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I've been thinking about that former 1D security guard saying Harry worried about his mother when he was on tour. That was when she had Robin and sometimes Gemma around. I know and he knows she's a strong woman, but I can't help but think it will be so difficult leaving her to be by herself. I wonder if she's ever lived alone.

I think that transition will be so hard for everyone involved. I worried myself to the point of severe anxiety when my own dad died. Does my mom get really lonely and she’s just not telling me? Do I overstay my visits? Am I not doing enough? And all she wanted at the time - I now know - was her solitude. Anne will have an incredible support system around her and I hope that she’ll be able to tell people when she needs them the most. I also hope Harry finds the comfort that he needs. My heart is shattered for all of them. They’re all amazing, supportive people - I’m really glad they have one another right now.

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confirming for that anon thatyeah, z was detained in jan 2011 when 1d first went to america even though he was travelling with the band and their people, basically they said his name was similar to someone else's on the no fly list so they pulled that 17/18 year old off by himself and he was on his own for about an hour at least iirc being interrogated. and they only released him after 1d security people vouched for him :/

Here you go anon!! :/

I’m seeing rumors about people getting really close with 1Ds security team and I want you guys to be super careful because I was touched by one of them inappropriately and without consent at my concert last year. it’s not funny and it’s not a joke, so please just careful

You’re at on the road again tour alone, front row. The show just ended and you’re on cloud nine because it was the best concert you’ve ever attended but you’re also sad because it’s over and you don’t know when or if you will ever see the boys again. You wait as people in front of you start and leave and once there’s room to move your start walking towards the exit.
“Wait,” you hear above the noise and you don’t give it a second thought because whoever it was is obviously not talking to you.
“Wait!” You hear again and feel a hand on your shoulder. It’s a huge guy wearing a black ‘security’ t-shirt and black pants. You gaze at him questioningly.
“Someone wants to see you backstage.”
You turn back around and continue towards the exit. People are staring at you and your cheeks turn slightly red. This must be some stupid joke.
The guy from before grabs your arm, turning you around. “Harry has had his eyes on you all night. He’s sent me to get you. He wants to meet you backstage.”
You don’t believe him because it sounds absurd. You’re just an average girl and these kinds of things don’t happen to you. “For real?”
“For real.” He confirms, reaching into his back pocket and then holding out his ID and flashing his name tag that certifies he’s 1D security.
Your heart starts racing in your chest and you try to straighten your hair as you follow him the opposite way from the exits.
When you’re backstage it’s quiet at first but then you hear soft footsteps. Harry Styles walks around the corner and you freeze up. You’re not sure what to do. He’s gorgeous and real and standing right in front of you. You know what you want to say but you can’t get your mouth to work right.
“Hey,” harry says and walks a bit closer. “I’ve been watching you all night. You’re gorgeous.”
“Can I hug you?” Is all you can manage to say and it feels like a dream when his strong arms wrap around you, squeezing gently.
“What’s your name, babe?” Harry asks, still hugging you.
You tell him your name and he says it’s pretty and that he likes it. Harry breaks off the hug and gives a smile, biting down on his bottom lip. Your heart does flip flops because your favorite band member is standing right in front of you. It’s still hard to wrap your mind around.
“You like me, yeah?” Harry asks.
“Of course,” you reply, blushing.
“Wanna make me happy?”
Harry grabs your wrist, “Follow me.”
You follow Harry into a dressing room. There’s a table with a vase of flowers and some fruit on it and a black leather sofa. He locks the door behind you and you feel a bit awkward. If it was anyone else except harry styles you would be trying to get away as fast as you could. It’s dark but Harry turns on a small lamp that gives off just enough light to see.
“Come here,” Harry says, motioning you closer to him with his hands.
You oblige and close the distance. Harry’s arm wraps around your waist and he lifts your chin up with his other hand. His soft lips come down on yours and move softly. You’re whole body is shaking because this can’t possibly be happening to you. It’s the best feeling, and you feel his tongue skim your bottom lip.
Harry backs the two of you up and his back is against the wall. “Down on your knees, love.”
You break the kiss and look at him incredulously. Did he really mean…?
“I thought you wanted to make me happy? I mean it’s up to you. You don’t have to do this.” Harry’s eyes are burning through you and it’s impossible to say no.
You’re nervous, really nervous because you’ve never gave a blow job before. What if you mess up? You get down on your knees in front of Harry and take a deep breath. “I… Uhm, I don’t really know what I’m doing.” You admit.
Harry unbuttons his pants and pulls them down with his boxers and they pool on the floor around his ankles. You gasp as his cock springs out and is flush against his stomach.
“Don’t want to get my shirt dirty.” He says, flinging it off.
You’re really turned on and grab him at the base, stroking up and down along his impressive length.
“Mmm” Harry says, looking down at you. “Take me in your mouth.”
You gulp and then put the head of his cock in your mouth, sucking lightly. You’re scared and nervous but keep going.
“Fuckfuckfuck” Harry says. He moans a deep throaty moan and it makes your insides melt. You take a bit more of him into your mouth and suck harder. Harry’s keeps letting out moans and tangles his fingers in your hair. You suck on him and swirl your tongue around his tip.
“Fuck, fuck. Look at me, babe. Open your eyes.”
You obey his command and when you look up at his face it is the single hottest thing you’ve ever seen. Harry thrusts his hips a little and his tip is hitting the back of your throat.
“If you don’t want it in your mouth… You gotta.. Stop.” Harry moans.
You’re so turned on that you do so you keep sucking and licking at him. Harry thrusts a little harder and his body jerks. He whimpers and moans your name. Warm, sticky liquid shoots into your mouth and you swallow around him.
After he gets his breathing under control and clothes back on he stands you up, hugging you tight.
“Thank you babe. That was amazing.” He says. “Now let me make you happy?”

