1d update accounts

1D Hiatus: Day 243

* Gemma mentions Harry in the caption of her Instagram picture

* Niall appears on Ruth-Anne Cunningham’s Snapchat story

* Niall posts two videos and a selfie on Snapchat

* #OneDirectionTaughtMe trends on Twitter

* Niall meets fans in LA

* A picture of Harry in London back in January comes out

* ‘Midnight Memories’ is now 3x platinum in the UK

* It’s been four years since the boys performed at the closing ceremony of the Olympics

It’s Aug 12th, 2016. 

and then you remember that Jay wasn’t even present when her first grandson, son of her beloved first son was born and 1D update accounts tweeted the baby was born at the exact time the birth certificate states he was born, byriani’s grandmother said it was a boy on Instagram a few minutes after the birth, a 1D stalker named Jordyn already knew this baby would be born on January 21st and 1 hour after the birth, Louis went WITH OLI to buy sunglasses somewhere far from the hospital, showing off his hospital bracelet and WAS PAPPED by TMZ who congratulated him for the birth of his son and he DIDN’T. SAY. A. WORD. 

Wedding bells, or nah? (Yas-yas)


remember that one tweet around january, it was tweeted by a guy asking his followers if they know a band who could play in london for a wedding on may 14th or something and twitter accounts were claiming it might be about larry because this guy is close to the boys.

though i can’t find the tweet anymore.. i think it was deleted.

next one is this tweet;

kenwood house is located at hampstead, london and is famous for being an english heritage built in the 17th century..

and also as a wedding venue..

then a 1D updates account claimed harry visited St. John’s church in London last January.

i’m not exactly sure which one but this is in holland road, london

and this one’s in west ealing, london

you all know what church means, right? aside from masses? 

hint: aisle, flowers..

also last january, there were twitter accs claiming they saw harry and a friend (who the user said he wasn’t able to recognize right away, but turned out to be louis, they said) at primrose bakery

which we all think it might be for the cupcakes from harry’s birthday..

but now it seems like..

hint: wedding cakes

but wait, there’s more!!

uh, huh.. yep..

@TheBelleEpoque’s latest tweet;



yours sincerly
confused larrie

SO I kept thinking from all the drama, (from couple of weeks ago), all the drama that happened with those UPDATES ACCOUNTS… and then I remembered something from when I joined the fandom. 

As you may know (or probably you don’t), I’m from Mexico. See, back then, I wanted to know more people who liked 1D from México and I started liking 1D when the boys announced their first concert ever here, so I wanted to know more of them. Anyway, that was four years ago. 

I remembered looking through accounts and I remembered seeing a mexican UA that said something along the lines “WORKING FOR SONY” or something like that. A few days ago, I remembered and looked for the account again… and I found it!

for those who don’t know spanish, it says BACKED BY @ SONYMUSICMEXICO SINCE OCTOBER 2010 and I was like… what? like… they are so open about it? they admit they are working for SONY? or… backed by SONY? (which is basically the same???)

and then the same goes for the 5sos mexican UA


the same???? like… idk. and mexican fans look at it so… normal??? like its normal to have an UA and work for a music industry? like they seriously aspire to be that?

idk man. AAAAAND as you can imagine, the insider app asks for stalking details, VIP tickets and transportation stuff. 

why wouldnt we think there’s other UA from other countries that work for SONY as well? why wouldnt we think they actually have people from their team telling them stuff? THERE’S PROOF!!! THEY ACTUALLY WORK FOR SONY!!!! OPEN YOUR EYEEEES! 

Anyway, I just wanted this to be a friendly reminder that you shouldn’t always believe everything you read on internet unless there’s CREDIBLE PROOF. 

(links of the twitter accounts here x x)

“1DCENTRAL: Me sigue dando risa que la gente pensó que Louis envió en un avión privado al perro de Danielle, pero hoy él, Oli y Danielle viajaron en vuelo comercial.”

“1DLiveUpdates: Oh, no sabía que dos chicos en la misma banda que tocan música no podían compartir la funda de una guitarra a menos que fuera entre cualquier persona que no son Harry y Louis”

Te das cuenta que los stunts son muy obvios cuando hasta cuentas update empiezan a twittear sobre lo ridículo de la situación. ;)

Ayu, x

Update Twitter accounts literally piss me off so much. Like, not only do they have too much time on their hands, but they’re so damn rude to everyone. They act entitled because they know literally how many breaths the boys have taken in their entire lifetime. They shove their opinions down people’s throats and they cause drama that’s not necessary. My life was so much better after I unfollowed all of them from my personal.