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Zayn’s 16 magazine covers so far… Which one is your fave? 😍😍😍

In times of distress, we are not directioners, arianators, sheerios, harmonizers, beliebers, mixers, etc. We are not defined by our fandoms, but by the empathy and humaness we show towards those affected. Love or hate Ariana, her music and her fans, we must see that human lives were lost, people injured and families torn apart. We will stand with other fandoms in support of arianators because when one of us is attacked, we all are.

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New interview with Dan the 1D guitarist in Esquire UK. Niall is such a good guy! "It was the One-D boys who looked after us," says Dan. "Had it not been for them, our experience could have been much worse. It's not common for the band to stay with the talent, but Niall saw us once, said, You guys look like shit, and after that insisted we join them at their swanky hotels."


I am enjoying the HELL out of dragging Ann-Marie Thomson, and plan to continue to do so, but I want to point out a couple of things for my own peace of mind.

We are dragging her because she is the head of Syco PR.  She’s it. She’s the one.  We’ve dragged Simon Cowell, Simon Jones, Dan Wootton, Richard Griffiths, and Harry Magee, and all for good reason, but until now Ann-Marie has been relatively unscathed.

But the simple fact is, Syco has ultimate control over their artists. Not Modest (though their refusal to advocate strongly for their clients puts them below my contempt as well). Their contracts are stricter and more all-encompassing than regular recording contracts since their business model is different than a normal record company’s. 

Ann-Marie is not just another name we found and are throwing rotten fruit at. SHE IS THE HEAD OF PR AT SYCO.  Her job is public relations for the company, it’s artists, it’s TV shows, and Simon Cowell.  Her husband is the US Editor at The Sun and has personally written several articles blatantly pushing particular PR agendas where 1D is concerned. 

Simon Cowell is interested in making money and looking good, that’s pretty much it. For years he did both. But now he’s under fire and losing all of his money-makers, particularly 1D and The X-Factor, and Ann-Marie is the person in charge of spinning how it’s played out in the media.

As we’ve seen, 1D is being dragged right and left in the very places that Ann-Marie has the most influence - British tabloids. She has directly linked herself to the Jungwirths for no good reason (if the situation with Briana and Louis is what it is claimed to be, of course).

This isn’t tin-hatting, this isn’t speculation. There really is no one with more power over what we’ve seen happening to 1D in the UK media than Ann-Marie Thomson.

I’m just sorry it took us so long to see that.