1d tshirts

thank you sav @runningwiththethieves for tagging me to do this!

name: zsuzsa

average hours of sleep: like 7-8 usually? but when it’s less i tend to take 3 and 4 hour long naps in the afternoon to even it out lol

lucky number: don’t really have one

last thing i googled: bbc news

favorite fictional character: sav i have to agree with you on abbi and ilana from broad city, also lito from sense8

what are you wearing right now: track pants, a 1d take me home tshirt and a hoodie aka my pjs

do i run any more blogs: yes, styleslookbook and harryasdogs although the latter is pretty inactive i’m lacking the inspiration 

do i get a lot of asks: not really

i don’t know who’s done this before but if you read this and want to do this, please pretend i tagged you!

me on july 22: 1d doing their own thing!!!! yeah!!!! so proud!!!! it’s ok if they don’t come back!!!! i’ll be fine!!!!

*clock strikes midnight*

me on july 23: *sobbing in a 1d tshirt with 1d temporary tattoos covering every inch of my body as i lay in a bed with 1d sheets and pillows next to a line of 1d cardboard cutouts* YOU AND ME GOT A WHOLE LOT OF HISTORY…………. WE COULD BE THE GREATEST TEAM THAT THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN……… YOU AND ME GOT A WHOLE LOT OF HISTORY……. SO DON’T LET IT GO……. WE CAN MAKE SOME MORE…….. WE CAN LIVE FOREVER……………………