1d stickers


@rosketch look what just arrived in the mail!!!
I have been looking forward to collect this parcel and it finally came!! Thank you so so much, they are so pretty and I almost don’t want to use them for the purpose I got them 🙈🙈
But I want to show the world your amazing art and will proceed to place the stickers on my laptop 🙊 I am still squealing they truly are so so beautiful!!!

Thank you so much to all who get the coloring book! You’re all amazing and so much much thanks for your support :) I hope you like them when they’re arrived! I’m also excited to tell you all that i probably will open a coloring contest with it soon (I’m not sure if it is a good idea or not xD tell me what you think? Like maybe how we should do it and the prizes :D)

And anyway, because some of you still asking about it, Yes… the coloring book is still available on my etsy :)


If you didn’t know, I sell stickers on Etsy featuring Tweets from Liam and Zayn! I’m currently saving up to purchase more stickers with tweets from Harry, Louis, and Niall, as well as possibly the “Always In My Heart” tweet since some have requested it! Feel free to message me ideas as to what I should make!

Each sticker is $3 each or you can get both for $5. Also, for a limited time only, I’m offering 10% off your entire order! Just make sure you’re following my blog and you can use the coupon code: FOLLOWER at checkout. This code expires on Jan. 21st, 2015. Thanks!


1d is the richest boyband in history and makes almost if not $100m or more a year yet they bought fucking cheap ass $10 binoculars from walmart stuck an ugly ass 1d sticker on it and resold it for $50….okay