finger. It didn’t have much value between them, just something small they shared. He couldn’t imagine the hurt he would have now, standing her, if Dan were wearing their Lover t-shirt.

“Wh—What’s her name?”

His voice is in a whisper now, only the slightest bit of hope draining from his body when he hears Dan speak again.

“Y/n. She’s a good girl, you’d like her.”

Harry almost laughs. You’d like her. He has no idea, he’s in love with her.

It’s as if every part of Harry’s body begins to shut down. Maybe it’s from the shock, or the overbearing pain he feels in his chest, but he suddenly begins to feel lightheaded. His muscles turn numb and all his orientation seems to scramble as if he’s intoxicated.

Dan’s eyes narrow when he sees all the color drain from his face, his eyes widened and soaked with tears. He watches as he nearly falls backward, only to balance himself with his foot when he takes a proper step away from the counter.

“Harry? Harry, you alright?”

Never fucking say my name again is the first proper thought that his brain can register. But his throat is tight and his tongue is numb. He attempts to take a breath of air, but he feels like his lungs are collapsing in his chest, preventing him from doing anything besides stumble uncoordinatedly out of the Monmouth doors.

He’s falling apart—that’s exactly what it feels like. He feels like every limb is falling from his body as he walks towards his car. He doesn’t know exactly how he’s moving, even if he’s stumbling on his own two feet and colliding into stranger’s bodies as he does so, he doesn’t understand how his body finds the strength to keep moving.

Y/n moved on. Y/n’s dating Dan. Y/n gave his ring to him. It’s all over, everything is over.

“No” he mumbles frantically, jealously flowing in his veins, chest heaving from the sobs that are threatening to spill out of him, “no, no no no.”

He starts to wonder where he’s missed it, and exactly how long it’s been since Y/n moved on. She was so broken at the grocery store the other week; what could have possibly altered her feelings that quickly? Did Dan really impact her that much?

But that’s his girl. Y/n is his girl, she’s the one he was so sure he was going to spend the rest of his life with. Even with Jessica, even with everything that’s happened, Y/n is his soulmate, and there isn’t anything in the world that can convince him otherwise.

Nobody is going to take her from him. He refuses to believe she belongs to somebody that isn’t him; there isn’t an atom in his body that doubts their companionship.

Before he thinks twice—before he really gives himself a chance to stop himself—Harry slides his cell phone out of his back pocket once he reaches his car. He slumps against the hood as his fingers work furiously across his screen.

There has to be something, at least some sort of proof that this is really happening to him, that this isn’t in a nightmare he can easily wake himself out of. There had to have been a hint, a warning for him to have. She would have never moved on without saying something to him. They were so strong together, she would have never left without closure.

Nothing about it makes sense.

And then, he sees it.

He falls to his knees, hitting the concrete harshly below him. His body gave out from beneath him, his muscles and bones failing him.

It’s there, right in front of him, mocking him and all the shitty decisions he’s made. It’s there—on Y/n’s private Instagram page—a picture of Dan holding Y/n’s hand on top of a table in Monmouth, Harry’s ring wrapped perfectly around his pointer finger.

Steele rose has never looked so good xx.

please be naked

-previously hcrrystvles-


inspired by please be naked by the 1975  

// harry and y/n take a pink bath together after a long day 

Some things never fall out of routine. For example, the world never stops turning, the clocks never stop ticking, and Harry never runs out of pink baths to treat Y/N and himself with. The porcelain tub has been filled with two fizzing bath bombs, releasing the smell of a thousand roses to complement the pink hued petals Harry picked up at the store. The flicker of a few candles provide the little light needed for harry and Y/N’s evening. He finishes lighting the last one when y/n peers her head into the bathroom. A small smile rests on her face, feeling joy in her heart, and Harry’s lips on hers. He tastes like the strawberry champagne he bought earlier and Y/N thinks it’s delightful. Harry shrugs off Y/N’s tan peacoat that she wears almost everyday in the winter months. Her blouse is shed immediately after the heavy wool of her coat meets the floor. The mesh of their lips don’t waiver despite the challenges it brings to ridding themselves of their remaining clothes. Luckily, Harry had on a button down that Y/N so easily undid for him. Harry draws his lips away slowly, still brushing his bottom lip with Y/N’s. “Bath’s ready,” he mumbles. He leads Y/N to the bath, their fingertips loosely locked together. “Got some petals to put in here as well,” he informs her.

Y/N nods, slowly dipping herself into the water that has cooled just enough to make the heat tolerable. “They’re lovely, H,” she whispers. Harry hands her a glass of champagne before getting in himself. He rests his back at the opposite end of the tub, adoring Y/N as she puts her hair up in a bun so it doesn’t get all soapy. “Where did you get them from?”

“Farmer’s market,” Harry answers. “Had some real pretty daisies, too. Left those in the kitchen fo’ yeh.” He reaches a hand out for Y/N to take. Gracefully, she’s pulled to his side of the tub, her back against his chest and his arms resting over her tummy.  He places a gentle kiss to her temple as she rests her arms over Harry’s, finding his hands once again hold in her own. Her fingers slot themselves in between his. The water settles from all the movement but the softest waves continue to reach up the sides, the petals floating in different directions, feeling free from the stems that once held them together.