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What do you think of the post saying zayn sold his 1d shares? business-direction*tumblr*com/post/143988358773/1d-media-zayn-share-purchase

I don’t really care to be honest.  Business isn’t my thing, but there’s a lot going on with the 1D businesses right now because of hiatus and the change of teams, so there could be any number of reasons behind that.  

Because that person believes Zayn left of his own accord 100%, they’re always going to interpret things based on that belief and ignore any possible interpretations otherwise.  I’ve seen update accounts posit technically possible but absolutely ridiculous things because they think all the boys are straight and I’ve seen Larries do the same because they aren’t taking more than 2 members into account.

It could very well be that they’re shifting things around and this is just one step out of several that will occur later on.  Heck, even if Zayn sold some of his shares, what Zayn owns and what Liam owns very well could be the same thing anyway.  I doubt he couldn’t get the shares back from the other 4 boys if it was necessary for some reason to sell them right now.

This is one small detail while there’s plenty of evidence to show that 1) Zayn didn’t willingly leave, 2) Zayn was never on bad terms with any of 1D, 3) Zayn was supposed to return, and 4) Zayn wants to return and will in the future.

  • Liam and Niall and RBB have given hints and thrown shade about Zayn’s departure and return
  • Zayn has given hints about his relationship with Liam and with OT5 being strong
  • Zayn and Naughty Boy participated in Liam’s Batman pattern about Zayn returning to the band
  • Zayn never paid any money per the recently released rich list or got sued for breaking his contracts
  • Preston was supposed to be out of the job, then he was seen with Zayn, then he was seen with Louis, then Zayn was seen with Alberto and later a different 1D security guard
  • Zayn’s first album release has been thrown down a well by his “new” team
  • they originally announced Zayn’s first solo album under Syco, then announced he was under RCA, then (badly) tried to cover up his continuing relationship with Syco
  • Zayn was seen with Modest and SJPR reps at the Asian Awards when he was supposed to have cut ties with them
  • there are blatant inconsistencies in the narrative about Zayn leaving and Zayn communicating with the 1D members
  • Zayn’s solo magazine interviews pushed narratives that only 1DHQ would be interested in pushing
  • because 1DHQ through The Sun and similar papers has been pushing the idea that Zayn hates 1D and that he’ll never return, we can assume that those are the opposite of the truth
  • all of Zayn’s solo releases have focused on Gigi or Perrie instead of Zayn
  • Zayn’s new girlfriend/beard is being promo’ed relentlessly by a bunch of old 1DHQ girlfriends/beards (Barbara, Sophia, Eleanor, etc)
  • Zayn’s news has constantly been coordinated with 1D’s, especially that revolving around babygate
  • Zayn has been protected in the US press by the same general publications that have protected 1D, basically there’s a new team protecting all 5 which wouldn’t happen if they didn’t expect to make money off of all 5 at some point
  • there’s been leaving the door open, hinting, and seeding for Zayn’s eventual return at various points since March 2015
  • Liam specifically being asked about the possibility of Zayn returning to the band at the airport and the way he gave his answer is really all I need to see anyway

There’s more.  There’s so much more, but I need to do other things today rather than type it all up again.  There’s at least a year before the band comes back together as a whole and like I said, they’re changing a lot of stuff around right now because of hiatus, team changes, possible audit threats, etc.  

I don’t understand shares that well and I’m probably not going to learn about them, but I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation that fits with the idea that Zayn will be back with the band when it returns from hiatus.

A conversation with my dad

Okay, so I decided to talk to my dad today about the backstage situation from a few days ago. He was not only a “roadie” but also a security guard for venues in the 80’s as a side job (before I made my debut) for bands like AC/DC, Van Halen, Motley Crüe, Def Leppard, and others. Later down the road, he was also a tour manager for a Christian rock band (call that a lapse in judgement. Ha!). I thought his insight into the situation would be helpful, and I think I was right. So, what I gleaned from the conversation was this:

-If the tour rider specified four rooms then it’s unlikely that would be changed mid-tour since contracts have already been signed. So the tour rider at the beginning stated four rooms for five boys and now that there are four rooms, it very likely could mean that each boy gets a room.

-When I asked his opinion on whether or not Louis would actually be using the room with the Rovers symbol on it, he said, “Maybe. It could be a separately designated room for him for a whole host of reasons. Didn’t you say he smoked? Do the other boys?” When I said that the rest of them had been seen casually smoking, but weren’t known smokers like Louis, he said, “Well it could be a separated designated smoking room for him.” This actually went against my belief that the other boys wouldn’t mind smoking around them, but when I pressed further, he said, “If any of them have been sick lately or are having trouble with their vocals, then it makes sense to me that they wouldn’t want smoking around them.” (My mind immediately went to Niall, whose had a chest infection, and Harry, whose publicly been placed on complete vocal rest a time or two.)
-He also said something funny about how Brian Johnson from AC/DC once followed Angus Young around backstage with a fire extinguisher because Angus was a chain smoker. I wanted to throw that in because I can see Harry or Niall doing that to Louis. ;)
-When I asked him if there would be separate, sequestered rooms for friends and family he said, “Yeah, I’ve seen that happen. I’ve also seen them just hang out in their loved ones own dressing room, but if they’ve got enough people along with them or platonic friends/family, then a separate room makes sense, especially if there’s space for it at the venue.”

About security:
-I asked him if it would be typical to let fans who had won Meet&Greet tickets into areas backstage that allowed for close-up pictures of dressing rooms and whatnot, and he said, “Absolutely not. That’s a big security risk, especially for a band as big as they are.”
-He also explained that there are different levels of meet and greet. The first is the basic level where fans are walked into a curtained off room, the boys show up and say hi, give autographs, take a few pictures, and then the fans are walked back into the venue (if it’s before the show) or are walked/guided out (if it’s after the show). The second is the “Green Room” meet and greet. This room is where the boys will typically spend their last moments before a show. There will be couches and refreshments and they’ll get to spend some more personal time with the boys, as well as take pictures. This would typically be before a show and once the fans were ushered out, the boys would spend the rest of the time before the show there. This would be the direct backstage area that leads on to the stage. He said the other place fans may be granted access is “the tunnel” (not really a tunnel", but basically the side view immediately backstage to watch the boys walk out on to said stage.
-Once again he reiterated that it would be rare to have fans in/near dressing rooms. Not impossible he said, but just extremely risky. He said the only people who are usually granted that level of access to the boys are the crew, their teams, and their friends and family. I also asked if someone would be granted access to that area if they knew a security guard or if the security guard was given permission for them to do so and he said, “Yeah, that makes sense. If they didn’t know the security guard, though, the guard would have to be given express permission to let them through by someone with that security clearance because guards act on orders and don’t back down from them.”

Some other random things from the conversation:
-When I exclaimed that One Direction is “the shadiest band on the planet” (as we often do), he said “No. The BAND is not shady, their management and record label ARE.” (My dad knows exactly zip about One Direction, so I found this statement interesting.)
-The road crew will arrive at a venue between 4 and 5 AM to begin set-up for a show. (He was going off of Ford Field in Detroit, since he knows that’s where I’m going.) He said a band like One Direction employs hundreds and hundreds of people, which is something I knew, but just to have it reiterated. He said they’re basically like a rolling city.
-When I happened to bring up the boys touring and promo schedule, five albums in the past five years and never off tour for more than a few months at a time, he said it was “stupid” and that “no one can keep that pace up”. He also said “their label is milking them for all they’re worth until they’re done”.
-He actually knew who Irv Azoff was. (One of the reasons I love my dad). When I told him about the lunch with Harry he said he found that “interesting” and said “there’s no way business isn’t happening” behind the scenes. He also said he “predicts that they will sue when they can”. (They being the boys.)