Bathtime is always very mellow for the two of them. Words seem unnecessary, too much of an effort to mutter out when the two of them talk to strangers for a living. The soft hum of their favorite bathtime playlist and the low crackle of the wood wicks from their candles are just enough. Occasionally, Harry would tell Y/N everything she already knows like how beautiful she is or how much Harry loves her. He doesn’t mind when she doesn’t say it back because he knows how sleepy she gets while taking a bath, and when Y/N’s sleepy, words take too much energy. She just nods and kisses Harry wherever she can. She mostly kisses his collarbone or the swallows that she loves so much.

The only thing determining when it’s time to get out is when the water gets too cold and their fingers and toes resemble the raisins in the trail mix Y/N buys from Costco. Harry and Y/N live very hectic lives, often feeling like everything around them moves faster than the speed of light. it’s hard to keep up with the demands of their jobs, however it’s easy to forget the small moments that make them feel like time is on their side.

Pink water twirls down the drain, leaving the wilted petals at the bottom of the tub. Harry and Y/N have already made their way to bed, her head rising and falling on Harry’s chest as he breathes. “Ever think about what life would be like if we never met?” Y/N ponders a 1 A.M. thought.

Harry shakes his head even though Y/N can’t see his action. “No, too painful to imagine what it would be like without you.” His fingers are in their usual spot, combing through Y/N’s ridiculously soft hair. Her brows crease at Harry’s answer, she pushes her weight on him to sit up. He follows suit, leaning his weight on an elbow. “What?” He chuckles curiously, gingerly tucking strands of Y/N’s hair behind her ear. Y/N shakes her head, not sure of what to say. She always seems to come up with these existential like questions after midnight. “Do you not know how important you are to me?”

Y/N shakes her head again, “No, no of course I do. I just wonder what-”

“Hey,” Harry stops her. He kisses her lips sweetly, his nose brushing her cheek before he pulls away. “I need you like the moon needs the sun. The moon doesn’t shine if weren’t for the sun and I wouldn’t be able to do half the things I’m doing if it weren’t for you.” Y/N closes her eyes when she feels Harry’s lips on hers. “Love you, so much,” he mumbles. He lays them back down, Y/N in Harry’s arms, where she belongs. He’s strong and warm and never hold on too tightly, fearing he’ll suffocate her. Y/N wouldn’t mind, though. She’s been drowning in his love for so long, not being able to breathe from his contact wouldn’t be so bad. Sleeping without contact feels weird, anyways. It’s lonely. Especially since Harry and Y/N spend so much time apart. Sharing the bed isn’t enough. Having a king mattress is a waste, they’d be perfectly fine in a twin. Harry sets one last kiss on Y/N’s temple before letting his head drop to the pillow. Little hums vibrate against his lips as he sends him and Y/N off to a much needed slumber.

Clingy //H.S

“Why are you acting so distant?” “Because I don’t want to be annoying or clingy anymore..”

YN frowned, 12 minutes since she had texted Harry and she was yet to receive a reply from her boyfriend of just 3 months. She topped up her coffee, deciding to put her mind back on the drawing she was working on before she got caught up on Harry, again. 

The ping immediately gathered her attention and the drawing was once again abandoned, swiftly lifting her phone up to see that Harry had finally graced her with a reply.

With the boys, talk later love.

She was disappointed, she liked texting Harry when they weren’t together. It made her feel as though he missed her, even if it had only been a few hours since they saw eachother. 

YN met Harry in a coffee shop she use to work at, he scribbled his number on a napkin and slipped it into her hand. She called him the minute she got home, and they spent the rest of the night talking about their favourite music, books anything and everything. They found out it all that night, the rest is history. 

She glanced down at her drawing, deciding that using her charcoal pastels would make it look much more authentic. She went to her back, scrambling through it to find them before releasing a huff when she realised they weren’t there. 

“Harry’s.” She muttered to herself, biting her lip as she wondered if she should just leave it or not. He wouldn’t mind her popping over to grab them, right? 

Deciding he wouldn’t, she swiftly pulled on her jacket and left her tiny apartment. It took her 20 minutes to get to Harry’s house, parking around the side so that she wouldn’t be easily spotted by any paparazzi floating about hoping to capture a glimpse of her popstar boyfriend. 

She entered through the back door, the kitchen not having anyone in it but she soon heard the chatter of her boyfriend and his friends. She walked towards the livingroom to make them aware of her presence before hearing her name made her stop.

“So you and YN, yeh good?” Niall asked, “I mean, I guess.” Her heart dropped in disappointment at the answer, if she had of been asked, ‘More than good’ would of been her answer.

“Oh trouble in paradise, already?” It was Louis’s turn to pipe up, and YN’s stomach churned as she awaited his answer. “No, I mean don’t get me a wrong she’s a sweet girl and I like her alot, it’s just.” “Just what H?” Yeah, just what?