Contact: takemehomefromnarnia@gmail.com

Phoenix, ARIZONA – Phoenix residents Sarah, 33, and her daughter Kayley, 15, had been eagerly looking forward to the One Direction’s show in their city on September 16th.  They were taking part in Rainbow Direction, a project that supports and raises visibility for LGBTQIA members of the One Direction community during 1D’s Where We Are tour. Having spent much time crafting a hundred and seventy rainbow gadgets to hand out, they were in for a nasty surprise. Upon arrival at University of Phoenix Stadium, security staff forced them to throw all the gadgets in the bin, claiming they were “offensive”. During the show other security guards told Kayley to put her rainbow sign down and take off her rainbow necklace.

“No, we can’t have that. It’s offensive”

Sarah and Kayley brought a bag full of glowsticks and rainbow beads with LGBT supportive cards attached to them. Sarah: “When we got to the bag check a lady said “Nope, we can’t take it in, we can’t have that”. I asked “Why?” and my daughter said “Do you think it is going to explode into one giant rainbow and everyone will be gay?” They called in a man in beige, I thought he was a sheriff, who looked at the cards and said “No they can’t take that in. It’s offensive”.  I laughed out of shock.Choice was throw it out or don’t go in. I was in tears walking towards the gate. I was so angry.”

Kayley did manage to smuggle in the rainbow necklace she was wearing, as well as an LGBTQIA supportive sign. Sarah: “A man next to us offered to hold it high so the 1D boys could see it. Security asked that we put it down but we ignored them. Near the end my daughter ran to the catwalk with the sign. A security guard asked her to take her necklace off and she said “OK, fine” but threw it on the catwalk, where Harry and Niall saw it.”

Kayley’s rainbow sign and necklace

“The concert itself was wonderful. Liam and Louis acknowledged the sign in a positive way. Many people asked us about the necklace and we got positive feedback about Rainbow Direction. The people were supportive. It was the staff who acted completely awful”

“Harry gave my son thumbs up and a fist shake”

Alisa and her son Brady also participated and confirm the positive reactions from 1D and their public. They travelled in from Utah, bringing rainbow flags and sporting rainbow outfits. Alisa: “We arrived at the venue and right away my shirt was acknowledged by the girls behind us, also in rainbow and ‘Love is equal’ garb. One of the first times Harry came over to our side of the stage he pointed at my son, gave him thumbs up and then a fist shake. Louis was next, waving to Brady and the girls as they had the flag up. I believe Niall also gave them a smile and head nod. ”

“Stop waving that gay sign around”

Though they encountered some homophobia, this group had a much better experience with security.  “A not very nice man in the audience placed his hands on Brady and said in a very homophobic way to stop waving that gay sign around. Luckily someone heard the altercation and notified security and they moved the kids up to some empty seats even closer to the stage.”

L-R: Alex, Kayleigh, Meagan, Shandra, Lindsay, Maddie, Brady, Grace and Alisa at the Phoenix show

An emotional night

Both Sarah and Alisa were glad they participated in Rainbow Direction with their children, reporting a mix of emotions at the end of the day, particularly when they ran into each other and exchanged stories.

Alisa: “We met two ladies who saw my shirt and shouted Rainbow Direction and we hugged. It seems they had much of their items taken by security upon arrival. After the concert, as we waved our flags so folks could find us, so many people stopped to thank us and say how awesome it was”

Sarah: “After the concert I ran into other Rainbow Direction participants who had a wonderful experience and I probably startled Alisa with a hug. I was just so happy to see we could be represented properly. It was an emotional night.”

Rainbows are not offensive, homophobia is.

Rainbow Direction is a fan initiative that encourages 1D fans to dress up in rainbows, make banners and craft rainbow gear to raise visibility and show support for the LGBTQIA members in their community during the Where We Are Tour. Earlier today, the Rainbow Direction team issued the following statement about the incident:

“We are appalled at the way Sarah and her daughter Kayley were treated by venue security at University of Phoenix Stadium. Instead of harassing them and confiscating their gear, all security guards should have treated Sarah and Kayley the way Brady and his friends were treated: with respect and concern for their safety. We urge University of Phoenix Stadium to educate all of their staff to understand that rainbows are not offensive, but homophobia is.”