“She’s so goddamn clingy!” Once again her heart dropped, and the laughter of Harry’s bandmates filled your ears making your stomach churn once more but this time in embarrassment. “Any time we aren’t together she is on the phone, ringing or texting to see where I am at and when I would be back to spend time with her. I purposely put my phone on silent now.” She swallowed the lump that had form.

“She likes you, mate.” Liam defended, “Yeah and I like her too but it’s only been 3 months. It feels like it’s been years, when she shows off this clingy side of her it just gets annoying and makes me want to end it before it gets any worse.” 

“You want to break up with her?” Shock was now evident in Niall’s voice, and YN’s heart was now in smithereens. “No, I want to keep it going and see what could happen with us. I care about her, alot. I just want her to tone it down, I mean don’t even get me started on her jealousy. God forbid I even looked at another girl, never mind spoke to one.” 

Deciding she heard enough, YN opened the front door and closed it again making them known of her presence, except not letting them know she heard their entire conversation. “Hello? Oh YN, hello love.” Harry said showing her a soft smile. “Hi.” She said quietly, smiling back weakly before giving the boys a small wave.

“You okay?” “I just came for pastels.” She said, he nodded watching her walk upstairs before he looked back at the boys suddenly feeling guilty about the conversation he had just endured.

She returned moments later, now holding the bag of her art supplies that she kept at his house. Harry stood at the bottom of the stairs waiting for, he went to reach her but she swiftly moved from his grip. “I better go, don’t want to interrupt guy night.” She shot yet another weak smile at him.

“Oh, okay. Breakfast tomorrow?” He offered, a smile on his face. “Uh can’t.” She muttered making the smile fall, “Need to work on my project. I’ll call you.” 

She didn’t call, it’s been two days since YN heard her boyfriend bad mouthing her to his friends and she is yet to get in contact with him. Harry has tried numerous times, calling her, texting her and showing up to her apartment. She simply pretended she wasn’t in. Some might see it as childish, she saw it as giving him the freedom he wanted.

She stepped in her apartment, another day of college finally over her as she dropped her art supplies at the door and walked into the kitchen. “Holy shit!” She gasped, finding Harry sat at her table with a stern expression on his face. “How did you get in?” She asked, cautiously walking around him to get a bottle of water from her fridge.

“I found the spare key, you changed the spot.” His voice held little emotion, which was surprising due to all the emotions running through his mind. “Oh, yeah. Mum told me she heard of a robbery around this neighbourhood, wanted to keep safe.” She lied, watching him nod slowly.

“I’ve tried calling.” He said, now looking up at her and her heart fell at the distraught look over his face. “Uh yeah, I know.” “You didn’t answer.”

“I’ve been really busy, you know, with my project.” He nodded slowly, “I mean I get that, but you couldn’t even text me to tell me that.” She rolled her eyes, now who’s the clingy one.

“I didn’t realise it was that big of a deal, what are you freaking out about?” His eyebrows furrowed, “What the hell is going on with you YN?” All distraught had been replaced with anger, his emerald eyes now dark. 

“Nothing!” She fought back, “Look I’m really tired, can we argue about this another time?” 

“No! This is our relationship we’re fighting for here, but yet sleep is more important for you?” She felt the tears build up in her eyes, she hates confrontation and arguing with Harry is the worst thing ever to her.

“Answer me YN!” “No!” She cried out, running her hands through her wavy hair trying to keep it from sticking to her face. “Then what is going on?!” She didn’t reply before he grabbed her shoulders making her look at him, “Why are you acting so distant?”

“Because I don’t want to be annoying or clingy anymore..” His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “What, wh-” She cut him off, “I heard you and the boys the other day at your place, I was there the entire time of your conversation. I just let you think I wasn’t.”

His heart fell, finally seeing the hurt and heartbreak filling her beautiful features. “Baby, YN, I’m so sorry.” He whispered, she shrugged pulling herself away. “It’s fine. Can’t help how you feel.”

“It’s not how I feel!” He cried out, “I mean I did, but that was until I realised what it felt like to not have you in my life, worrying about me and having our silly chats over text message just so we have something to talk about.” Tears fell from her eyes that he quickly kissed away.

“I was wrong.” He whispered, “I want nothing more than for you to be clingy, and to love me just like I love you.” They both froze, suddenly realising what he said. “You, you love me?” She choked out.

He took a deep breath before nodding, “With everything in me.” A smile fell upon her lips through the tears that escaped her lips, “I love you too.”

He smiled before placing his lips on hers, holding her close to him. “Let’s never be distant again.” He said making her chuckle, “Never.”

“So did you get your project finished?” She nodded, “Can I see?” She smiled before pulling away and going out to the hall to grab it. She turned it around revealing it to him, awe filling his eyes whilst his mouth gaped.

“Is that me?” She nodded, “The title of the project was happiness, and you’re mine.” His heart burst, “Come here my beautiful, clingy baby.”